Tuesday, January 1, 2013

it was hard to only pick twelve things

December 17th marked one year of Michelle and I living in our apartment.  As we lounged around that night we reminisced on the past year.  

"I'd call this year a success," I said, "I mean, we didn't get evicted."

"Me too," Michelle agreed.  "Didn't get robbed either."

So there you have it. We are easy to please.

However, besides the fact that we didn't get evicted or robbed, 2012 was a pretty fantastic year.  So here are 12 things I won't forget that happened in 2012:

1 - My Mommom and I drove to upstate New York and back in four days to visit my family on vacation.  And on the way up we got stuck in a traffic jam on the interstate outside of Lenox, Pennsylvania, which is a town that I will now never forget.  At the beginning of the traffic jam we were optimistic.  Half an hour in we became frustrated, and after an hour or so we became giddy and laughed at everything and ate an entire package of melted Reese's peanut butter cups.  And when the traffic jam finally cleared we went through a toll booth and paid a two dollar toll with a ten dollar bill and got about eight thousand quarters in change.  

I'm pretty sure I laughed so hard I cried.  

And we did finally make it to the lake.

2 - The time that I told Matt my windshield wipers had probably seen better days.  I am notoriously hard on windshield wipers.  Drizzle = FULL BLAST in my book.  And then a few weeks after that conversation it rained and I switched my windshield wipers on and it turns out Matt had installed brand new, heavy duty wipers for me.

3 - Snorkeling in Bermuda.

4 - Michelle and I deciding that we should create a sitcom based on our lives.  And then spending countless evenings making up story lines and plot twists for possible episodes and laughing until we could hardly breathe because I'll just say it, we are hilarious.

5 - The very early, and very warm, spring of 2012.  I walked every single night after work and I can't wait until spring 2013.

6 - Spending July 4th with Matt, and walking to my town's fireworks that night.

7 - The other paralegals and I taking charge of our department's plot on the rooftop garden at work.  A lot of laughter went into creating and caring for that garden.  And we ended up winning the Philadelphia Horticultural Society's Community Greening Award. 

8 - My dad emailing me jokes at work.

9 - Spending three days in Cape May with my mom and sister.  We went dolphin watching and took a carriage ride and ate at cute little restaurants and sat on the beach for hours even though it was chilly and windy and I hope we get to do it all over again.

10 - The day that Emily came to my apartment and we spent the whole day at the pool and then came back home and had a nacho picnic in the living room.

11 - Going to the rodeo.

12 -The giant pond my parents built in their backyard.

All I have to say is that 2013 sure has a tough act to follow.

Happy New Year!



Amber Dominguez said...

Good job on not getting evicted! And holy wow that bikini you're wearing on your Bermuda trip is so cute!

LuLu said...

Sounds like you had a great year.
Breakfast After 10

Rachel Silski said...

It looks like 2012 was a great year!!! O by the way..it seems a lot of bloggers are paralegals (I am one too..weird?) I hope your 2013 is just as fun!!

Tiffany Siladke said...

What an eventful and fun year! Happy New Year to you!


brooke field said...

what a fun looking year!

Amy said...

I love your list, the roof top garden, the pond, the nacho picnic, the new windshield wipers, all of it = awesome!

Sarah and Stewart said...

Congratulations on not getting evicted or robbed this year, LOL! It looks like you had an amazing year, here's to an even better one in 2013... cheers!

Sam M said...

That sounds like a pretty fun year! 2013 does indeed have a hard act to follow.

Jen Umm said...

this is such an amazing post, there is so much inspiration, love the pics!
Hope you've had a brilliant xmas and new year!!
thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know! 

Taylor said...

that picture of the lake is beaaautiful!

Nieszka said...

what great memories!! happy new year!


Joy said...

Haha your conversations sound similar to a lot of mine. My roommate and I have some pretty entertaining conversations...we may or may not have given our own names to the neighbors, and spoiler, we actually got one right! The rooftop garden sounds so pretty, and congratulations on your Greening award! Here we go 2013!

helen said...

hahahha you are hilarious :) cheers to not getting robbed or evicted!

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

yay for nacho picnics and dads emailing jokes - he sends me about a dozen forwards a week - I don't mind them :)

Jessi Francis said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful year!
and I LOVE Cape May! My mom grew up there, but I haven't been back to visit since I was in elementary school. I definitely want to go back very soon! It is such a cute town! :)

Jane said...

It looks like you had a fantastic year! Enjoyed reading through your list! Happy New Year! All the best to you in 2013!

Melissa Jo said...

What a fun year! I have to agree with you though - not getting robbed or evicted always are great foundations to any year - ha!

Ali Hval said...

Haha a nacho picnic!! That's kind of amazing. I also live that you guys considered it a good year because you didn't get robbed. Totally tre, though--the year could have always been worse. ;)

Hope you have another fabulous year (which involves no robberies and lots of Chinese takeout and nacho parties) :))

Anne Hill said...

Love this round up! Looks like an awesome 2012, Happy New Year!

Melissa said...

Great post -- I am now craving Spring and nachos :)
To 2013!

Care said...

Love the 12 things you picked.. What a blessed year you had!
ps. love your swimming suit, so cute!

Katie said...

Loved this post! So funny! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it means a lot.
Katie xx

Anita said...

lovely blog and happy new year! x

jackiek said...

looks like a wonderful year!! xo

Faith said...

Haha I love that you did not get evicted or robbed ;)

2013 def has some shoes to fill. What a great year you had!

Happy New Year!

Mary said...

You worked with fellow paralegals to do a roof top garden? That's pretty amazing. The job I just left was a non-profit paralegal position that I really enjoyed, and I started a community garden last year with friends. Nice coincidence!

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Love this post - it's so nice to look back and see all you've accomplished in a year {and it looks like it was a lot!} So happy I found your gorgeous blog Laura!


Daliene said...

Sounds like a great year. I wish someone would install wiper blades for me. He's a keeper!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

Looks like 2012 was full of a lot of love, laughter, family & friends!!! Cheers to a super awesome 2013!!

Leigh said...

Thank you for your comment! :) Looks like you had a great 2012! Can't wait to see what 2013 brings you :)

Mills said...

Holy pond! That thing is legit. I'm jealous.

Where in upstate ny did you go? That's where I'm from and I'm nosey :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Looks like an awesome year!

Baby Sister said...

It's already been a year?? Wow, that flew by fast. Yay for a good 2012!!