Sunday, May 15, 2011

my mom and the graduate

Well, this weekend was a big one.  It was full of places to go and people to see, and that just so happens to be my favorite sort of weekend. 

Saturday was Matt’s graduation.  I drove up with his family and the two hour ride was absolutely gorgeous.  I have never seen greener trees or a sky quite so blue.  It was like spring decided to come out with all guns blazing and say “take that, winter.”  I felt like I was looking at the world through rose colored glasses, except they were blue and green. 
Unfortunately, the second we arrived at his school we were instructed to take shelter inside the classroom buildings because of approaching severe weather, including lighting and hail.  And so then we sat in a lecture hall for 45 minutes while outside it rained and poured and blew and whatever the past tense of lightning is and I sat there thinking (but not saying because even though it CRACKED me up, I was in polite company) “what the hail?” 

Finally there was a bit of a break in the storms so we all ran outside for a VERY ABBREVIATED AND ALSO VERY COLD version of graduation.  There was enough time for all of the names to be called, and for the president of the alumni association to get up and fill the graduates with false hope and assure them that it doesn’t matter that the job market stinks and that no one is hiring and they will make far less money than they imagine, because the world!!  It is their oyster!! 


As soon as he finished speaking the skies OPENED UP and it POURED and I’m sure there could be some kind of metaphor for the rain and the fact that all the graduates had to shield themselves from the storm was their college diploma and when they used that to try to protect themselves, they still got a little bit wet. 

Except for the engineering majors.  They didn’t get a drop on them. 

Due to the rainstorm we went back inside the classroom building to meet up with the graduate and take cover from the rain and also some pictures!
It was about dinnertime when graduation ended so we were going to go out to eat.  The trick was finding a restaurant.  I remember touring this particular college when I was in high school, before I fell hook line and sinker for Penn State.  Someone asked our tour guide what there was to do around the campus, and he matter of factly answered “Drive thirty miles in any direction.  Nothing.”

He was not kidding. 

I was driving with Matt and his family was following us, and he said that pretty soon we were going to come up to a pretty big city and that he was confident we could find a nice restaurant there.  A few miles later we passed a mom and pop hardware store and a post office and I said in a very joking manner “so is this the “big city?” because obviously it’s not a big city unless you have a Target, large shopping mall, and at least three grocery stores.  He looked at me and said “Yeah.  Didn’t you see that stoplight?”

Toto, we’re not in the suburbs anymore.

Well let me tell you that big city/teeny tiny town did have a restaurant, and we went in and I had turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, corn muffins, salad, apple sauce, cottage cheese, French fries and sweet tea and it was all delicious. 

Sunday was Mother’s Day of course, and after church we visited my Gramma.  Then we came home and planted flowers, which is a Mother’s Day tradition in our family.  We made my mom dinner a little while later, which was in my mind a total collaborative effort because I was in charge of the asparagus and Phil made potatoes and grilled some delicious steak.  However, after dinner he said “thanks for helping me with dinner, Laur.” 

I get the feeling he didn’t think our mealtime contributions were 50/50.  However, it was delicious and I think my mom enjoyed it!  And the rest of her Mother’s Day gift will come in a few weeks, so this is like the holiday that never ends.

On Monday I had school and then Matt left his house and the great Phillies game that was on and came over to watch Dancing with the Stars with me.  That is a tell tale sign of true love and also the first night of summer.  At first he acted like he was too cool for DWTS, but after Mark and Chelsea danced he predicted their scores and was SPOT ON, and I’m pretty sure he’s hooked. 

The Phillies and Major League Baseball in general are likely nothing but a distant memory for Matt.

Now I just have to try to get him to come over for American Idol too and I will have met two summer goals before the month of May is even halfway over which will put me very ahead of schedule.

Another goal is to get down the shore, and I just so happen to be going this weekend.

I’m SHORE it will be a lovely time.


ae said...

Congrats to Matt!

Frugalista said...

Nothing like the rain to ruin your plans huh? Bummer but it looks like you had fun anyways.

Baby Sister said...

Awww, you're such a cute couple. :) Good luck with American Idol. I finally got Boyfriend into it. :)