the last four days have been keepers

Michelle texted me on Friday afternoon and asked if I'd be interested in going Christmas shopping with her after work.  Since I never met a shopping trip I didn't like, I jumped right on board with that plan and we headed out to the mall as soon as I got home.  

While we were in the car I talked to Matt, who was planning to wake up at FOUR O CLOCK IN THE A.M. on Saturday to go hunting.  At the end of the conversation he said, "Okay, well, I'll try to shoot you a bird."

Which is a line you always hear in the fairy tales.

Michelle and I did some damage in various stores and then decided to get some spaghetti and meatballs from an Italian place in the food court before we went home.  It was on the walk to the food court that we realized that while we were carrying a few bags, exactly zero of them held any Christmas gifts for others.  

Our hearts are definitely in the right place this holiday season.  

And then we sat in the food court eating spaghetti and talking about how we are our parents' favorite children.  

Safe to say we have mastered the gift of humility.
On Saturday I got together with some girls from work to bake Christmas cookies.  As evidenced by our cookies, we probably should have paid more attention to the oven and less attention to coming up with a detailed plan to decorate our cubicles like buildings in Who-Ville.

Matt came over after the Christmas cookie extravaganza, and we ate dinner and watched Burn Notice.  Burn Notice is Matt's favorite show, but I'm not a huge fan because I can never tell if the main characters are good guys or bad guys.  I'm pretty sure they're good guys, but occasionally the bombing/shooting/blowing up makes me doubt that conclusion.  Every single time we watch together I request clarification on the (VERY COMPLICATED) plot and whether or not Mike and Sam are protagonists or antagonists, and then offer an alternative programming option a la House Hunters or the Cosby Show.

Let the record show that Matt has never, not ever, chosen House Hunters or the Cosby Show over Burn Notice. 

My sincerest apologies to the Huxtables.

And then, today.  OH, TODAY.  WHAT A DAY.

Things started off on a high note when I heard Kate Middleton's baby news.  I'm finally going to be a godmother!

A few hours later I strolled up to the front desk to check my mail, and the receptionist handed me a package from a flower company.  It was from Matt, and inside was a green tree, with a box of ornaments and even a little strand of lights.  

It made my whole day today.

And I have a feeling it will make my whole tomorrow too.  :)


Sarah Mc. said…
Look at that tree! What a sweet surprise. =)
Baby Sister said…
Oh, burnt cookies are one of the saddest things ever!! But how cute is Matt???? That is so adorable!!
Becky said…
Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows! It makes much more sense, if you watch the first 2 or 3 episodes :)

That's such a sweet gesture from Matt - even though I think sending plants/flowers/trees like that are so corny, it makes me feel very warm and fuzzy whenever my boyfriend does.
Fash Boulevard said…
Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo
Tom said…
I once attempted to bake... it turned out worse than your picture!
Claire Davis said…
Ha ha I like the fairy tale line! Your tree is lovely :)
chelsea.lynn said…
oh man those cookies look good! my oven ALWAYS scorches the bottom!
Stephanie said…
hahaha gotta love when "Christmas shopping' ends up like that. So sweet of Matt to send a tree to work!!!
poptartyogini said…
I love that Matt got you a tree. How festive. You're a lucky lady!!
Michelle said…
that tree is the freakin cutest thing everrrr. im jealous.
and at least you made the effort to go christmas shopping...i haven't even gotten that far. plus they say its the thought that counts right? soooo you thought about buying gifts, thats all that matters!

xo michelle
Jay said…
There's still plenty of time to do your Christmas shopping. Your Christmas cookies are fine. They're just celebrating diversity. That's so sweet of Matt to send you a little Christmas tree. That's pretty much the best idea ever. I've never watched Burn Notice because it seems confusing. I prefer shows like How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory.
It sounds like you are having such a fun holiday season, yay! And Kate's pregnancy news was the best thing to happen to me this week!
Liz Brown said…
Wow, I think getting a Christmas tree delivered to me at work would make my MONTH! Maybe my year. You better keep ahold of this guy ... :)
Sarah said…
You crack me up! I love reading your posts.
LOVE LOVE LOVE that tree! I want one too :) You're a lucky girl!
helen said…
i have been wanting to bake cookies...gingerbread, in fact, and your post makes me want to even more! :)
Oh what a great gift to get at work! That tree is awesome.
Elizabeth said…
LOL those poor cookies!
Whoville cubicles! Awesome! Yet again you made me laugh out loud!
Nichole said…
Haha, "which is a line you always hear in fairy tales", lol!
Samantha said…
Um, that Christmas tree is awesome. Can Matt call my boyfriend and teach him a few things?!

Danavee said…
I love your tree! I want a delivery like that! FUN!
I LOVE House Hunters! We watch it all the time. :)

That tree is just the sweetest thing!!