time to reTIRE

Last weekend, I made the biggest online purchase of my life thus far.  The number in the subtotal column was equivalent to several days of work, and when I clicked the submit button I crossed my fingers hoping my debit card wouldn't blow up because WHOA BOY, the purchase price was unprecedented.  A few days later I arrived home from work to see that my order had finally arrived.

Here is where I wish I could tell you that what was delivered to my doorstep was a diamond encrusted tiara a la Kate Middleton, or perhaps a designed purse made out of snakeskin.  If there's one thing in this world I love, it's a purse made out of faux reptile skin.  Classy.   

Sadly, what actually arrived what this...
With the combination of a much longer commute and the approaching winter season, Old Blue needed some new tires.  So I bit the bullet and bought these, since I would hate to face a snow covered commute with anything less than SUPERB TRACTION AND CORNERING STABILITY.  

Even though I'm not one hundred percent clear on what cornering stability is.  I just know I want it.

The tires are being installed tomorrow, so on Tuesday you better believe I will be burning (brand new, expensive) rubber.  Speaking of cars and long commutes, I have started listening to the traffic report each morning and evening.  I feel like that is a requirement for driving on the highway at rush hour.  Sometimes I sit at red lights and look at the business people in the cars all around me with serious expressions on their faces and blackberries attached to their ears.  And it is that moment I know for certain that I am the only person in the line of traffic listening to Flo Rida.

So, in the interest of appearing just as serious as my fellow commuters, I turn on the AM news station for "Traffic and Transit, on the Twos" to check in on the status of my homeward route.  But here's the thing.  I only know one way home, which means that if that was is backed up, and the friendly traffic reporter suggests taking an alternate route, I wouldn't be able to.  I have a habit of getting lost, and it certainly doesn't help that the roads here are called 76, 276, 476, and 676.  


The bottom line is that it's rush hour in the suburbs of a large city, so it pretty much looks like this every day.
I can't complain too much though, because I have some sweet new wheels on which to commute.  And of course, Flo Rida on the radio doesn't hurt either.


stephanie said…
ugh. laura. paying money for things like tires, especially a lot of money, is a drag. but at least you are safe.
Anonymous said…
The wheels are the same, only the tires are new.
Morgan said…
When I was in college I had to buy all new tires once and it made my heart hurt a lot. At my college job I wasn't exactly rolling in dough. But I did feel much better and safer with the new tires on my car. =)
Jamie Lane said…
Weird! I had to by new tires this weekend too! And have my alignment fixed. And you know what else? Something that I am unable to name broke on my husband's truck and we had to get that fixed. Our weekend cost us 1,300. Ouch. We'll be eating chili for the rest of the month. (Not really, but just about.) I had no idea you could buy tires online thought, that's kinda cool. That reminds me, you should check out this blog, a woman mails really weird things like Frisbees and such: http://www.giverslog.com/?p=4878http://www.giverslog.com/?p=4878
Lauren said…
ughhh...hate buying things like that! I'm also gonna need new tires before winter, thankfully we've got the money put away already!
Oh I hate when I have to spend my hard earned money on grown up things like tires.
Oh I hate when I have to spend my hard earned money on grown up things like that.
Miss Amy said…
These are the necessary grown-up decisions I hate making... but keep being forced to make. Congrats on the tires! They are very chic. ;)
Baby Sister said…
I felt like an adult when I purchased my first set of new tires. And it stunk. I hated it. But my car sure did like it.