Thursday, November 8, 2012

imagine there is a clever title right here

Well, I think it's an appropriate time to talk about the biggest news of the week.  

You might think I mean the presidential election.  No, I mean the fact that yesterday I received my quarterly 401k statement in the mail.  I KNOW.  BIG. NEWS.  I love reading my 401k statement and studying the graphs and seeing how much it has changed.  

Also, I am proud to report that if I decide to retire tomorrow, I have enough money to live an extremely modest lifestyle and survive for approximately the next 7 weeks.

I thought about displaying the statement on my fridge, partially because I'm proud of it and partially because I would love to see Matt's reaction the next time he comes over and sees a 401k statement proudly hanging on the refrigerator door.

Sometimes (okay, a lot) I do things just to see his reaction.  Take last week, for example.  He has diabetes and his blood sugar went a wee bit low, so I LOVINGLY and GENEROUSLY volunteered to make him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  He stood next to me in the kitchen while I made it, and when I was almost finished I drew some little designs in the peanut butter.  A smiley face and a few hearts.  Then I went on and on explaining how I do that to every sandwich I make as a little special treat for the recipient, because even though you can't see the shapes in the peanut butter, the sandwich tastes just a little bit better because you can tell it was MADE WITH LOTS OF LOVE.   Also because I love to hear myself talk.

Matt stood beside me and went along with it and then he scarfed down that sandwich

Speaking of food, I decided to make nachos while I was watching the election coverage the other night, but when I took the jar of salsa out of the fridge, I couldn't open it.  Matt suggested running the lid under hot water, but when that attempt was futile, I consulted The Google because desperate times call for wikipedia. 

And this was what I found.


Since I wasn't willing to risk a fractured hand just for some mediocre homemade nachos, I decided to give the old fashioned method of twisting the lid another try.  And eventually, it worked.  I was elated.  Those nachos were delicious, but nothing tastes quite as sweet as victory.

Unless, of course, it's a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with hearts inside.


Becky said...

Haha, I love having cute food!

And wow, the methods they come up with for opening metal lids are life-threatening. I wouldn't trust myself with slapping a jar or using a knife to open a jar. Running the lid under very hot water + paper towel over the lid to open works for me every time!

Ashley @ its the little things said...

That is a hilarious post! My husband would think that I had lost my mind! He tells me all the time that I'm not right! Haha My retirement depresses me! By the time in retire, there won't be any retirement and I'll be forced to live in the wilderness I guess. Ha

Nicole said...

Heehee :)

Mills said...

I'm having toast with peanut butter for lunch, maybe I'll swirl a hear it and see if it tastes better. I'm sure it will!

Krista said...

Love that you put hearts in the sandwich ;)

Alana Christine said...

That's probably longer than I survive if I retired. lol.
I can't believe that was the search results!! Glad you didn't hurt yourself.

Amy said...

hahahha! :)
#1 those diagrams are amazing.
#2 i love that you put designs IN the sandwich more people should!

Sarah and Stewart said...

My husband always says things taste better when I make them because they are "made with love." But I think that's just because he doesn't want to have to prepare his own food. That thing about the hearts in the peanut butter really is adorable though. :-)

Ashli Herself said...

I know what you mean, sometimes I do things just to see my husband's reaction. For instance, awhile back we were in a heated debate (actually, let's be honest we were probably fighting over who ate the last poptart)and I started singing...just to see his reaction. Now whenever we get in an argument, one of us ends it by singing...because that's normal..Anyways, love your blog, keep it up :)

Stephanie said...

Hi there! I am popping over from Live Laugh Frappy- I saw you said you had emailed a designer about a blog design and heard back yet- I would love to work with you if you still haven't heard anything! Just head over to my design blog! Hope you're having a wonderful Friday! :)


helen said...

wow that is quite a thorough how-to by wiki...haha. plus, i think it's so cute that you made him a happy pb&j! my husband reacts the same too (scarfing everything down). :)

Abi K. said...

Aww, way to go! Congrats on your hard earned retirement update!
Abi K

Stephanie said...

hahahah I love reading your blog it always makes me laugh. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with hearts inside would DEFINITELY taste better than victory :D

Autumn said...

I started laughing about the seven weeks thing. We have just started on our 401 K since Devin's job started in October and it can be a little bit depressing.

kateprs said...

Your blog is full of lovely photos! I love it!

Kate @ A Journey in Style

kayleigh maryon said...

That sounds like a fun idea to draw pictures in the peanut butter. might just try that the next time I have a sandwich and now I really want to have a peanut butter sandwich.

Baby Sister said...

Lol!! I would have never thought they would have instructions on how to open a jar on the internet. I suppose that shouldn't surprise me though.