and i was the english major

My brother and sister and I have a group text, and it really gets busy during election season.  Last Monday, as the Iowa caucus results came it, let's just say there were a lot of corny jokes.

It was a-maize-ing.

I knew the group text would be busy on Saturday night because of the Republican debate, but I didn't realize we would be discussing such controversial topics.

Can't wait until convention season.


I love group texts, except for when I'm try to sleep! Siblings are the best and this was hilarious.
Haha, I would of said just say "went skiing" too.
Marie said…
I love group texts but sometimes I get so confused by them. haha. Although, I hate when people do them when I'm at work because I usually can't pay attention to them and it drives me crazy to see my phone keep lightning up but I can't take the time to check it out.
oh my gosh i love this. hilarious. i had to write that word the other day and legit had to google it so i feel like i would fit in that group text quite well.
AiringMyLaundry said…
Haha, funny!

Now I want some cheese sticks and candy though.
LOLOL I love a good pun!
#debatesnacks... epic.
I love hahaha so funny. I am the worst speller so I feel their pain. Love all your snacks. And the puns!
Evelina said…
I am dyyyying over the last line in that text convo!
Amy said…
Haha! The only group text that doesn't drive me nuts is the one with my two best girlfriends. We all live far apart now, so it's fun.
Leslie said…
So funny! Group texts can definitely be comical!
Jenna said…
Hahaha! Now this would be a fun group text to be a part of!

And those cheese sticks...! GAHHH they look so delicious right now...!
Liz Jo said…
Haha! I thank the heavens that iPhone has an autocorrect, although sometimes when I attempt to questions my words too. I spell horribly.

liz @ j for joiner
Sarah said…
This makes me so happy. Please include me in your next group messages!!!
Baby Sister said…
Hahahahaha!! "I went skying" - that is hilarious. It makes me want to use that even though it would kill me to intentionally misspell something. Your family is hilarious.

Also, I think I need to come hang out with you guys next political debate. Yum!