i'm trying to work the word 'aviary' into this post somehow

A few weeks ago my mom discovered that some birds had made a nest on top of the wreath on our front door.  They got themselves some prime real estate amongst the pink artificial hydrangeas. Little did they know that not only would their location provide them with some lovely floral views, but that my mom would build them a privacy fence so they could sit on the nest in peace and quiet.

It's very shabby chic.  Or, should I say shabby CHICK?

Since the discovery of the nest, I have been anxiously awaiting the day when those little eggs would hatch.  I could wait to see the cuddly, fluffy, adorable birds that I was sure were inside.

Well, the eggs hatched on Sunday.  And here is the part where I wish I could tell you that the babies were every bit as cuddly and adorable as I imagined they would be.

But, they weren't.  Not even a little bit.  Not even if you turned off the lights, took out your contacts, AND squinted your eyes.  Nevertheless, I took a few pictures of our featherless friends yesterday but the glass is frosted and I didn't want to use a flash so they are a little blurry.  Here they are in all of their pink, un-fluffy glory.

Looks like someone is hungry!  That would be Laura, Jr, obviously.  I'm so proud.

Here's hoping that tomorrow these little guys have feathers. Nowhere to go but up.


Rachel said…
Awww, I love that your mom totally made sure they were safe until they hatched. It sounds like something my mom would do :)
REBrown said…
That's so neat that your mom did that!
i love that your mom made a sign for the chicks. too cute!
Baby Sister said…
Cute new header. :) Isn't it a bummer when you expect them to turn out cute and they're just...not? I hate it.
Sarah said…
If this was on Facebook, I would so LIKE LIKE LIKE it. I love the "Laura Jr" line! :)

By the way, I love your new look! Do you do it yourself?
ClassyLady1986 said…
That happens at my house all of the time! My Mother always has wreaths up! So cute though! Love the sign!

My sister goes to Penn State...Main Campus and is an English Major! She graduates this fall!
Things to Do said…
A few years ago a bird made a nest outside on my patio. And I too was disappointed when the baby first made it's peek outside of the nest. However, give it a few weeks and then it becomes adorable. Love that mom was protective of all the babies!
stephanie said…
uhhhh feathers or not, those little things are cute. everything is cute when it's little.
Megan said…
Awww, sweet little baby birds!! They are so adorable!! I love that your mom made them a sign!!
Kristin said…
aww they are so cute!!