Sunday, December 30, 2012

and so this is (was) christmas

Well this last week has been full of Christmas things and celebrations, namely:

The entire family wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve.  There is photographic evidence of Mom and Dad and Phil in their festive sleepwear as well, but they wouldn't be too happy pictures of them in snowflake jammies made an appearance on Oh Laura Darling.


 I think Santa approved of our coordinated sleepwear!

I really, really, REALLY wanted all of us to wear our PJs to my aunt's house for Christmas dinner, but the rest of the family didn't seem to be on board for some reason, so we put on real outfits.

 Maybe next year I can convince them to go the All Day Matching Pajama route.

Rome wasn't built in a day.

 I stayed at my parents' house on Christmas night too, under the guise of not wanting to drive back to my apartment late at night, but really because I wanted to take advantage of the chocolate chip cookie supply for breakfast the next morning.

After I ate about forty six cookies for breakfast I went back to my apartment, but I was home the very next day because a certain someone was turning SEVENTEEN! Which is hard to believe considering she was only born yesterday.

 It snowed yesterday, and a snowstorm is all fun and games until you're standing in the parking lot of your apartment complex with soaking wet feet scraping snow off your car and having it blow right back in your face because IT IS THE WINDIEST DAY EVER.

I even managed to get snow INSIDE of my car somehow.  That takes talent.

After that pleasant little activity I accompanied Matt one a trip to the mall for some new jeans.

Listen.  You date someone for a long time and think you know them.  And then you go jeans shopping with them.

Matt's not typically a shopping kind of guy but he turned into a brand new man once we hit the jeans section at JC Penney.  At one point he went into the dressing room and I was wandering around the racks outside and I heard someone singing along with the Kelly Clarkson song that was playing with MUCH GUSTO. And also, much volume.

And then I realized that someone was Matt.

It's amazing what an eight dollar pair of stonewashed relaxed fit jeans will do for a guy.

I'll admit, they are pretty stylish.  

But not as stylish as the red snowflake pajamas of Christmas 2012.



Melissa said...

Love the matching PJs! We did did a mish-mash of Christmas pajama bottoms, but I think I'm going to insist on MATCHING next year :)
Happy New Year!

Chloe said...

Isn't it weird that guys hate shopping unless it's for them! It really irritates me sometimes. lol.

Rachel Silski said...

I am glad you got some snow!!! I love the snowflake pjs!!! I wish I could talk my family into that one! :)

Amy said...

ah man how awesome it would have been for all of you to go to your aunt's in the pjs! Hopefully next year it will happen!
Umm...HILARIOUS about matt singing kelly clarkson at the top of his lungs, I think that is just what dressing rooms can do to a person. :)

Nicole said...

I'm convinced that there is nothing better than Christmas pajamas. I love them!!

Sam M said...

My family does Christmas pjs too. Not matching, but equally awesome. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get snow in the car. I've realized it takes real talent not to get it in the car.

Sarah and Stewart said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE the matching pjs idea! Totally going to try to get my family to do this next year!

Emily said...

I love your writing style! Cracking me up over here!

I would have totally been onboard with the all-day matching PJs idea. Sounds like my kind of Christmas! :D


Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

$8 jeans?!? Hell yea.

Yay for matching pjs!!!

Allison said...

Haha I love those PJs...I'd be all about that all day! And cookies for breakfast sounds amazing! Glad you had good Christmas Laura.

katie ridings said...

I love the matching jammies!! Perfect :)!!

blm said...

loved this post, glad you had a good holiday. happy new year!

b @ then there was we

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

Snowflake pjs? Love them!

My husband is the same with with new cloths and lately he has discovered online cloths shopping and turning into a bit of a cloths horse :)

aki! said...

My boyfriend can be unexpectantly choosey about clothes too.

I love the PJs and those cookies look so delish!

Jane HyunJoo Lee said...

Wow!! These cookies look so yummy!
I have some cookie dough in my fridge.
It's 838pm and I'm not sure if I should cook them or not :p
Looks like you had an awesome Christmas :)
Happy new year :)

Chloe Moon said...

I never was on the matching Pj Christmas style thing until last year. My boyfriend's family does it for their Xmas Party and although there were groans at first it really is a cute idea and SO COMFY!! =) I like your guys red ones!!

Happy birthday to your sister!!

I laughed so hard at your bf jean shopping. Sounds like something my bf would do! hehe. =)

Happy New Year Laura!! Best wishes!


Nieszka said...

i got similar pjs for christmas :) the ones with the snowflakes. cute!

Gita said...

Looks like a super cozy Christmas, just the perfect one I'd say. And how adorable are you and your sis in those PJs?! Love it :).
Hey, thanks for your nice comment, it means a lot :). Have a very happy, blissful New Year!


Faith said...

Hahaha you are so funny! Enjoyed this post so much.

I agree that next year you certainly must convince your family to wear pjs :)

As for your jean adventure, I completely picture it in my head and couldn't help but giggle.

Glad you had a great Christmas!

Baby Sister said...

We've never done the matching pajama thing, but it's something that I totally want to start. Those chocolate chip cookies look amazing!! The image of Matt belting out Kelly while jean shopping was HILARIOUS. Thank you for that.

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