Monday, November 12, 2012

i'd love mondays if they were all like this one

Well, tonight marks the end of a pretty darn good three day weekend.

Matt came over after work on Friday.  We had dinner and then stayed out until the wee hours of the morning playing board games with friends.  I played Cranium for the first time and, just as I suspected, I am a genius.  One of my team's questions was to choose the definition of the word "fabulist." I used my English major skillz to pick up on the fact that "fabulist" shares the same root as the word "fable" and therefore, a fabulist must be a person who makes up stories.

And my answer was right, obviously.  Four years of college = worth it.

So here's my advice to any college English students out there - don't change majors! You might not be able to get a job when you graduate like those crazy engineering or finance majors, but you will thank yourself three years down the road when you win Cranium. 

Also, I'm pretty sure I've never laughed as hard as I did when I watched Matt draw "nest egg" while blindfolded.  

I slept late on Saturday because HELLO 3 A.M., DON'T SEE YOU VERY OFTEN AND YOU SURE ARE LATE and then hung out with Emily while Matt was house hunting.

Yes, I said house hunting.  He and some buddies are looking to rent a house, and they have pretty high standards.  By pretty high standards I mean their wish list includes A YARD WITH A POND.  

They were not English majors, so such a fancy perk could realistically be in their computer/finance/business budgets.  BUT DID THEY WIN CRANIUM ON FRIDAY NIGHT?  NO THEY DID NOT.

Matt came over after his house hunting escapade and we dialed down the wildness factor considerably because we spent the evening watching The Men Who Built America and eating nachos.

Our relationship was on shaky ground for a few seconds though when Matt looked at his nachos and said, "Hmm.  I don't even know what this green stuff is."

It was guacamole. 

My office was closed today for Veteran's Day, but all of my people were either working or in school, so I had the whole day to myself.  I slept in a little bit and then watched Good Morning America while I drank my daily mug of White Chocolate Mocha Coffee Mate and debated whether November 12th is too early to put up the Christmas tree.

After lunch I decided to spend the afternoon doing some of my favorite things.  I started off by cranking up the Whitney Houston station on Pandora and driving to the bank to cash in my change for dolla dolla bills.  Then I vacuumed the interior of my car, got a gingerbread coffee from Dunkin Donuts, and went to the mall.

I strolled and browsed for a while and on my way out I stopped in an engraving shop to drop something off.  I left my information and arranged to come back in two hours to pick up my order, and decided to go to Barnes and Noble in the meantime.

As I was walking into Barnes and Noble, my phone rang.  It was the girl from the engraving store.

"Hi Laura," she said, "I'm calling because we're having a little problem over here.  Our engraving machine isn't working."

Well, I'd probably classify that as a medium to large problem when your whole business is engraving, but SEMANTICS.

I was super nice and agreeable and told her just to call me when it was fixed and NO PROBLEM AT ALL I AM SO RELAXED TODAY BECAUSE I AM HAVING A DAY OFF.

Also because I got all of my customer service complaints out of my system last week when I fired my eye doctor in the form of a lengthy, not so nice letter.  


As I drove home singing along with my girl Whitney, I thought to myself, "Wow.  It is so refreshing to have a day where you have nothing to worry about but yourself and you can do whatever you want."

And then I realized that is pretty much every day of my life so it wasn't really that out of the ordinary.  But it was still great.  So great that I came home, curled my entire head of hair just for fun, and ate Italian sausage and Colby Jack Cheez Its for dinner.

Actually, maybe it will be good to get back to real life tomorrow.


Lisamarie said...

This is a hilarious post. I am absolutely trying to enjoy the days where I have no one but myself to worry about. I try to identify those days because usually I get a call like your machine-is-broken call, but still, I try to enjoy the day. It can be done. And it should be done. The enjoyment, that is. I'm glad you managed to find it. And... hello... your picture is amazing.

Rebecca said...

Ha! The guacamole comment made me awkwardly laugh out loud in a room full of people :)

Karla said...

You remind me of me so much. I too majored in English. It was my second major.. and SO many people pretty much made fun of me for it. But you are SO right about cranium!! Though I didn't major in engineering or anything, at least I know that whatever I end up doing, I'll be happy doing it. *as I cross my fingers to become a famous author who sells thousands of books* =)

By the way- I laughed my way through this entire post! I needed a good laugh! =)

Anonymous said...

In those four years of college, didn't you have a nutrition course?

Krista said...

As long as Halloween is over, it's not too early to put up your Christmas tree ;) We already have out xmas lights up outside, mostly because we had warm weather this weekend to do it but hey I'm in the spirit now! There's no stopping it!

Sounds like a good weekend indeed. Love the way you write funny girl!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I graduated college with a degree in English lit and it's served me well!

I love a three day weekend, I'm glad you had a great one!

Faith said...

there was nothing, nothing i did not enjoy about this post.

and last night i had Colby Jack Cheez Its for dinner too. so good. i think it might be my favorite Cheez It flavor!

Sarah and Stewart said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend and that photo is gorgeous! I'm so jealous of everyone who didn't have to work yesterday. :-( I've never played Cranium but I'm pretty sure it would make me feel better about that journalism major / english minor I'm not using... ;-)

Faith and Love said...

I can sometimes tell if my week is going to be a good one just by how my Monday goes! I also love laughing glad you had a good weekend and a good monday :D

Amy said...

sounds like a fantastic weekend!
And i would be on shaky ground if my bf didn't know what guac was....shaky shaky ground. :)

Abi K. said...

You cracked me up with the English major story!! I graduated with a Psychology major (UofA), I so know what you mean :) then years later, I went back to school for Nursing :)
I should try the ginger bread coffee from Dunkin, is it good?
Abi K

Stephanie said...

days off to yourself are so nice. especially with cheese for dinner ;)

Janna Renee said...

So good to know that my English major will not go to waste!! PS. Thank goodness for autocorrect or you would have judged me for the errors my tablet keypad caused. Haha

Optimistic Existentialist said...

That picture is AMAZING! Sounds like you had a great Monday :)

Becky said...

I love days like that, when you can just relax and do anything you want~ It's never too early to put up the Christmas tree! Everyone can do with extra early holiday cheer, and at least you don't have to worry about putting it up when Christmas is near. And lol at the house hunting - sounds like something my sister would do.

Allison said...

Jealous you had a three day wknd... sound like a good one! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

elizalouise.bell said...

Good advice for college students! haha. Newest follower right here! You are completely hilar!


i couldn't help but wonder...

Kristin said...

ahhh days off with nothing really to do, heaven. haha

meme-and-he said...

you are such a great writer! I am loving your cute blog.

Jamie said...

MMmmmmm nachos. mmmmmm

Jamie said...

MMmmmmm nachos. mmmmmm

Jay said...

I sincerely hope that you got a trophy for winning Cranium. Sounds fun. And I'm very surprised that Matt didn't know what guacamole is. Did he temporarily go blind and not be able to taste?! And yay for good days :)

Baby Sister said...

I love days like that!! I am so looking forward to after the wedding when my days off aren't spent doing stuff for said wedding. Yipee!! Beautiful picture. :)