Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a lengthy summary

Well, just like that Thanksgiving is over.  The day was great and the meal was delicious, as per usual.  Halfway through dinner my dad said, "You know, you think you're just going to get a few more things and before you know it, you have a whole plateful."

God Bless America.

The only retail establishment I visited on Friday was the grocery store, which was perfect because you know where people don't generally go the day after Thanksgiving? 

The food store.  

The food store I go to is in a shopping center with popular Black Friday destinations including, but not limited to Target, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, and DSW.  Needless to say the parking lot was pretty crazy, so I employed a new strategy that includes driving around the back of the buildings, past the loading docks, and out the back driveway.  Jury's still out on whether or not this maneuver is "legal," but I didn't see any DO NOT ENTER signs so I'm just gonna run with it.

Matt came over on Friday evening.  We had dinner and then watched Christmas movies by the twinkly lights of the Christmas tree and the large outdoor wreath that Michelle and I decided to hang inside on our living room wall because we're decorating pioneers.

It was very fun and cozy.

On Saturday I slept late, and then Michelle and I spent several hours lounging on the couch discussing important topics like the Farmer's Almanac forecast for this winter and Guiliana and Bill's new baby and watching eyeshadow tutorials on youtube.  

Around 1:00 I stood up and made a grand announcement that it was time for me to get to the store.

Michelle asked what I was shopping for and I told her I had been developing a list over the past few days and then went into my bedroom to retrieve it.

Do you know what was on the list?

A peppermint scented candle and Gatorade.


I also stopped at the mall while I was out and picked out a very nice, very fragile ornament as a gift.  Since it was so busy in the Christmas department a cashier from the junior's department told me she could help me at her register.  I followed her over and paid for the ornament, and then she asked if I'd like it wrapped in tissue paper.  I said yes and then watched as she twisted and scrunched and folded the tissue paper.  

Finally one of her co-workers looked over and said, "Gina - have you ever done that before?"

"No," she said, "But I eat at Chipotle all the time and this is how they wrap the burritos."

Well of course.  Obviously you would wrap a highly breakable glass Christmas ornament with the same technique you would a flour tortilla filled with cheese and beans.

Saturday night and Sunday were filled with Matt and friends and more relaxing.

And so that was my Thanksgiving holiday.  

Shopping, Christmas movies, family, friend, and food.  

Just the way I like it.


Robin said...

I would have reported that cashier to a manager, or even the store's corporate office (I only say that because, from experience, I know that managers are often friends with cashiers and won't discipline them much).

Steph said...

Haha my favorite part was the chipotle wrapped ornament. :p

Sarah and Stewart said...

Everyone is talking about holiday scented candles... I've got to get some asap!

jenniemarie said...

Ha! The Chipotle comment just made me burst out laughing. Love it!

Jamie said...

Sounds perfect :)

xflashinLITESx said...

Thanksgiving seems like a really nice time to spend with the family.. too bad we don't celebrate it in the U.K. happy thanksgiving!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I appreciate a good burrito wrapping. You gotta protect the baby!

Kira said...

Haha, wrapping an ornament like a burrito totally makes sense.

Baby Sister said...

Lol!! She really wrapped your ornament like that?? How hilarious!! I'm glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving. :)