i will be filing a patent tomorrow

I am moving in two days.  TWO. DAYS.  I am getting very excited!

 The last few night I have been busy packing, and accepting the fact that I have way too many shoes.

Oh my word THE SHOES.

However, the packing process has also led to the creation of my latest invention.  Allow me to introduce the hanger-belt.
 The perfect solution for transporting large quantities of clothes hangers!

If only I had thought of that during one of the, oh, EIGHT times I moved throughout college.

Oh well.  Better late than never!


Morgan said…
I love the hangar belt idea! Good one. And you are so right, that would have really come in handy during college, haha!
Kodie said…
I just moved last weekend so I feel your pain. Luckily my move was only to a bigger apartment down the hall but it still sucked.

I also realized I have more shoes than one person should ever own in her entire life! But I now have a walk in closet so they fit perfectly :) The closet actually looks kinda bare (that's just my excuse for the new clothes I plan on buying to fill said huge closet).
Katie Marie said…
That invention is genius! I will definitely use that in the future!
stephanie said…
GENIUS! that is ABSOLUTELY the most genius thing i have EVER seen!!
Baby Sister said…
Can one really have too many shoes? That is an awesome invention and I will definitely have to put it to use. :) Way to go!!
This is pretty brilliant! :)
Bethany said…
Love the hanger belt, that's a great idea! Moving is never, ever fun. I moved a ton too and eventually just stuck all my clothes in heavy duty trash bags or plastic tubs. Easier than boxes...lol