snow and dinner and chocolate milk

I wouldn't necessarily consider myself an outgoing person, but being home alone, all day, four days a week was killing me.  I am my own biggest fan and I was even getting tired of myself.  The travel ban was lifted last Thursday, and because I felt like a free woman, I scheduled a meeting for 9:30 the next morning.

And the next morning, it snowed.  The roads were just wet, but because I hate driving in any form of winter precipitation, I left two hours early to drive 30 miles. 

This week, I had another morning meeting scheduled, and when I opened the door to leave I saw this outside.  

I PANIC when I have to drive in actual snow, so I decided to turn on the news to check the weather and traffic.  However, we canceled our cable this week, and the only channel we are currently getting is the local ABC affiliate in SARASOTA, FLORIDA.  Well, according to Suncoast 7, the weather was just lovely.  Not a snowflake in sight.

So I took eight thousand deep breaths, put on my big girl snow boots, and headed out.  And I made it around the block before I turned right around and came home and waited an hour for everything to melt.  


During the past few months, I have become a self-professed meal planning pro.  And then Tuesday the wheels fell off and I realized I had no dinner plan. It was snowing outside, of course, which meant I was not venturing out to the grocery store for ingredients and had to work with what I had.

I employed the strategy of "If you put enough cheese on it, it will be delicious."  

When Matt came home from work and asked what was for dinner, I actually said the words, "Tuesday Pantry Surprise."

At least it wasn't my other cleverly named go-to last minute option, a YOYO dinner. 

You're On Your Own.

Matt usually wakes up at least an hour before I do.  He kisses me goodbye, but he gets dressed in the pitch dark so  as to not wake me because I am a girl who enjoys her sleep.  This morning, because I had another early meeting (BACK TO THE REAL WORLD), we were up at the same time.

And at 6:15 in the morning, he carried on the most chipper conversation about how turkey lunch meat tastes better when it's "ruffled" on a sandwich as opposed to laying flat, just like chocolate milk tastes better when the chocolate is added after the milk is poured into the glass as opposed to before, and how he couldn't believe I've never tried Ovaltine.

You know what I think about at 6:15 in the morning?  Where is my coffee and how hot can I get the shower?

Opposites attract.


Leslie said…
I am not a morning person either, so I feel you. As a random aside, my husband basically survives off of Ovaltine, and he has done so for approximately 6 of the 10 years we've been together. I've never tasted it either, and until I read your blog post, I didn't know that someone else even drank the stuff. I am glad your travel ban has been lifted, and I hope that the snow clears up entirely for you soon!
Michelle said…
I forgot about Ovaltine! I drank a lot of it as a kid, but it has a weird flavor. Nesquick > Ovaltine
Bahahaha... Tuesday Pantry Surprise... stealing that!
Julie said…
I hate driving in the snow and I have an SUV. I think a part of it is because the other drivers are idiots when it snows in MO.
Morgan Apfel said…
"Tuesday pantry surprise" hahaha. I'm going to steal that one lol! That snow looks horrible! I keep complaining that it is cold and BARELY snowed here in SC, but wow am I glad I'm not wherever you are! (Sorry lol!) My husband has to wake up really early, and I usually try to get up with him too, for like "support" or something lol, but it's hard. The other day he was getting ready in the bathroom and I was trying to just stay busy and awake so I started cleaning makeup brushes and he was like, "hell of a thing to do at quarter to 6" lol. And his stance on turkey sandwiches is that the turkey has to be like torn up in pieces. I like the ruffle idea better.

Jenna said…
Haha! Adam and I are like you and Matt--I am such a morning person and want to chatter on about everything when Adam's primary concern is where his coffee is :)

I also HATE driving in any form of winter precipitation! I live downtown and walk to work and if I didn't...GAH. I'd be a nervous wreck having to drive in on snowy or icy mornings!!!
My parents used to say it was a YOYO night for dinner!

I'm totally the Matt in my relationship and Michael is like you. My alarm goes off and I get up immediately. Michael hits snooze four times and can barely form sentences even then. Ha!
Hahaha I am definitely going to be using "Tuesday pantry surprise" next time I'm asked what's for dinner. That is hilarious.
Rebecca Jo said…
You sound like my wave of thinking - YOYO is the best!! & Tuesday Pantry Surprise. For a man who stands over me & watches EVERY ingredient I put in, lest I put something in he hates - he'd freak out at the word SURPRISE in anything :)

My husband wakes up an hour before me as well - & sadly, he tries, leaving the bedroom light off - but turns on EVERY OTHER LIGHT in the house - which causes a solar glow in the bedroom every morning. Defeats the point.
Oh to be a morning person! What's that like? Haha.
i laughed so hard at tuesday pantry surprise. i also love your YOYO. i call it 'fend for yourself' lol. i am super chipper and talkative in the mornings, KC is not. I have learned to keep my chatter to myself haha.
Tammy Jo said…
hahaha YOYO I love that!!
Evelina said…
First of all, I am totally stealing the phrase yoyo dinner. Brilliant. Second, I'm right there with you with this snow business. I haven't seen the grass in forever and I'm over it.
Rachel said…
Haha, I am totally the person having very happy and energetic conversations in the morning...sometimes Angel is, sometimes he's not. I don't like driving in snow either, I missed school twice because of it in Michigan (because college doesn't shut down for anything and I lived 45 minutes away on a good day)...
Lydia S. said…
Cute story! I'm a morning person but I don't usually wake up wanting to talk immediately. I love seeing each and every person's uniqueness!
Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog! I thought I would return the favor. ;)
Marie said…
hahah...YOYO. That is hilarious. I'm not a morning person either. I don't really mind driving in the snow, I just don't like how the big SUV's fly in the snow. Just cause you are bigger doesn't mean that you should speed. I hate seeing a big suv barreling down the road in the snow.
Jenny said…
I would pay big bucks to be a morning person. Once I'm up, I'm fine. But until my feet hit the floor, it's a struggle. ;)
Renae said…
We don't get snow very much here at all in Texas, I can't even imagine...everything shuts down here when we get just a little furry of it.
I'm a morning person kind of..I like the quietness of my house I tend to get a lot of things done during that time.
MFD always wants to have conversations about nothing in the morning. NO! LOL Let me be.

I hate having to drive in the snow. I do it, but I hate it.
That is so funny that you got the Florida news since I am assuming with all that snow that you live in the mid Atlantic or the north?!?!

I love the phrase "pantry surprise". I think I need to use that saying!
Jessie M said…
YOYO dinner made me laugh out loud. And Pantry Surprise is sort of a weekly thing around these parts.

But seriously, I have to agree on the point that lunch meat, of any kind, not just turkey, tastes better all ruffled up. But I may need to do more research on chocolate milk. Mostly I like my chocolate milk pre-made, I'm too lazy to mix my own.
Oh my gosh I could NOT handle the snow :-p I'm a weenie and don't know how to drive in it. I'm glad it pretty much never snows in San Antonio :)
Baby Sister said…
It always amazes me how many people forget how to drive from one winter to the next. And I live in Utah! We do snow very well!

Tuesday Pantry Surprise and YOYO dinner might be my new go-to phrases. Cheese does make everything delicious, that was a good call!

My husband works nights right now, so he's coming home just as I'm getting up for the day. And he's just filled with stories from his night at work and all I can think is "Hey! I just woke up! Give me some time to be alive and we can talk this afternoon when you're awake and I'm more awake!" He is definitely the early bird in our relationship.