we certainly didn't go hungry during the blizzard of 2016

Well, Matt just looked over at me and asked, "Have you ever wondered what the oceans would be like with no water?"

After I told him that no, that's not a topic I've ever pondered, he said, "With water-less oceans, we would be living on giant mountains.  And mountains are like the goosebumps of Mother Earth."

Basically what I'm saying is we have been snowed in long enough.

All last week the weather reports called for a big storm Friday and Saturday, but since the meteorologists cried blizzard one too many times last year only to see storms that "significantly under-performed" and had "high bust potential," I figured we'd get ten inches tops.

However, I did go to the grocery store on Friday just to see how crazy it was, and also because Matt had texted me that morning that he'd run into the store before work to secure milk, and he left it in his truck which he'd parked in the grocery store parking lot.  I went to get the milk out of his car and discovered he'd purchased two big gallons of top of the line organic milk.

Well.  There is a man who bought into the hype.

I also purchased the blizzard necessities while I was at the store, which was experiencing Thanksgiving busyness times ten, including the following items that made complete sense to me while I was shopping but didn't quite make as much sense once I got home: cottage cheese, a jar of gravy, trail mix, a pack of chicken breasts, three Asian pears, a giant bag of broccoli, and syrup.  With the exception of the chicken and the broccoli, we don't eat any of those items on a regular basis.  But if we wanted them during the BLIZZARD OF 2016, we'd have them.

And could wash them down with a glass of organic milk.

The snow started falling on Friday evening and didn't let up for 26 hours, leaving us with a final total of about 25 inches.  Matt could hardly sleep on Friday night and when we woke up he bounded down to the kitchen to make his Famous Snow Day Breakfast which included chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

It was cold and windy and we spent the day alternating between trying to keep up with the snow removal and lounging on the couch watching wall to wall snow coverage which is my favorite thing to do.  Nothing beats ten hours of watching poor news reporters stand in desolate intersections, sticking their rulers in snow drifts and interviewing snow plow drivers and the occasional gas station customer.  I love it.

I also read, sewed, and drank more mugs of coffee and tea than I could count.

We also decided to roast a turkey and make a complete Thanksgiving dinner, so it's a good thing I picked up that gravy on Friday.

The snow was over when we woke up this morning, so Matt made eggs (in a heart) for breakfast and we cleared the driveway one last time.

Then we made a run to Walmart for salt because we didn't have any, which was a ROOKIE HOMEOWNER MISTAKE.  But the power was out at Walmart and Lowe's was out of salt, so we came back home to continue relaxing.

I just found out that my meetings for tomorrow are canceled, so it looks like another day at home for me.

I just wish that meant another delicious breakfast.

But I can have milk.  And cottage cheese.


Julie said…
Gotta love the snow! Glad you guys were sage & sound.
Kelsey H said…
Here in upstate NY we were forecasted to have 5-7 inches of snow and we got ZERO. ZERO! I felt so betrayed. If being snowed in would allow me to take the time to make a breakfast that was as delicious as yours looks, I WANT IN!
Marie said…
Love the snow! We got about 5 inches and I felt like we should of got more. Totally didn't live up toe hype. Not in my area anyways. I'm sure the people of Cape Cod disagree with me. lol
Emily said…
Noting like a cod glass of organic milk to wash down the Jonas blues!

I will say your Thanksgiving January feast looks/looked quite delicious. And I'm super impressed by the cross stitching!
Holy moly, I wouldn't know what to do with 25 inches of snow! The most we've ever gotten here was probably like 5 inches. Or maybe only 2. I don't even know! But even that little amount shuts down our entire city. Lol. Enjoy your day off today!
We normally grocery shop on weekends so my husband went Thursday night after work and he said it was insanity! Luckily we already had milk at home bc there was none left. We ended up with 34 inches of snow where we live.
Oh man I could go for some chocolate chip pancakes... Yum! 'The goosebumps of Mother Earth' killed me. What a philosopher he is.
Jenna said…
Your blizzard weekend sounds so cozy and wonderful! Sounds like you really did things right! And those eggs in the heart shapes? DARLING! I also love that you cooked up a Thanksgiving dinner! Haha so awesome.

