Monday, December 10, 2012

mint, jewelry, and tinsel oh my

Well, I didn't win the lottery last week.  So it was back to work today, which wasn't ideal but at least I got to spend the day in a warm office sitting inside a cubicle that's decorated like the Who-ville toy shop from The Grinch.  

That's right.

I have the office-wide decorating contest IN THE BAG.

Matt and I had plans to meet my cousin and her fiance for dinner on Friday night, and it was a horrible night, weather wise.  It was cold and rainy and windy and the kind of night that makes you want to SEEK COVER.

We arrived at the restaurant a little early, so we got a table and ordered drinks.  I chose a cucumber martini with lemon and mint, which, looking back, kind of screams I AM MORE OF A JULY/AUGUST BEVERAGE THAN A MID-DECEMBER ONE, but I just went for it.  

The waitress was gone for quite a while, and when she finally returned, she has a less than amused look on her face.  "Sorry it took so long," she said as she put the drink on the table.  "I had to go out back and cut the mint out of the herb garden.  Most people order this drink in the summertime."


So, by comparison, my day today didn't seem so bad. 

I could have been cutting mint sprigs in a rainstorm.

On Saturday I met my mom and sister at the mall, and we spent some serious time in Charming Charlie's.  I had never been to a Charming Charlie's before this one opened a few months ago, and I obviously love it because what's not to love about a giant store with millions of pieces of jewelry priced under $14.99 and arranged by color?

Nothing, that's what.

We walked around the store for about half an hour and my mom and I tried on rings and bracelets and watches.  Finally Emily looked at my mom and I and said, "Ehh, I don't really see anything I like in here."

I know.  

I've never felt more disconnected from her than I did at that moment.

And here's the part where I could say that Saturday night was full of glitz and glamour and more cucumber martinis.  That would be a lie though because what really happened is Matt came over, I finished up my Christmas shopping, we ate dinner, and then I convinced Matt that it would be a great idea to settle in and watch a good Christmas movie.

Or so I thought.

I went to my bedroom to put my sweatpants on, and when I returned Matt was watching Army of Darkness, which is an early nineties comedy/horror movie that CRACKED MATT UP.  He was HYSTERICAL.

In the first ten minutes there was time travel (yuck), multiple sword fights, three monsters that emerged from murky water, a wall of spikes that closed in on the main character while he was trying to escape a cavernous swamp, and a mysterious hand that was not attached to a body but that managed to pop up in every scene.

What a cozy Christmas memory it was.

Sunday was my family's annual Christmas trip to Cabela's, WORLD'S FOREMOST OUTFITTERS, and I went home a little early and we decorated the Christmas tree.

My mom decided to use tinsel instead of garland this year, and so we each grabbed a handful or twelve and got to work while my mom told us how "there is no such thing as too much tinsel."

A little while later my dad walked in the room and said, "Whoa.  That's a lot of tinsel."

We all stepped back to take a look.  

It was a lot of tinsel.

Needless to say we ceased our liberal tinsel application at that point, but I do love the way it turned out.  

No one will accuse this tree of having a lack of sparkle.



livlovelaugh said...

What a lovely tree you have there!


Angela said...

Haha the poor girl having to go Mint hunting in the rain, bet your drink was fab though!!

Your tree is fab, I really need to put ours up!!

New follower, love your blog

Jessica B said...

I feel like there are a lot of wintery drinks that have mint in them and that waitress was just taking out her bad day by trying to make you feel bad. Also that tree definitely has a lot of tinsel. I hope there aren't any cats there!

Hilary Lane said...

The tree is pretty!! I hope you don't have cats, though. If you do & they are anything like the cats I had growing up, they like to eat tinsel. Which means that what goes in must come out, and that makes for an interesting situation. TMI?

Amanda* said...

I totally would have chose the cucumber martini, too! Also, I love your tree :) Happy Holidays!

Sarah said...

I heard of Charming Charlie's through a blog friend and have been dying to visit one ever since. I love a store with a wide selection of sparkles and a good amount of color coordination.

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, i went to my first Charming Charlies on a vacation a few years ago....i never wanted to leave!
AND your christmas shopping is finished? JEALOUS, i've bought one thing....ONE thing.
& your tree, love it, sparkle the crap out of everything! =)

Kaylyn said...

HAH i love how you start this post. "Well i didn't win the lottery last week." Girl. Ugh. Me neither. Why can't we be one of those people!?

Sarah said...

that comment about feeling disconnected from you mom, too funny. And that movie...awful, I think I made my husband turn it off, I was like, I don't get it.

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

love the tree! :)

Sarah and Stewart said...

I love tinsel except it's so messy and my cat tries to eat it. Also I can't believe she went and cut mint for you from the garden! Talk about good service... I hope you gave her a generous tip! ;-)

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I've never used tinsel on a tree. We don't eve use garland now. Just ornaments and lights!

Faith and Love said...

charming charlies is my fav store ever!~~ oh and your tree is beautiful<3

Sara said...

Haha I loved reading this! There's nothing like a good horror-com to get the holiday season going. The over-compensation of tinsel helped though. ;)

Michelle said...

What a jerk waitress for shaming you!

I love the tree and the tinsel. Love it.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I love all the tinsel! Maybe there is a thing as too much...but who the hell cares!

I don't really like seasonal drink choices because I tend to stick to the same thing, but they should probably always keep mint on hand in case you come back. It sounds totally delicious too!

katie ridings said...

lovely tree

Faith said...

Haha, I love the way you write!

I think the waitress didn't need to tell you that she had to cut mint and that it was a Summer drink, lol.

Love the tree! It's perfect!! It def will not be accused of lacking spark!

Ali W. said...

hahahaha I love the tinsel-y tree! It looks darling! So sparkly! :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Lol I love the tinsel! I think it is pretty!

What I don't think is cute is the waitress being annoyed with your drink order lol! Why have it on the menu if they don't want you to order?

Baby Sister said...

It never would have even occurred to me that they would have to go outside to cut the mint. She should have hidden her frustration though.

I think your tree turned out really cute!!