it even comes with a spare tire

I am trying to think about what I did last weekend, and it seems so long ago.  I do know that on Sunday we took a good hard look at the walls downstairs because we want to repaint, but they are not in the best shape.  I channeled my inner Joanna Gaines and suggested we cover the old drywall with shiplap.  We even went to Home Depot and Lowe’s to look at shiplap supplies and for a brief, shining hour, my home renovation dreams seemed to be coming true. 

I even sang “God bless the broken road that led me straight to shiplap” as we walked down the lumber aisle at Lowe’s.

But then clearer and more fiscally conservative heads prevailed and we decided to just work with the walls we’ve got.

We didn’t make much progress this week because I was out of town for work.  I rented a car, as per usual, and this time I got a Jeep Wrangler.  When I got home I told Matt the only thing I didn’t like was that the windows were manual, and he said that was because the doors come off, so you can’t have electrical wires.
I don’t know if that’s true or not but I spent the past 48 hours debating whether or not I should take the Wrangler for a spin sans doors. 

My hotel was 12 miles from the office, and last night it took me 52 minutes to get there, even with my GPS.  I could see the hotel from the highway, but I could not get to it.  I am not kidding when I say that I made the same circle on PA 15 N, and then PA 15 S, three times.  I would have been in a bad mood about it, but people kept waving to me and their friendliness kept my spirits up.

Then I realized the people who were waving were also driving Jeeps.

That Jeep wave is a real thing and by the time I returned my Wrangler to Enterprise tonight, I was a waving pro.  The only downside to the Jeep was that it was very loud.  It didn't seem very aerodynamic and it sounded like I was riding in an airplane. 

This is how close my hotel was to the highway I kept driving up and down.  One more missed exit and I would have taken that Wranger off-roading. 
 I got home tonight and we had breakfast for dinner.  One time when I was a little girl, my mom told me that we were having pancakes for dinner and I said, “Pancakes? Can’t we have a roasted chicken or something?”

I’m sorry for that, Mom.  I understand.

We sat down at the table to eat, and I raved about how wonderful it was to feel the breeze coming through the open windows. 

But geez, listen to those dogs barking,” I said to Matt.

Those aren't dog, they are the cheerleaders down at the football field,” he said.

Whoops.  My apologies to the cheerleaders.

The Jeep must have been louder than I realized.

Imagine if I'd taken the doors off.


baili said…
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Emily said…
Haha! Freddie had a Jeep Wrangler when we were dating. I had forgotten how loud they are... Doors off is SO fun when you're having a nice date night and your hair is blowing everywhere...not ;)

I hope you're still waving to other Wranglers even though you don't have it anymore.
Rebecca Jo said…
PLEASSSEEEE dont take the doors off. I just see a post where you are tumbling out.
I'm not a fan of breakfast for dinner, except pancakes. Pancakes are absolutely the exception to that rule!!
The Jeep wave is totally a thing! My uncle has always had them.

LOL you were like Big Ben / Parliament in from European Vacation.
Klein Dot Co said…
You crack me up! Literally just read this post out loud to husby, lolz :)
My first car was a Wrangler! I was 16 and I would get scared at night in the summer with the top of bc guys would cat call and I felt so vulnerable. And it was stick and no power steering (for off roading, it was my dad's car first). We ended up selling it but I kind of miss it!
Well shoot, now I feel ripped off! I'm a Jeep owner and no one has ever waved to me... how rude! Ah well, I still love my Jeep. I even got my hubby to convert and we both have one now!
I always wanted a wrangler but the urge passed once I was old enough to purchase my own car. Love the shiplap idea but I can't help but wonder how Joanna Gaines does all of this with such small budgets - I wish she would come to my house!
Robin said…
LOL at the cheerleaders sounding like dogs! I actually prefer breakfast for dinner...a lot of breakfast foods make me feel sick in the morning. It's rare for me to be in the mood for breakfast food at breakfast time.
You seriously crack me up every time. Love it! So we have a Jeep and the Jeep wave is serious - glad you picked up on that! The rental agency should disclose that when they rent a Wrangler. Also, ours has electric windows - and we can still take the doors off! Had you not thought of it, I would have suggested off roading to the hotel since you could see it anyway! Ha!
Brianne said…
Lol I loved this! You're hilarious.
I didn't know the windows were manual... makes sense I guess! It gives me terrible anxiety to see people driving them with the doors off though! lolol
It's true the Jeep wave thing is real!

Lauren Elizabeth
Petite in Pearls
rooth said…
I just learned about the Jeep wave this year :)
I've owned both a Jeep Wrangler and a VW Beetle. I suppose I like the cars where fellow car owners wave at each other. The Beetle wave is a very real thing too.
i hated hated hated pancakes or anything breakfast related for dinner when i was a kid. my mum still teases me.
lol @ the jeep wave. that's hilarious! i always get so scared for people when i see them without the doors. it just freaks me out lol, and what do you do with the doors? they just hang out at home, sans car?