Friday, April 22, 2016

tomorrow we buy the oreos

Spring has officially sprung here and I am over the moon.  This past weekend was particularly beautiful and I walked around for 48 hours like I've never experienced spring before.

"Look at how BLUE that sky is!"

"Have you ever heard birds sing so melodiously?"

"The air smells like perfume from all of the blooming trees!"

I feel like a new person.

The warmer weather has also inspired me to prepare fresher, healthier meals, instead of meals whose main ingredient is cheese with a side of cheese.  I bought tons of fresh fruits and veggies this weekend and even made myself squash soup, which, looking back, may have been a little misguided. 

Tonight after dinner Matt said, "Do we have any snacks?" and all I could offer was a handful of roasted almonds or some tortilla chips made from only chickpeas and sesame seeds and some sort of magic.

"No thanks, I was hoping for something more...mainstream," he said.

In other news, we bought a chiminea last weekend, and we had our first fire Tuesday night.  Matt turned the Phillies game on the radio and I brought out my new book and we listened and read and talked and the whole thing was so relaxing.  We canceled our cable a few months ago, and the price we paid for the chiminea was what we'd pay for one month of cable.  In my opinion, we've already gotten a 100% return on investment.

It was nice to have such a lovely evening in the yard, because it had been the scene of a traumatic experience earlier this month.  

When we bought this house Matt proclaimed he needed a riding lawnmower because it would take him 3 hours to mow the yard with a push mower.

My counter-argument was that it takes me 3 hours to clean the house, so I need a maid.

We got the lawnmower.

I'm sure the maid will show up any day now.

We found the lawnmower on Craigslist and got a pretty good deal.  Matt fired that bad boy up last Friday.  He made his first lap up and back and was grinning from ear to ear.  Mowing his own yard.  It was the moment he'd been waiting 27 years for.

And then on lap 3, the lawnmower died.  Among other problems, the engine block was cracked, and in case you're not up to speed on the going rate for new lawnmower engine blocks, I can tell you they're about $800.   Which is more than we paid for the lawnmower to begin with.

Let's just say it was a bad night around here, because we were pretty convinced we were going to be out the money from the first lawnmower, which we couldn't sell to someone else since in the current condition, PLUS have to buy a second.  We ran some errands on Friday night but neither of us were in great moods, and when we got home Matt casually mentioned he was hungry and I casually mentioned that he better get used to that feeling because we're never going to be able to afford to eat again.

It wasn't one of my finer moments.

On Monday morning Matt decided to try to call the man we bought the lawnmower from to see if they could work things out.  And I'm here to tell you there are still good people in this world because the man felt terrible, apologized profusely, and gave us every cent of our money back.

So the good news is that we now have a new working lawnmower and our lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood in no time.

And the great news is that we will be able to afford to eat another day.

Maybe we can even splurge on some mainstream snacks.


Emily said...

Yay for relaxing night and glad things worked out with the lawn mower. Here is to hoping the cleaning lady makes a special appearance for you sometime. :D

Mary Leigh said...

Good trade off with the cable and chiminea! We haven't had cable in so long and we really enjoy just spending quiet, relaxing time together! (We listen to lots of games on the radio, too!)

Evelina said...

i'm so glad that you got your money back!! Did you end up buying a new one this time? Enjoy those Oreos!
Evelina @ Fortunate House

Klein Dot Co said...

I feel the same way about spring! Especially after living in the desert for five years :) Yay for getting a refund on the lawnmower - and enjoy your Oreos ;)

Morgan Apfel said...

Lol, can I just say that I love your posts? I wish I could write like you. You make everyday ups and downs of life sound fun and exciting. Your husband sounds like mine lately.."there's nothing to eat" talk every night because I'm trying to get us healthy. Like, EXCUSE ME for trying to keep us alive longer! Lol. But oreos do sound fun..

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Really enjoyed reading this. I love how open you are. I think my husband and I have had the same conversation about a maid. Glad everything worked out this the lawn mower. I'm loving this warmer weather too! I feel so much better, and I tend to eat healthier and have more motivation!


emily @ a little bit of emily said...

Oh man, what an ordeal with that lawnmower! Dying over your comment about not being able to eat - I am sure in the moment it wasn't funny but looking back it definitely is!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh my gosh, yay for the man being nice and giving your money back. yay for being able to afford food! i want a chiminea.

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I want a chiminea soooo bad! Or a fire pit! Or something awesome that I can burn fires in out in the back yard! They just look so festive! And yay for getting your money back on the lawn mower. That little nugget of information is just one more thing helping to restore my faith in humanity! It's good to know that all people out there aren't shmucks!

Hilary said...

How awesome that the man gave you your money back!!

Cece said...

Yikes! That sucks. I'm glad you asked because if you hadn't asked, you would have basically been screwed. Glad the man was nice enough to do the right thing. I am waiting for the maid to show up too!!