kohls and candles

Well, another weekend is over.  This particular one included two trips to Kohls, because a weekend without at least two trips to the store where you should "expect great things" as their slogan suggests is pretty much dead to me. Saturday's trip was purely for browsing purposes.  I came home with a pair of yoga pants and two candles because I am powerless in the face of bargain priced fall scents.  While browsing, I saw the following displays within about six feet of each other...
I think it's safe to say that Kohls has a slight case of Inappropriate Seasonal Display Disorder.  Personally, I think they are jumping the yuletide gun just a little bit.  We're hardly past Labor Day and the Halloween decorations are on clearance already.  I better get out some lacey doilies and conversation hearts because apparently Valentine's Day is just around the corner.

Emily and I had to go back after church this morning to return a sweater she got yesterday.  We got all the way home and realized that annoying plastic ink-filled tag was still attached.  It didn't matter anyway though because it was the wrong size.  As soon as we walked in the door the alarms started going off like crazy, courtesty of the aforementioned annoying ink-filled plastic tag.  It was loud.  Very loud.  Everyone looked at us. 

Let it never be said that I don't like to make an entrance.

And tonight, we ate a delicious dinner on the deck under a gorgeous sky.  It was the perfect end to the weekend.  Hope yours was merry thankful spooky great.


Tiffany said…
thanks for visiting my blog. I love your blog too and the color of it. very cute!
Anna Walker said…
Oh my gosh! :) I love this! So much fun! Thanks for finding my blog, I like yours a lot!
Stacy said…
Hahah, this cracked me up. "Inappropriate Seasonal Display Disorder" - perfect. :D
Ha! This cracks me up. I am a new follower, you are too entertaining to not read every day :)