i'm an introvert. i don't want to talk about it.

On Wednesday I attended a training for work on collaboration and teamwork.  The trainer had us answer a list of questions to determine whether we are an introvert or extrovert.  I answered all 20 questions true, which means I am introverted as it gets.

(There are 22 numbers on the page, but 11 and 12 are missing, so technically it's only 20 questions.  You wouldn't believe the confusion this caused at the meeting.)

After giving us a few minutes to complete the questionnaire, the presenter said "Okay, who answered all 20 questions true?"

In addition to being an introvert I am also a rule follower, so I raised my hand high.  So did one other person, out of about 50 total people in the training.

"Two people," the trainer said, "Wow.  And you actually admitted it?"

Here is the upside to admitting in front of 50 people you are as introverted as humanly possible.  No one calls on you for the rest of the day.  During the next exercise, we had to write what month/animal/car/food/color/etc. we would be and why, and then the trainer called on participants to share.  I am here to tell you that while everyone else had to share their reasoning at least once, I did not get called on a single time to explain why I would be ice cream and April and green and a dog.

(Because ice cream is refreshing, April is the beginning of the best time of year, green symbolizes hope and a fresh start, and everyone loves dogs.)

I got home from my meeting Wednesday night and snow was in the forecast for the next day.  It was supposed to be especially bad during the morning commute, so Matt and I both planned to work from home.  I've never met anyone who loves a snow day more than Matt.  On Thursday morning, he was up, had cooked us an elaborate snow day breakfast, and made a fire in the fireplace all by 6:45 a.m.

I am not kidding.

The snow was over by 9 and we only got about three inches, which was a third of what was predicted.  But it's a darn good thing Matt shoveled a path in the yard.  It's tough to navigate through two inches of now.

(Ask me how much I loved that path the next afternoon when I had to go get the eggs from the chicken coop).

(A lot.)

As for the rest of our snow day, we worked and then made these delicious pork chops for dinner.

I initially typed "chip" instead of chop and I think that's a Freudian slip because what I wouldn't give for a chip right now.  Matt and I are trying to eat healthy which means zero chips.  However, our neighbors were over at our house a few weekends ago and their daughter is selling Girl Scout cookies.  We ordered three boxes but only had a $20 bill.

Here's a tip for kids who want to sell Girl Scout cookies to Matt.  Tell him you don't have change for a twenty because then he will say, "Well I'll order twenty dollar's worth then!!''

Our neighbors brought over our five boxes the next day and each night, Matt goes upstairs to the kitchen and brings down two napkins with two Girl Scout cookies inside of a mystery combination.  Then he asks "right or left?" and I pick a hand and am surprised at the combo.

Will it be a s'mores and a do-si-do? A thin mint and a shortbread?

Or the best option of all, two tagalongs?


We have a wild life.

I don't think introverts typically enjoy surprises, but this is one I can live with.


I don't think I'd get the 20/20 of the introvert test, but I've become far more introverted as I've gotten older. I used to have "fear of missing out". That is long gone. I'd rather be home in comfy clothes than out in pretty clothes any day, any time. And, I hate my phone if it involves communicating with another person. I think the only person I talk to on the phone with any regularity is my mother, and that's because she lives thousands of miles away.
Faith said…
I was basically going to say the same thing as Erin above. Back in the day I was a complete extrovert but as I've gotten older I've become more introverted. Def. won't score 20/20 but I'm getting there, lol.

P.S. I have so many boxes of Girl Scout cookies I don't know what I'm going to do with myself.
Haha, I could definitely get down with $20 of girl scouts cookies!!
I am an introvert as well! But, the weirdest part is that I'm also a corporate trainer. It makes so little sense. I absolutely enjoy my job and helping other learns (that "aha" moment is everything for me), but on days that I train I am EXHAUSTED. I come home from work and need at least 45 minutes before I want to discuss the day. But a Friday night at home with my husband and a good movie/book is my idea of heaven.
haha! Cookie surprise is my kind of surprise. I hate all other surprises.

