all 732 trips to home depot were well worth it

Back in December I wrote about tackling our first room renovation in our new house - my office.  This picture of the office is from the online listing.  You can obviously see why we couldn't pass up this house! 

And this is what it looked like the day we moved in.

After we pulled up the carpet, we discovered that the floors had some sort of stain on them, and not the kind of stain that's supposed to be on a hardwood floor.  It took a LOT of sanding (And dust. Oh the dust.  I am still dusting.) and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to bleach the stain out.

Then it was time to paint the walls, stain the floor, and put up new baseboards and window woodwork. 

And now, it looks like this. 

We still need to get blinds and hang some things on the walls, but I love it.

 My new office called for a new coffee mug.

 I'm going to need that coffee to tackle the next project - wallpaper.


Gorgeous! Such a's so light and bright now. Your hard work definitely payed off. Can't wait to see more reno projects!
Evelina said…
I loooove your before&after! The room looks 1,000 times better and your new floors are stunning! Job well done.
ae said…
Love it! It is so bright and airy.
Emily said…
I can't get over how great the floors look!!! You go, Chip and Joanna Gaines, I mean Matt and Laura ;)
The color is great! What a fun way to work with dark floors, but still feel spacious!
amy said…
what a difference!
what a labor of love ;)
and it really opens the space up and makes it so bright!
Rebecca Jo said…
Holy Cow - the difference!! That is amazing
I love the dark floors!
but wow...that carpet before... WOW
I love looking at before and afters! Your new space turned out wonderful!!! And those floors are just perfect!
Marie said…
WOW what a before and after! I love the after! Those walls look amazing!!
Great job on the room transformation. I love the colors!!
Hippie in Heels said…
WOW, what a transformation! I love it. You can come to my house and re-decorate anytime!
HOLY WOW, what a transformation! It looks absolutely fantastic! And please tell me where you got that mug... I need it!
Kayla MKOY said…
DANG GIRL!!!!! You killed this renovation!!! It looks amazing. I love the dark color on the floors.
holy s! This looks amazing!!! What a difference! You guys did a great job. It's so funny that anyone ever wanted that carpet enough to actually put it in there, lol. The room itself is really pretty and you guys did a fabulous job.
Emily said…
Wow your new office looks incredible! Great job on accomplishing that yourselves. Love the new hardwood floors. What do you think caused such a bad stain on the old floors?
Julie said…
Oh I love that color!!
AiringMyLaundry said…
It looks amazing! I love the colors.
Michelle said…
That is the most cheerful color I've ever seen. I love it!
I can't believe you ripped up that gorgeous splotchy orange and tan carpet! ;)

The transformation is amazing! So exciting!
Wow - love the wall color!!! I'm so jealous of your home office...I wish mine was that invigorating!
Kate :: A Little NW Charm
Allison said…
WOWOWOWOW! What a huge improvement. We had very similar carpet in our house when we moved in and were glad to find the hardwood floors under it in decent shape. You guys did a great job!
That's my favorite color! Looks great. What a difference it makes from before to after. Great job guys!
Ashley said…
WHOA! What an amazing transformation, looks incredible:)
It looked way better before. ;) lmao
Love the dark stain you guys used!!
birdie to be said…
Wow! Great job. I can't believe you did your own hardwood floors!
Jenny said…
It looks awesome! What a fun room you've turned it into. Love the color you stained the hardwood. And love your new coffee mug.
Jaw. Dropped.
Amazing transformation!! Love the color you picked!
Anonymous said…
Liz Jo said…
No....this is not the same room! Oh my gosh world of difference! Y'all did a great job, glad you incorporated a carpet in there!

liz @ j for joiner
It looks amazing!! All your hard work certainly paid off!! So bright and cheery!! Enjoy it!!!
Pegster said…
Wow, you guys did an amazing job with that office. Look at you DIY champs.

That's why when you look at a house you always look at the potential and not just what it looks like. Great job you guys.
Traci said…
WOW!!! What a difference!!! It looks fabulous!!! Y'all did a great job.
Tammy Jo said…
OMG I LOVE it!!! You did a fabulous job!!
Baby Sister said…
Wow, it doesn't even look like the same room! I love the colors!! Well done!
So so pretty! I love it! Teal is one of my favorite colors!

We opted for a house that was already flipped because we just didn't have it in us to do it. However, it's so fun to see and read about people who flip their own homes. So pretty and you did an amazing job.