Tuesday, May 1, 2012

next time i'm requesting the ground floor

Well hello.  How are you?  I am away on a work trip right now, watching Million Dollar Pools and trying to decide which bed to sleep in.  Since I started this job in September, I have been on several overnight trips, and as such, have become an expert in the whole hotel thing.  My arrival routine has been perfected, and I can check in, unload my bags, park my car, fill the ice bucket, and locate the vending machine in about thirteen minutes flat.

I was going to attempt a personal best twelve minute arrival routine today, but unfortunately things did not go as planned.  When I checked in, the woman at the front desk told me that my room would be on the fifth floor, and that although the lobby appeared to be the ground floor, it was actually the third.  

Since that meant I only had to go up two floors to get to my room, I decided to take the steps and just count that as my exercise for the...week.  

I climbed up the two flights of stairs, but when I opened the door into the hallway, all of the room numbers started with 6.  I figured that in my quest for convenient exercise, I had inadvertently gone up an extra flight.  


Not really.

Anyway, it seemed like an easy enough fix to just walk down one flight of stairs from the 6th to 5th floor.  So that's what I did.  But when I opened the door, all of the room numbers started with 4. 


Since I couldn't figure out how the stairs worked, I figured I would have to give the elevator a try, an option that also gave me cause for slight concern because I've been known to commit an elevator navigation faux pas or two in my day.

Luckily there was some literature in the elevator informing perplexed patrons like myself that floors 4 and 5 are actually on the same level.


 Finally, and I do mean FINALLY, I located my room on the 4th/5th floor, and I am sad to report that it's not quite as fancy as the other hotels I've stayed in.  The pillows aren't as fluffy, the carpet isn't as plush, and the toilet isn't as...level...
Not to mention that sound coming from the mini-fridge mimics an aircraft at take off, and as I was typing this post I pulled out the nightstand to plug in my laptop, and discovered two unidentified pills lying on the floor.

They seem to resemble Advil Liquigels, but I'm just going to follow the old saying and let sleeping dogs unidentified medication lie.

After I surveyed the accommodations, I decided to unpack my things right away before I got settled in with my new Damsel in a Dress nail polish and some HGTV.  And five minutes later the bathroom counter looked like this.

 All of this equipment for a trip that's less than 48 hours long.  Not pictured is a set of hot rollers that I brought along JUST IN CASE.

No one will ever say that I travel lightly.

Or that I'm low maintenance.

On the bright side, at least I'll look good if I get lost in the stairwell again.


Erin Heydt said...

Good lord that's a crooked toilet! What hotel was this anyway, I'll remember to avoid it. Who does 4th/5th floors? Totes not your fault girl.

Katie Marie said...

Teach me your ways! I've been on my share of vacations, but never on a work trip before, and I'm going on my first in June! You seem to have it down very well!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How bizarre! I have never been to a hotel that's had two floors on one.

Stephanie Chae Qualls said...

Hahah the toilet. That's too funny. And why in the world would they not let you know they've combined floors? That's the oddest thing I've ever heard!


Nicole Marie said...

Egh I hate any floor besides number! But I also hate all the noise from the first floor!

Pamela said...

I just looked at the nail polish - love!! Oh my gosh, what hotel does that!? Sorry you had a crazy stay!

Kristin said...

you are quite the traveling girl these days! liking ur job?

Amanda said...

You're funny! I like your sense of humor and how easily you can put it down in writing :) I envy that!

Jill said...

Now see, I'd enjoy traveling with you. I like being prepared. And it looks like you are! And about the room numbering, that is just stupid. You would think some nice desk clerk would have shared that important information with you...

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I seriously would pack that and so much more. And not use half of it.

Baby Sister said...

Oh wow, that toilet is awful!! I'm so picky when it comes to hotels. Last time my sister and I went to Disneyland the hotel we stayed in was awful. The fridge was loud, there was a weird smell....not cool. Here's hoping your next hotel is better.