Tuesday, January 5, 2016

an HVAC career is not in my future

Well, I am still working from home several days a week, and this experience had officially turned me into the girl who moves her houseplants around to various locations throughout the day to maximize sun exposure.

Since I spend so much time at home I've appointed myself president of the neighborhood watch.  On Sunday afternoon, I noticed that there were two police cars outside.  I alerted Matt to the presence of law enforcement, and I stood at the front door while he ran upstairs to the bedroom to see what he could see from that vantage point.

A few minutes later two cops came out of our neighbor's house, meandering to their cars and laughing.  The situation didn't appear to be dire to them, but it was to me because they were parked in front of our house I didn't want the other neighbors on the street to think we are a couple of felons.

And then yesterday, as I was moving my houseplants to their 9:30-10:45 location on the kitchen table, I noticed a giant wire laying on the ground in our backyard.

So, I did what any normal person would do in that situation and called the non-emergency number of our local police department, and five minutes later Officer Davis was knocking on my door.

And then Officer Davis informed me that Verizon was running new cables in the neighborhood.

Part of me was embarrassed, but mostly I was just happy it was a quick visit and hoped the neighbors didn't see the cop car outside our house for the second day in a row.

I'm happy to report I didn't call the police today, but kept myself occupied by texting Matt updates of when the heat was turning on and off.  I thought it was running excessively, but finally at about 1:00 this afternoon and after my fifteenth update, Matt finally said, "I'm really not surprised that it's on so much.  It is 20 degrees out today."

But, when Matt got home from work tonight he checked the damper and the heater and the vents.  As his final check, he asked me to run up to the heater vent by the front door.  He would make some adjustments and asked if I'd yell down to tell him if more or less heat came out.

Well, I knelt down in front of that vent and I wasn't surprised at all the house was chilly.  The heat was hardly coming out at all.  Matt made the adjustments and after each one I said, "no change, no change."

He came back upstairs bewildered, and then he looked at me sitting at my post and said, "Well, you're sitting in front of the cold air return, not the heating vent."

That could have been part of the problem.

I think I come by technological confusion easily though.  My mom, sister, Mommom, and great Aunt Joan came over for lunch this weekend.  Matt had to move my aunt's car, and when he came back inside to give her the keys he said, "Wow Aunt Joan, I see you sprang for the remote start."

And she said, "Oh you're kidding.  I did? I've had that car for ten years and I had no idea."

But I bet she would've been able to correctly identify a heating vent.


Bethany Carson said...

Fun post, Laura! Glad you didn't have to call the police today. ;)

Christy said...

Haha -- just had to say, this made me chuckle!

Christy said...

Haha -- just had to say, this made me chuckle!

KatiePerk said...

Haha! Stay warm and I hope you don't have a run in with the cops today!

Shay from Great, Now What said...

This made the chuckle. Home owner problems- for us, we were so concerned that everything was going to break that I think we broke... Everything! Cheers to you having the best card for house plants in the neighborhood :)

Emily said...

Haha! I mean, how were you supposed to know that?! There's not a class in school about HVAC basics. I definitely wouldn't have known... ;)

Faith said...

Haha, I wouldn't know either. Why should we know?!! You make me laugh :)

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Hahahaha, we have a friend who's a police officer and every time he comes over in his police car I want to hang up a sign saying, "It's OK, he's our friend and he's just visiting!" It's always so embarrassing because the neighbors start coming out of their houses to "water their plants" and I'm always so worried that they're going to think that we're criminals.

Emily Jane said...

It's okay, I'm fairly certain I didn't know what the Cold-air return WAS until I bought a house and used the opportunity to tell me about house things.

& glad the down wire was due to Verizon ;)

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

hahaha, sounds like your neighborhood and household is lucky to have you! Most notably, the plants! This is great and made me laugh.

Rebecca Jo said...

Well soon, with all the plants getting all the light, you're bound to have a jungle & tropical weather in your home - who needs the heat :)

emily @ a little bit of emily said...

It never fails that your posts make me laugh. These are such great stories that I am sure you are going to have so much fun looking back on!

Cece said...

I'm sure I would not have had a clue either so don't feel too bad! I am so non savvy about those things. My husband knows all the stuff about the house. I leave it to him. I'm glad your aunt found out about her remote start before she got rid of the car!!

Melanie Smith said...

Too funny! Hahaha

And she didn't know about her car. Lol

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

ANy day the police aren't called is a good day!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

That's hilarious. I love that you were sitting my the cold air return vent. That's totally something I would of done. I set the fire alarms off in the house tonight while I was baking chicken. All I could think was, I really hope the firefighters won't come.

Kaitlyn @ Kaitlyn-Danielle.blogspot.com

Kristen [Playground Prepster] said...

Hilarious!!! I'm always crazy listening to the heat - especially at night. I'm always worried it will get too hot since our downstairs is always freezing the heat runs a lot. Hope the house plants enjoy all the attention. (Oh and we called the cops recently - completely freaked out legit - it was nothing, but our neighborhood's Facebook page had a few people posting their concern!)

Christina Lea Loves said...

Haha I would totally be the same - great story!

Leslie said...

You're always so funny! I think I'm at a similar point being at home with our baby. We live in an apartment with a front desk and I swear the people think I'm the saddest person ever doing my daily mail and package check.

Sarah Alway said...

"I'm happy to report I didn't call the police today." <--- seriously LOLing. You are hilarious.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Ha, I'm amused.

I'd want to know what that wire was doing there too though!

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Baby Sister said...

Hahahaha. Hey, at least your police adventures turn into funny stories. :)

The vents all look the same, you're totally forgiven! :)

Jeffrey Hunt said...

I am glad I am not the only one lol!! I had no clue how my heating worked in my old apartment. I told my landlord about the problem to the point where he came to see what was going on. Needless to say I was really embarrassed. They should have a class on this stuff in school or something.

Jeffrey Hunt @ Go Patterson

Shayne Gustafson said...

You are certainly braver than I am. Seeing that wire hanging in the yard would have really had me concerned because i knew a friend who died touching one wire like that. Your story about the cold return and heat vent speaks to me, I did the same thing in our house. I assumed every vent was supposed to generate heat.

Shayne Gustafson @ Berico Heating and Air

Melinda Rose said...

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