Thursday, September 30, 2010

a tragic tale

When it rains, Phil's car leaks.  It's an old car and the water seeps through the cracks when there's a storm.  It's sort of a joke around here, and my parents even made up a certificate for his birthday that allows him to park in the garage when it rains. 

Listen, it is very easy to laugh about someone else's car getting wet in the rain when your own car is as dry as the desert inside.  However, it suddenly becomes not so funny anymore when you leave your own back windows open overnight for nine hours of heavy, steady rain.  ASK ME HOW I KNOW.

I walked out to Old Blue this morning and discovered that I had done just that.  Oh boy.  I asked Phil the Wet Car Interior Expert how to solve my TRAGIC H20 EVENT and he said get some kitty litter to soak up the moisture.  I did some investigatory googling and read that coffee grounds work too.  So at lunchtime I headed over to WalMart and found my supplies.  Then I stood in the express line for about twenty minutes behind a woman who clearly had a very liberal interpretation of the words "20 items or less."  I had just finished pondering one of the great mysteries of my life...which happens to be why WalMart built no less than thirty registers but only ever uses six of them, if you were curious...when it was my turn to pay.  When the cashier asked if I wanted bags I told her I would be fine without them, and that I really want to start working on reducing my carbon footprint...tomorrow.  Maybe.  What exactly is a carbon footprint anyway?  Well in hindsight I probably should have just taken a bag, beacuse walking half a mile to my soaking wet car with an economy size can of decaf french roast and sixteen pounds of Special Kitty wasn't one of my brightest moments. 
My car isn't that old, and the backseat has only been used a handful of times.  The thoughts of dumping cat litter over the seats and carpet made me feel sick, so I decided I would just pour the cat litter and coffee in pans and set them on the seats!  What a brilliant plan!  And a clean one!  No mess at all!  Perfect!

Obviously I didn't really think that pan plan through and I'm not really sure how I thought that pans of cat little on top of the seats would actually dry the seats.  I was just following my perfect, clean, dark gray interior heart I suppose. 
 Unfortunately that route didn't go so well, so this is what my backseat currently looks like.
Knife. In. My. Heart.

Old Blue's backseat will never be the same.  But you can be sure I will never, ever, EVER leave the windows down in the rain again.  Although, if I do, at least I still have fourteen pounds of Special Kitty left.  Silver lining.


lalalalauren said...

Haha oh no! That is tragic indeed!

Looks like you're gonna need some major vacuum action...

Philip said...

Finally, The old Grand Am takes a victory. Your little blue tic tac knows what it feels like to be a real car, with real bumps in the road. And you laughed when i kept a towel in the trunk for wet seats. Maybe now you'll respect my logic.

ae said...

You are going to need a super vaccum cleaner! I almost died when I saw the coffee and cat litter in those pans;)

MissEmy said...

OH my goodness!! That's so terrible!

I think I heard/read something the other day about Wal*Mart registers. Apparently they have allllllllll those registers for Christmas/Black Friday- isn't that insane? And the rest of the time they only have like 5 open. :P

Cassie said...

HAHA the pans are HYSTERICAL. I'm sorry-- the situation really is not funny at all, but kitty litter and coffee grounds sitting neatly in the back of a car just really strikes a chord with me.

Hope the car dries out. I wouldn't be too devastated if that happened to my car, because it is no glorious being. Your car, on the other hand, looks quite beautiful, despite the Tragic H20 Event. Good luck!

Alice X said...

HAHAHA No way! I'd be gutted. Phil the Wet Car Interior Expert has a lot to answer for.

Alice X