if only this was more exciting

Whenever I have a three day weekend, the first morning back at work is always a challenge.  However, that was not the case after this past Christmas weekend.  On Tuesday morning I was wide awake and feeling more than ready to face the week ahead, and I think I owe it all to my brand new leopard print high heels.
 That's right.  I am finally able to realize my dream of Bringing Animal Print Back to the Office in a Classy, Relatively-Understated Manner.  As I slid into those high heels on Tuesday morning, I felt totally on top of my game.

And then I got to work and looked down at my desk calendar and saw this...

It was bold.  And highlighted.  And yet it meant absolutely nothing to me.

Oh, of course it meant something.  I just COULD NOT remember what.  And, to be quite honest, I still haven't remembered.  I have a very complex highlighting system for my calendar at work, and in general I use pink for non work related reminders.  I chose pink because in my opinion it is the least professional color, and I like to save the most professional things for work.  Like blue and green highlighters and LEOPARD PRINT HIGH HEELS. 

So the good news is that C.C. has nothing to do with work.  The bad news is that apparently it was something I felt was important enough to make the calendar, and I still cannot remember what it means.


After work on Tuesday I headed back home for Emily's birthday dinner.  The good times continued on after dinner when my mom provided me with several food items to take back to my apartment, including Christmas cookies, pizza, cheesecake, and some coffee grounds.  And a bag of green peppers because clearly I am nothing if not TOTALLY HEALTH CONSCIOUS.

If you're thinking, "Wow, it sounds like she took half the kitchen," you are not alone in that sentiment.  Just ask my siblings or my dad.  I don't know what my family was planning to eat the rest of the week but fear not! Oh Laura Darling was not going to go hungry!

After my food was packed, I sat at the table and had a last minute chocolate covered pretzel.  I put my coat on but then I decided I might get thirsty on my long, arduous, trek home, so I poured myself a glass of sweet tea. 

And then my brother exclaimed "This is the LONGEST goodbye EVER.  LAURA JUST KEEPS EATING."

So, my leopard print high heels and I made our grand exit.  
And that was my Tuesday.


SSS said…
I am most dismayed there is no link in this post to those darling pumps.
R said…
I love the heels. I've been looking for a good pair of animal print heels but can't find ones I like that are comfortable enough.
Those shoes are fab & it sounds like you made a pretty good haul by going home for the evening. Somehow when I go to my parents house, I always end up leaving with more than I came with, and I'm totally ok with that. :)
Morgan said…
I would have kept eating too! That's totally how I was every time I visited my grandparent's house growing up. =)
Jessica said…
oooh i love your leopard heels!! so cute :) and that is hilarious that you had that on your calendar but can't remember what it means!! hopefully you remember soon!!
Amanda said…
Hahaha love that. I wonder what the CC means too! Happy almost new year!
Heather said…
Hm CC could be.. Christmas caroling? cookies? I tried to think of something more clever.. and that's all I came up with.
I loved everything about this post. And the popping pictures!
Fran said…
Now I really want to know what it meant too! lol I hate when that happens to me - btw, love your shoes!
April Rowell said…
Sounds like a great Tuesday to me :)
Lauren said…
I always write down phone numbers and cryptic notes and forget what they mean. It's so annoying!

Kristin said…
cute heels!! does it mean like pay ur credit card??
Holli said…
LOVE your heels!!! And I do that too... with the complex highlighting system.... and then forgetting what things are... don't you HATE that?? LOL
The first day back is always the hardest! Love those heels!
Baby Sister said…
I like your heels!! I might have to get me a pair. I have a feeling when I move out I'll be in your situation, and I think it will be awesome. :)
CC = coaching carolers? Christmas cleanup? Hmm...I'll have to think about that. :)
Hilary Lane said…
CC isn't for credit card is it? Because I made that mistake once and Victoria's Secret charged me $40 for a late fee! Ridiculous!