10 things you don't want to hear or say during a home renovation. and we've heard and said them all.

"I'm going to turn the power back on.  If you see smoke or hear a loud pop, run."

"This project might require me to rent a dump truck."

"Do you smell some sort of burning smell or is that just me?"

"I saw on Pinterest..."

"The floor needs just one more coat of polyurethane."

"Well, that paint color is brighter than expected."

"I think I measured wrong."

"Uh oh.  The paint leaked through the drop cloth.  Onto the freshly refinished floors."

"Let skip the wallpaper removal and just rip the walls down and put up new drywall."

"Well, we know for next time not to leave the door open before we sand the hardwood floor for four hours or the whole house will get really dusty."


Martha Woods said…
It sounds like you guys will have a lot to laugh about once it's all done!
Just keep thinking of the end result. This will all be so worth it!!!
birdie to be said…
These are so true! "I saw this on Pinterest..." A line I've dropped and regretted before! ha
These are so funny! Brings back memories of when we were renovating our house. I know it's hard, but just remember you'll look back and laugh one day.
Jenn said…
hahaha that wallpaper one is literally the best!! We tried to rip down the wallpaper when we first moved in, but then it did take some wall with it so we had to patch it and then sand it and ugh. I think new drywall would have just been easier! The end result will be so worth it though!
Hahahahaha these are too funny! I cannot wait to see all the before and after shots!
Marie said…
hahah..it will all be worth it when you all are finished. In the meantime, keep the funny stories coming.
Rebecca Jo said…
This all just reminds me why I LOATHE renovations.
Let me move & call me when its all done :)
oh my gosh, hilarious (and slightly terrifying lol).

my husband HATES when I say 'i saw this thing on pinterest' lol
hahaha! We had a few of these this fall. Funny...AFTER.
Jaclyn said…
Wow, talk about STRESS. I would be able to handle it. I'd be like "sure, take down the wall. I'm going to go stay at a hotel. Call me when it's done."
"The floor needs just one more coat of polyurethane."


I have, unfortunately, heard this phrase waaaay too many times in my life. We polyurethaned every single floor in our old house - like, literally the entire house except for the bathroom and kitchen - and I STILL have nightmares about it twelve years later!

That's probably why my husband married me... because I was willing to polyurethane the floors on a Friday night with my boyfriend instead of going out. A house that wasn't even mine at the time, I might add. Lol.
Leslie said…
Oh my goodness that is a lot of wallpaper! If only putting up drywall wasn't even more work. My hats off to you both for all of your progress (and for staying together through it all)!
lol, I can only imagine!!! But I think the blood, sweat, tears and scary comments like that are what make the final product so worth it!
Melissa said…
Omg. Wallpaper is the bane of my existence haha I love it in theory, but ripping it down? NO.
Baby Sister said…
Hahahaha!! I am with you on taking out walls vs taking off the wallpaper. It is such a pain!

Good luck! If you need a care package, I am a professional care package shopper. :)
Julie said…
I use the "smelling something burning" a lot and we aren't renovating because for some reason our oven, even though its off, likes to remind us of the smell from earlier. So its interesting to say the least!
This was hilarious!! I love the "I saw on Pinterest...." because I say that all the time!!!!
I love it. You guys are going to enjoy looking back on this when it is done!
LMAO @ "saw it on Pinterest." FAMOUS. LAST. WORDS!
Bethany Carson said…
Sounds like you guys have been having a *lot* of fun!
"I'm going to turn the power back on. If you see smoke or hear a loud pop, run." HA! Glad you have survived so far. ;)

Taking wallpaper off is a job!
Evelina said…
My husband haaaaaaates when I mention something that I saw on Pinterest. Unless it's dessert. Then he's cool with it lol!
I've never renovated a home, yet this list still made me giggle. A lot. I think my fave was the "let's rip down the walls and put up new drywall" (instead of removing wallpaper.
Liz Jo said…
I saw this on Pinterest and it looked so beautiful haha. That's what I say on Kyle every weekend...like the ikea table. Thankfully Kyle usually reins me in on some of the more major projects.

Or "Does paint come out of clothes?" I've said that so many times when I've painted. Or "we can just paint over that..."

liz @ j for joiner
Christina said…
OMG! So funny, but not at the same time. Haha! I can't even imagine the wallpaper! I can't wait to see what you've done with the place when it's done!
Sarah said…
Some sort of burning smell!! Hahaha. I can only imagine.
Jenna said…
Hahaha...! Oh man! You two have been VERY busy! I am in love with that blue hue (that leaked on the refinished floor! Ahhh!).
Corie M said…
Oh man, I'd be running for the hills by now! It looks like there's a lot of progress being made though :)
You have so much patience! I cannot stand doing home projects, like, I want them done as soon as I think of them which totally isn't practical or realistic
Tammy Jo said…
hahahaha I'm sure it's been an interesting time around y'all's house.
Frikken Duckie said…
Lmao! Love these! Cannot wait to see the finished product!