Wednesday, September 6, 2017

people are interesting

I didn't check my work email one time over the long weekend, and then I opened my computer yesterday morning only to realize I had an out of town meeting at 9:00 this morning.


I scrambled to get a rental car reservation and arranged for a pickup last night. Because Enterprise picks you up, just as their slogan claims.

My mom also picks me up, and she usually does for rental car drop-offs.  But she is a teacher and yesterday was her first day back to school, and my reservation was extremely last minute, so I decided to get a ride with Enterprise.  Stevie and his Honda Odyssey showed up in my driveway promptly at 5:15, and he was the most cheerful person I've come across in a long time.  

We got to talking about the weather, and Stevie told me that he was looking forward to experiencing his first winter in Pennsylvania, because he just moved here six months ago from New York City.  He said he loves Pennsylvania so far, it seems so calm and relaxed compared to NYC.  I asked Stevie what brought him to suburban Philadelphia.

"Well," he said, "a woman."

He asked me if I was traveling for work (yes) and what I do (child welfare) and then he told me that he spent the last 17 years working in the medical examiners office in New York City.  He has his bachelor's degree in mortuary science, his master's degree in forensics.  

He worked in the medical examiner's office in New York City on 9/11.

I cannot even imagine and he said he will never be the same.

He said that when he moved here and became a service manager with Enterprise, people in his life kept asking him if he was going to try to get a job in his field.  He said no, he is 54 years old and doesn't want to be surrounded by death anymore.  He vacuums cars,picks people up and drops them off, and finally doesn't think about his work when he goes home at night.

Stevie told me many stories about his time as a medical examiner, including one which I'm not sure is true or not, but he claimed his team was performing an autopsy on a homeless man and when they opened him up A RAT JUMPED OUT OF HIM.   He said an intern got sick to her stomach when she saw it and had to quit, and as someone who fainted in freshman year nursing biology lab when I saw a blood cell under a microscope, I can sympathize.

I wonder if that intern changed her mind and got an English degree like I did.

Anyway, he also said he saw some famous people, including Aaliyah and Keith Ledger.

I think he meant Heath.  Heath Ledger.

Stevie also had many memorable quotes, including but not limited to "Some medical examiners make a 'U' cut.  Some make a butterfly cut.  But once that first cut is made, you just crack those ribs and fillet it like a fish.

And "I will never forget the first burned body I saw.  I ain't never eat anything off a grill again."

You may be wondering how far we traveled for Stevie to have enough time to tell me all these stories.  About three miles.  First of all, he talked fast.

Second of all, there was an awkward moment when we stopped for a train crossing, and then the train passed and the railroad arms went back up, and Stevie did not proceed forward into the intersection.

For about eight to ten minutes.  

He just kept that Odyssey in park and told me about autopsies and what happens to a body as it decomposes.  After opposing traffic went through two or three light cycles, I gently suggested that Stevie move the old Odyssey up a few hundred feet to trigger the sensor to turn the light green.

"No, no," he said, "This is a weird intersection.  The stop bar is very far back.  The light must be malfunctioning or something."

Stevie.  You may have spent decades in the Big Apple but I have spent my entire 29 years in this town.  I know how this intersection works.  Finally a car that had been sitting (and sitting, and sitting) behind us passed us (illegally and quickly) and Stevie followed suit.
As we pulled into the Enterprise parking lot, Stevie wished me good luck at my meeting, reminded me not to lose heart even when work is depressing, and NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT AT NIGHT.

Its almost like he knows my new birthday motto.

I got back from my meeting around 6 tonight, and Matt picked me up at Enterprise.  Stevie was great, but I'll admit, after a long day I sure was happy to see Matt in his old F-150.  He even had dinner ready when we got home.  

And it wasn't grilled.


Dara @ Not In Jersey said...

Oh my. What a funny ride. I did wonder how he told you all of that in a short ride, thanks for explaining the part about sitting still for so long, lol!

Audrey Louise said...

Wow... what an experience. I can't imagine being in that car with you guys, especially when he was just SITTING for 10 minutes. Hahaha. Glad Matt was able to rescue you at the end of the day & get you home!

rooth said...

Holy hell that guy could talk!

Kristin @ Going Country said...

I get it. My husband's back-up job is driving the delivery truck for his friend's farm store. You know, for when he's done being a criminal defense attorney and worrying about being responsible for other people's depressing lives. Delivering some plants and animal feed seems pretty good in comparison a lot of days, I think.

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

I don't even really have words for this one. If he's telling the truth about what he used to do for a living then I bet he does have some stories to tell! And girl, I was totally about to google Keith Ledger because I had no idea who that was... then I kept reading and I busted out laughing!

Foxy's Domestic Side said...

Wow that is a lot of info in 3 miles! haha...Not sure about that rat story, can that even happen?! And if so, ewww!

Rebecca Jo said...

I would have been a little creeped out all the talks of dead bodies with a stranger I just got in the car with. haha
Good for him though making a change to not deal with that kind of stress in his age now.
... & now, I feel like I need to google if a rat can live in someone. doubtful. Like did the guy eat it whole? Did it crawl in after the guy died? & why would the rat go so far down?
I'd be that guys nightmare with all my questions.

Brianne said...

Seriously your life lol. I just want to be a fly on the wall...or in the van...

Michelle said...

OH MY WORD. The stories that man has! I honestly want to rent a car in your town so he can come pick me up and tell me more stories.

Julie said...

Enterprise does not always pick up... especially in the middle of Colorado when a tranny blew on our way to ski. They ask you to somehow get yourself to a city they will pick up in. In this case an hour away. Stevie's stories were least you weren't bored 😉

Heather @ Heathers Hurrah said...

Your stories are seriously the best. Like others, I really did wonder how he managed to fit in all of those stories in such a short ride.

Lostvestige said...

Haha! There sure are some really interesting people out there! What wild stories!