I wouldn't be a 20/20 introvert but I said true to most!
I'm an introvert around people I don't know. Small talk KILLS ME. I don't ever know what to say and I always feel so awkward. And I, too, am a rule follower, so I would have raised my hand as well... and then I would have DIED if anyone had called on me to talk about it. Thank goodness they didn't do that! ha!
Kelly said…
Yep, 20/20 for me. Not a surprise. :-)
Currently working for home on a snowy day here and what I wouldn't give for an elaborate snow day breakfast and a fire in the fireplace!
Amie said…
This is totally me too! Cookie surprise sounds fun to me!!
Rebecca Jo said…
I cant believe that guy totally added the "& you actually admitted it?"... I would have made a comment like, What did you come up for a result? An A-hole?"... geez....

I just bought$20 worth of girl scout cookies because I wrote in the wrong boxes & got the people's above my name order too... I'm not sad about my error.
Audrey Louise said…
I'm laughing so hard about the GS cookie Russian roulette. Lol!
I am definitely an introvert, though I can see a few questions I'd answer 'false.' I love that by being honest you avoided public speaking, though! Haha!
Michelle said…
Hahaha I love this whole post! We had a training at work a few years ago (you know, when I was still working) and had to take personality tests, and I was the only one in my department who scored as a 100% introvert.
I love the Girl Scout cookie surprise! There's no way that one can end badly.
Brianne said…
Oh my goodness I would kill for some thin mints right now!
Lindsay said…
I completely love that type of surprise! Also I am the type who would LOVE personality quizzes, but I end up flustered trying to figure out if I'm answering truthfully or just picking the best sounding answer, and then abandon it altogether. I wonder what that means...
wait, so which 2 cookies were in the surprise?! i don't know if i would get 20 out of 20 for being an introvert, but i would definitely be like 18 or so. why are 11 and 12 missing? that's giving me anxiety.
Ive done these surveys in my old job and it always says I am an extrovert. Except I never want to leave the house. Talking on the phone is torture. If I could do everything through email I'd be so happy. I even do a lot of my shopping online.
I love the Girl Scout cookie suspense! I've been on Whole 30 and cannot wait to try the new S'more cookie since the box just sits and stares at me each day.
Kayla MKOY said…
I really need to take a personality quiz and see what I'd get. I'm more of an extrovert BUT I also get anxiety stepping into a room with a ton of strangers to make conversations. I love nights out here and there but I also much prefer nights at home w/ Caleb, ice cream and netflix :)
Dudddeeeeeeee, we are on the opposite side of the globe but totally in the same situation - but swap the cookies for chocolate coated ice creams and you have us. Every night Jesse will grab two ice creams (sometimes different flavours, sometimes not so he guarantees he gets the one he wants, haha) and then asks me to choose and every night I'm like left/right/left/right... will I regret this?! How do I answer when I don't know what i'm saying yes to?!

But now I want to swap ice cream for cookies... and hot chocolate because why not?
rooth said…
Okay what kills me is that you guys only eat one cookie each. I've killed boxes of GS cookies by myself in a single day
I'm definitely an introvert, but I didn't get all true. Tagalogs are my favorite girl scout cookie forever and always, which is why I only ordered 1 box. Also, I'm sure I'll get hit up at the grocery store. Also, how are they $5 bucks now????
Jenny Evans said…
I have looked at a bunch of these introvert/extrovert things, and I have no idea what I am. I may be a shy extrovert or something.
Corie M said…
The snow predictions are ALWAYS wrong! But at least you got to enjoy your snow day :)
Jeanine said…
Love this! When I was a senior in high school I had to do a presentation on marine biology in front of the whole class. (My class only had 26 kids in it) and when I practiced with my friend I could do it perfectly. Speaking in front of the class was a problem. I ended up having a panic attack and THREW UP. Then after I threw up I passed out. Not cool...and super embarrassing. Even after all that the teacher still made me try again instead of just doing the presentation for her. I got through it the second time, but only because I looked directly at my best friend the whole time.
I don't think extroverted people understand where introverted people are coming from.