Monday, January 11, 2016

a glimpse into the life of a lottery winner

Matt had off of work on Friday and had big plans to insulate the crawlspace in a valiant effort for optimal energy efficiency.  He'd gone out on Thursday night and bought twelve rolls of insulation so he could jump right in on Friday.  When the time came, he enthusiastically shimmied into the crawlspace only to shimmy right back out and cancel the project because THE CRAWLSPACE WAS ALREADY INSULATED.

I thought he'd done the proper recon before going to all the trouble to buy and transport the insulation but evidently not.  So we spent Friday evening returning twelve jumbo rolls of insulation to Lowe's.


In Matt's defense, the insulation in the crawlspace didn't look like traditional insulation.  But still, word about the mishap traveled fast because a few hours later we went to my brother in law's house and he and his girlfriend had already heard the story.  We ate dinner with them and then Matt and his brothers went outside to make a fire in the fire pit.  It was freezing so I stayed inside with my sister in law and nephew and tried to get him to walk on his own by luring him with exciting things like the remote control and chocolate chip cookies, which are pretty much the two things I'll get off the couch and walk for.

But he completely refused to have any part in walking.  And then we got a video on Sunday of him walking all the way across the room like he'd been doing it for years.  I guess he doesn't like an audience.

On Saturday Emily came over to spend the day with us which was very exciting and involved things like shopping for groceries and a new winter coat for Matt.  Matt has high coat standards.  He is currently searching for a dressy, warm coat with a hood, no fur of any kind, and it must be waterproof, but not feel waterproof because he does not like that texture, and he likes the brand London Fog.

We are looking for the unicorn of outerwear.

Sunday was the day we found out that we'd won the lottery.  After we called an attorney and an accountant, we talked about what to do with all our money.  Since we only won four dollars that conversation didn't take very long.

It was sixty degrees outside so we (Matt) took advantage and painted some woodwork on the back porch.  Then we put another coat of polyurethane on the office floor.  I was ready to relax after that, but we asked ourselves WWCAJD (What Would Chip and Joanna Do), and decided to tackle some wallpaper removal in the master bedroom.
 The wallpaper has actually been a hit with the over 70 crowd who has visited our house, but I wasn't thrilled with the idea of vines with grapes and various berries on the walls of the master bedroom.

So down it came.

And this is where we currently stand on that project.

The worse the before picture, the better the after, right?

Please say yes.

If not, I might use some of our lottery winnings and hire a professional for this job.


Evelina said...

Congratulations on winning! At least it's something and you can say you won the lottery haha! Keep at it with the wallpaper. Your handwork will definitely pay off when it's all done!

Shay from Great, Now What said...

atleast you got to return the insulation! Woot woot! Free money? Or something similar! How could you get rid of that wallpaper... it may come back in style? No, I feel for ya. When we bought our house people just painted over the ugly wallpaper... lots of anger ensued!

Rebecca Jo said...

oh wow... that wall paper... very 'vintage'
You should have left it - everything that goes around, comes around... you have 20 years to wait, right? :)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Holy moly you guys have your work cut out for you for sure! And I've been right there in your shoes. Hubs and I completely updated his first house from the 1950's and we did everything ourselves. Well, except putting shingles on the roof. So unfortunately I know all about polyurethane-ing (is that a word?) the floors. Ugh.

emily @ a little bit of emily said...

Congrats on your big win! The bedroom is looking better already...although what a process! Holy cow. I have only take wallpaper down in a small bathroom and it was a mess. I can't imagine a larger spot.

Emily said...

Poor guy had to go and return such a huge order. lol Oopsie we all make mistakes... The wallpaper project looks intense but you got it done. Congrats!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

LOL @ the photo of the insulation return. WHOOPS.

Great job on the wallpaper. That job STINKS. Wallpaper makes me insane.

Michelle said...

In high school, my parents made me singlehandedly take down all the wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom. IT WAS TERRIBLE. I can't remember what I did, but I eventually concocted some kind of water/vinegar solution and figured out a way to get it down quickly, but of course I didn't figure it out until I was almost done. You have all my sympathy.

Victoria said...

<3 the way you write about EVERYTHING!!!! :) LOL!!! Lottery winning, a million rolls of unused insulation (what DID they say when you brought all of that back!?!? What did YOU say?!?!?), and a walking baby...I love it!!!

Oh and the way you write about Matt always makes me smile. When you find that unicorn, please post about it. I have the same coat standards. It must also be WARM.

I end up reading nearly all of your posts out loud to whoever happens to be in the room.

Happy Wednesday!!!

Lindsey said...

I remember in Jr High when we steamed wallpaper off a wall. I swear wallpaper in a house is a deal breaker. That shit sucks!

Julie said...

I'm afraid we'll find a house with all this hideous wallpaper that it hides the beauty of the house - so in a perfect world I'll find one already done. haha!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

congrats on your winnings! i'm so jealous ;) i have never removed wallpaper before, it looks great! that's hilarious about the insulation, definitely sounds like something similar we've done before.

Rachel said...

We did a LOT of wallpaper scraping on the walls in the house my parents had when I was a kid. That is a long, sticky, annoying, and disgusting job. Gotta say I did have a laugh about needed to return all the insulation since the crawlspace was already insulated...

Liz Jo said...

For a moment I thought you won the 1.6 billion lottery! I was about to say congratulations!!!! That's amazing, but still four dollars is better than nothing.

Gosh taking down wallpaper has to be tough, I don't have that issue, but still it's hardwork.

liz @ j for joiner

Gillian R. said...

Poor Matt! Loving that insulation story.

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Baby Sister said...

You're rich! You should share. :)

Poor Matt, but that is hilarious. I would never let my husband live that down.

That wallpaper is hideous!!

Also, I had a dream last night and about 3/4 of the way through the person I was talking to turned into you. And you were buying a house in the Hamptons. Must be with your lottery money. :)

Jenny said...

Oh man, that looks like a job! It will be so worth it, when it's all said and done.