if you need me, i'll probably be sleeping

Since my Valentine’s Day flowers are still alive, it’s not too late to write about it, right?

When I got home from work on Monday, Valentine’s Day Eve, there was a vase on our front step with the most beautiful flowers and a sweet note from Matt.  He is a keeper.
 Matt is on a healthy eating kick and requested that I refrain from getting him candy for Valentine’s Day because that could throw a major wrench into his progress.

So I went the healthy route and made this.
Move over, Martha Stewart.

(I also got him a gift card to Cabela’s so don’t feel too sorry for him.  But he really does love oranges.  By my calculations we’ve eaten 11 pounds of oranges in the last three weeks.)

The real gift last week though was our new mattress. 

Several months ago Matt started saying that his back and shoulders were bothering him every morning.  I blamed it on the weather, the work bag he carries, too much work around the house, basically anything other than the 6 year old, bottom of the line, IKEA mattress we were sleeping on.
All the while, I kept quiet about my own back and shoulder pain because do you know how expensive new mattresses are?

Finally, my back pain overtook my thrifty tendencies and I came clean about how my back and shoulders hurt every single day and maybe we really do need a new mattress.

We did a little research online and asked around, and everyone we knew told us to get a Sleep Number bed, so we headed to the store on Saturday to test things out.  The salesman, Aron with one R, had us lay down on a mattress.  He said he would adjust it, and to tell him to stop when we felt most comfortable.

I could have laid there forever.

Of course the tester mattress is the fanciest and most expensive mattress money can buy, so after we got our ideal sleep numbers we walked ALL the way to the other end of the store where the mattresses in the price range of the budget minded shopper were located.   

It was like test driving a Mercedes and buying a Kia.

We made our purchase and were told to expect it via UPS in 5-7 days.  When we got the tracking number, Matt was like a kid tracking Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve.  He could not wait to get it.  It was in our town on Wednesday, but the UPS website indicated it was still at the distribution center and not out for delivery.  So, Matt went to the UPS distribution center on Wednesday night AND MET THE MATTRESS.

We put it together when he got home and at this point I was thinking perhaps we’d been the victim of a very expensive scam. 

After the air pump was on for a bit, it started to look more like something I’d want to sleep on.  I said to Matt, “You know, this is really just like a glorified air mattress.”

No kidding,

Anyway, I've been sleeping like a baby since we got the mattress, and I only have one negative thing to say about it.  It makes it even harder to get out of bed in the morning.

The 5am Miracle book I talked about a few weeks ago is definitely not going to happen.


Mary Leigh said…
A new mattress is a big deal! We bought ours when we moved into our house - about 4 years ago. We definitely spent a pretty penny on it, but it was so worth it to me. I love to have a comfy bed (and not to wake up sore each morning from sleeping on the mattress).

Also, I look forward to hearing what you think about that book. I would love to become more of an early morning person.

Happy [almost] Friday!
Nadine Lynn said…
Those flowers are gorgeous and I just love the healthy Vday treat! We totally need a new mattress, we want to upgrade to a king.
Lizzie Simantz said…
Yayy for a new mattress! Ours is super old and we are on the hunt for a new one too!
We need a new mattress too. Like you, I've been putting it off as there is nothing wrong with our 8 year old bed (aside from the hump in the middle lol). We checked out Sears since they are going out of business and even with their sale + markdown a king mattress ranged from $3K and up! RIDICULOUS!!!
Miranda Hunt said…
Your orange heart is my favorite creative V-Day gift that I've seen!
Hilary said…
We have been looking at one too. Josh snores and we've been looking at the one where you can incline one half, but GOOD LORD those things are expensive! Do you mind me asking which one you got and how much it was? We have a queen right now, but if we're getting a new mattress, I'm going king!
Julie said…
I did a blogpost for sleep number once and I agree, they are comfy. I also agree that you have to win the lottery to get the top of the line bed because eek that pricetag was high!
Brianne said…
I need a new mattress so bad! When I moved to Texas 5 years ago I bought a not cheap cheap, but cheap enough mattress to get me started. I hate it more & more every year.

Your oranges heart is adorable & those flowers are so pretty!
Yay for a new bed, hope you're both feeling much better! Looks so comfy! Happy Friday <3

Green Fashionista
Haha- I loved this! My husband and I have been through the same thing with our mattress, but the culprit turned out to be an overly soft mattress pad we were able to sell on Craigslist... though our mattress itself came from Costco 3 years ago so I can see the saga repeating in a few years!
Kelly said…
We got a new mattress this month too and it has been wonderful! I feel like I am officially old now though because a) all that complaining about how our old mattress made my back ache and b) how excited I was to spend $$ on a MATTRESS, Seriously?!? But it does make a big difference!
New mattresses are exciting as hell as an adult.
Leslie said…
LOL, a new mattress is a gamechanger! So glad you all are sleeping well. :)
Rebecca Jo said…
Oh mercy... yeah, just take that book back. It doesnt stand a chance.

Hey, oranges are more expensive than chocolate around here so that's a nice V-day gift! :)
Jessie M said…
Oh man, we DEFINITELY need a new mattress too. But haven't pulled the trigger because what we REALLY want is a King, but it wouldn't fit in our room now & we plan to buy a bigger house in the next 5 years, but really not sure our mattress can handle 5 more years. The biggest issue is the huge divet in the middle that we both slide down into and then get annoyed that the other person is in our space. Haha.
Melissa said…
Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! He did good!! :) We looked into buying a new mattress last year, and the prices were crazy. So we put it on hold for a little while. I've heard really good things about the Sleep Number mattresses, I'm thinking that's what we may end up investing in when we decide to get one.
Emily said…
Good to know about this mattress! Having a good mattress is so important for your health and for getting sleep. Back and neck pain is no fun at all!
AnneMarie said…
The orange heart is so funny and fantastic :) Congratulations on the new mattress! Our apartment has its own bed and ancient mattress, and I'm excited that someday, when we move into a new home, we'll have a better mattress. I usually don't think about mattresses much, but since we spend so much of our lives on mattresses, they are so important and worthwhile!
oh my gosh, we've been considering a sleep number bed too but I don't think we know where to start. it's great to hear that you love it, I didn't realize you have to assemble it though!
How sweet is Matt! And your healthy V Day alternative is super cute too, haha!

I feel like everyone talks about those sleep number mattresses but they're so expensive.. well, at least they are here. I had no idea that they were essentially an air mattress though! Does that mean it lasts longer since it's not going to sag? Hmmmmmmm!
rooth said…
I need a new mattress as well and I'm thinking of getting one of those "online order" ones because I hate going to shop in person for anything at all... keep us posted on the new mattress
Jenny said…
We got a new mattress, a couple of years ago, but I already hate it. I keep hearing all this talk about sleep numbers, and I am ready! I just need to talk my husband into it now. I'm ready for a good nights sleep without a sore back.
We were looking at the Sleep Number last month, too! We were ready to pull the trigger on the I9... and then I thought about what I could do with the extra money and we got a way less expensive mattress that has quit my back pain... but I definitely thought long and hard about the Sleep Number for several days. It's genius, really.
Dylan Lovell said…
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Dylan Lovell said…
I changed my mattress a few months ago, after having the same one for many years. I didn’t even want to do it at first, but my wife made me! I thought nothing would change and that it would be totally not worth it. Surprise! I actually loved the new mattress and it made me sleep much deeper every single night.