Friday, March 9, 2012

my weekend, five days later

Each afternoon before I leave work, I write a few reminders on a post-it about things I need to do or places I need to go the next day.  I didn't put this brilliant system into place because I have so many things to do at work that I can't remember them all, but more so because once I walk out of the office I have a lot of other things on my mind such as "I wonder if Jessica Simpson had that baby yet," and "Why can't I remember if I like blackberries?"  

So before I called it quits on Monday afternoon, I wrote Tuesday's note and included a capitalized, underlined reminder of COURT HEARING, 1:00

And then I went home and exchanged my gunmetal gray nail polish for a more courtroom-appropriate pale pink.  And when I woke up on Tuesday I put on my black suit and and grabbed the bag that I bring to court.

And then I got to the office and discovered that the hearing was not really Tuesday at all. 

It was Wednesday.

My whole post-it note reminder system would be such an effective tool if only it were accurate.

The only explanation is that I had not yet recovered from my exhausting weekend.

Oh, I kid because my weekend was the epitome of low-key.  Matt came over after work on Friday, which worked out well because he is one of my favorite people to see.  He had to work at 7:00 the next morning so he didn't stay super late, and after he left Michelle and I decided that we had enough time to watch an episode of the Bachelor from earlier this season.

Which is how we found ourselves in our pajamas, on the couch, watching reality tv RERUNS at 11:00 on a Friday night.  It really is exactly how glamorous we dreamed our Friday nights would be when we first started thinking about moving out.

On Saturday morning I texted Emily to see if she wanted to do something, and she responded to tell me that her schedule was actually pretty packed for the day and she didn't think she could fit me in, and that Sunday would really work better for her.

Okay then.

So instead I went to the bank and exchanged all of the change I've been saving for 116 dolla dolla bills ya'll and then stopped by the grocery store for some necessities.  I got lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, some bread, a quart of coffee creamer, and provolone cheese.

And I don't know why I just recounted my grocery list, but I think it's clear that THE CONTENT AROUND HERE IS JUST RIVETING.

I put the produce on the checkout belt first, then the bread, and finally the creamer and cheese.  And then I heard a voice say "Well, you were doing pretty well until the creamer and the cheese."  Which was weird because I've never heard my conscience ACTUALLY SPEAK ALOUD before.

Turns out it wasn't my conscience at all but instead a fellow grocery shopper who happened to be A SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC nutrition student.  In the five minutes he stood behind me in line, he shared his views on dairy, the importance of asparagus and other green vegetables, the best sources of protein, differences in bottled water and tap water, and his theory on heart disease elimination.  

In case you were wondering, he did not mention the nutritional value of white chocolate macadamia coffee creamer.

After my errands I went home to relax a little bit because WHY NOT, and then Michelle and I browsed Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

I babysat on Saturday night.  The kids were only awake for an hour before I put them to bed, but in that hour we pretended that we were mummies, ate about 16 cheese sticks, and played at least 30 rounds of Marco Polo.  

And right now you're probably thinking, "Oh how neat, the family must have a pool in which to play Marco Polo!"  Oh no, we played the non-aquatic version of Marco Polo.  In the living room.  It seems as though the kids have figured put a roundabout way of being able to play tag in the house.

On Sunday I met up with Emily to hang out since her schedule was finally open, and our first stop was McDonald's for some shamrock shakes.  TIS THE SEASON for mint milkshakes in a disturbing shade of lime green. 
 After that we went to the car wash.  I had a coupon for a free car wash and almost went before I babysat on Saturday but I thought, OH NO, I WILL WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW BECAUSE EMILY WILL LOVE TO GO TO THE CAR WASH WITH ME.  It was like I forgot that she is now sixteen years old and is no longer blown away with excitement at a trip to the car wash.
But alas, we went anyway and she was less than impressed but still pleasant company.  We spent the rest of the afternoon walking and shopping and talking and I stuck around the house long enough to get an invite for dinner which I accepted OF COURSE.  

I was home from about noon on Sunday until around 8:30 that night.  IT WAS LIKE I NEVER MOVED OUT AT ALL!

Here's hoping this weekend is just as good!


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

That sounds really hectic, but fun (?) I hope you have an amazing time this weekend :)

Sarah said...

I was going to text you the other day to ask if you knew Jessica is having a girl, but alas, my phone decided to quit on me. Technology is failing me.

Tiffany said...

Oooh I LOVE mint milkshakes! Thanks for your comment earlier. Hope you don't mind if I join your site and feel free to join mine as well. :) Can't wait to follow.


lori said...

hey laura! i am so glad you commented on my blog so i was able to come across yours! i seriously spend like an hour reading back in your posts. you are SO funny!! love it.

Baby Sister said...

I just learned about those shakes. I'm gonna have to go get me one!!

Katie said...

that sounds like a great weekend! and I love friday nights at home on the couch!

Jess said...

I would not be happy if someone analyzed my grocery list...especially because I think cheese and fun flavored coffee creamer may just be the best two things ever. :)

Laurel Ann Walker said...

Are you kidding? I'm almost 22 and car washes are still absolutely riveting to me. There's something so relaxing about the car being swished and sprayed around you, while you're safe inside. It's like being at the eye of the storm.