I'm so jealous of all of your snow...they kept telling us we were going to get hit, and then the storm ended up traveling just south of my town. Schools were even called off on Friday because they were predicting the storm would hit at noontime! Whoops.
Evelina said…
I'm so jealous of everyone's snow days!! We weren't in Jonas' path so we got zip and I had a very blah Monday sitting in my cubicle lol. And there you are sipping organic milk and eating heart eggs! haha :)
All that food looks so good! Stay safe with all the snow!

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MilitaryPugWife said…
Glad you are safe!! It's 78 degrees here. Haha
Leslie said…
I am glad you weathered out the storm okay. I am also glad that I am in good company when it comes to grocery shopping.
Victoria said…
A really good snow day every now and then really can't be beat!

Your grocery list (and Matt's milk situation) crack me up!!!! As do his comments about the ocean without water and your response.

I just have to ask...You just HAPPENED to have a whole turkey?!?! Do you buy those often? We never have turkey around except for Thanksgiving and even then, it takes days to defrost. You guys do blizzards WELL!

Everyone seems to be crossstitching these days. Is that something you've done forever or did you just pick it up? I'm thinking it might be a fun hobby to try. Maybe.

Are things back to normal now or is life outside of the house still cancelled? I'm always curious to know how other areas handle TONS of snow like that!
haha, you are hilarious!! And like Matt, I too ponder such inane things more than I'd like to admit. Honestly, the snow looks SO BEAUTIFUL to me and I would love nothing more than to be curled-up inside with a blizzard out the windows. From the food to the funny convos, sounds great.
As much as I don't miss the cold and the snow, I do miss the coziness and relaxation part of being snowed in during those big storms. LOL at the things we ponder when we've been snowed in too long... totally something my husband would come up with too!
Thanksgiving dinner and breakfast looked amazing. I wish we had gotten some of the east coast snow. It is crazy seeing all the pictures people post of 24 inches and plus. But beautiful none the less.
Michelle said…
We got ZERO snow. We were supposed to get a bunch, but then the storm veered south. I've never felt so betrayed in my life. But that didn't stop me from watching Netflix on the couch all weekend.
Baby Sister said…
I'm going to be honest, I'm a little jealous of your blizzard. I wish we would get a snow storm like that in Utah. I would be in heaven!

I'm glad you survived, the cross-stitch looks like a pretty one! What is the final product?

Matt's breakfast sounds so amazing I might have to make it on Saturday. Yum!

P.S. Cottage cheese is all you could ever need, so I'm glad you got it. ;)
birdie to be said…
Looks like you guys made the most of it! Love your turkey dinner!
Bahahaha, this post cracks me up! I can definitely relate to your grocery store woes! I hate grocery shopping and if I don't have meals planned, I will end up with a random assortment of groceries that all make sense at the time!
Rachel said…
Hurrah for counted cross-stitch. Sounds like a blissful way to spend the weekend. I've also been known to buy odd things at the grocery store when attempting to shop under pressure...
Meg said…
Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite. All of your food looks delicious.
ha glad you didn't go hungry girl ;) choc chip pancakes are my jam! so glad i came across your blog and cant wait to keep reading! Hope you'll stop by mine too! http://caitscozycorner.blogspot.com
how cute are those eggs in hearts :)

i half wish we were snowed in so i didn't have to go to work, but we didn't get that much snow. i got a half day on friday though, which is better than nothing.

i don't think we own salt either. i mean, we own like table salt, but i'm assuming they are different? lol.
AiringMyLaundry said…
Your turkey looks amazing.

I'm glad you survived all the snow!
Jenny said…
I think snow days sound kind of fun. We don't get them here in Montana. I laughed at the list of things you picked up from the grocery store. Good thing you were set. ;)
Allison said…
Hahahaha. Your conversation! I can't believe all the snow, we got a big fat zero, but your post made me a little jealous. Reading, Sewing and lots of yummy food? Sounds fun (for being snowed in!) ;) What are you reading??
Pegster said…
That snow was something wasn't. I didn't leave my house for like 5 days. We ware slowly getting back to normal now and most of the snow is gone but man that was a lot of snow