just because i want to remember

Emily and I had planned to do some serious hanging out last Sunday, and before I drove home we exchanged a few texts discussing logistics.  After we settled on 12:30 and a loose outline of things to do, I sent her one last text that said, "Hey...want to wear matching outfits today?!" because, as my mom says, I JUST LIKE TO GET A REACTION OUT OF HER.

I just KNEW that her response would be something along the lines of  "NO WAY LAURA, I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD ASK ME THAT.  I AM SIXTEEN YEARS OLD NOT SIX! YOU ARE SO WEIRD."

So imagine my shock when I read her reply.

"Sure!  What are you wearing?"



Mallory said…
Little sisters, we have much practice at surprising the heck out of older siblings. We have to think one step ahead in order to beat all the tormenting. ;)

Y'all are so cute.
Nicole said…
Haha! Love it!
Baby Sister said…
Haha. That's awesome!! I wish my sisters would do that with me. That could be entertaining.
Jay said…
Cute outfits. I wish I had a matching outfit buddy, but then again I don't even know if that would be possible, since I wear some pretty weird outfits. I'm following your blog now.
Remy Hadley said…
Matching outfits are so much fun though, even moreso when you don't even realize it! Happens with me and my Mum a lot. HAH.

Remy / Cinnamon Bubbles
Kristin said…
you guys are too cute