we might have hamburger helper tomorrow

Well, it was a lovely Labor Day weekend and I couldn't be more sad that it's over.  On Thursday I got to hang out with our nephew, and on Friday I got to hang out with Annabelle.

On Saturday my uncle had a cookout.

Sunday was a walk at the park where I took a million pictures because it was the most gorgeous day.

On Monday I did a little shopping and my in-laws came over for homemade pizza.

Reality hit hard today, and the low point might have been when I got home from work and had to face the music and create a dinner with the ground beef I'd thawed.

Matt came home while I was browning the meat, and when he asked what I was making, I told him it was a special gourmet masterpiece and assured him he would love it.

"Oh I know what that means," he said, "hamburger helper."

We should be so lucky.

Turns out my gourmet surprise was CHEESEBURGER PIE.  Do you know the one thing worse than cheeseburger pie on a Tuesday?  Leftover cheeseburger pie on a Wednesday.

On the plus side, we are already halfway through the week.  And halfway through our cheeseburger pie.



rooth said…
This might sound silly but I love hamburger helper (not something we got to eat growing up) - tell Matt he's a lucky guy :)
Throw some ranch on it . . . makes everything better - at least according to my kids!!! I'm more of a bleu cheese girl!
The Lady Okie said…
Question: what's wrong with cheeseburger pie??? Sounds delicious. If you want a yummy meal with ground beef, we LOVE this: http://www.theladyokieblog.com/2013/07/easy-weeknight-skillet-meal.html It might be very similar to your cheeseburger pie.... I don't know.
Liz Jo said…
Annabelle is a cutie and that would definitely be the highlight of my weekend!

Cheeseburger pie sounds good though! And just think next week you'll be done with cheeseburger pie!!

liz @ j for joiner
Marie said…
Cheeseburger pie sounds really good. I don't think I have even had it. Maybe add some bacon to it. Love a good bacon cheeseburger.
Rebecca Jo said…
I hate when I just can't even think of anything new to make for dinner... & when I do, its a pitiful idea
Emily said…
Um, am I crazy that cheeseburger pie sounds delicious right now?! Haha.

Every time I see your Instagram posts or read you blog I think, "Oh yes! yes, I need to take beautiful nature pictures just like Laura!" And then I don't... so maybe this time I really will do it!
Meg Taylor said…
Mmmm my husband LOVES hamburger helper (especially the 3 cheese Italian one) haha. Our go-tos for ground beef are tacos, Korean Beef bowl, or homemade lasagna!

Meg, Borrowed Heaven
Angi said…
For some reason just the words "cheeseburger pie" gross me out. Pie is for fruit. Or chocolate. Or both.
Girrrrl, I LOVE me some Hamburger Helper, and cheeseburger pie sounds even better! Haha.

I love all of your pictures... you got some beautiful ones!
Kayla MKOY said…
I won't even tell you how much hamburger helper we consumed the first year of our marriage...HA! It's sad. No shame though, no shame. Yay for tomorrow being Thursday...which means we're one day closer to the weekend! Woo woo!
Steph said…
I'm with the comments above...cheeseburger pie sounds delicious!

Going back to reality after a long weekend is always miserable. Hope the rest of your week goes well!
Robin said…
Hamburger Helper actually sounds good right now. It's one of those old favorites that I would buy even if I were rich.
Okay, I'm a vegetarian and even I think cheeseburger pie sounds delicious! lol
This is so funny because I posted my monthly menu yesterday and cheeseburger pie was on it! I didn't know it was so popular! :)
*Jess* said…
What a beautiful day!
Brittany said…
The nature pictures you post on Instagram are unreal. I think I need to vacation where you live...
Rachel said…
You weren't lying about that being a gorgeous day! Looks like the perfect walk. I love that his first guess for a gourmet surprise involving ground beef was hamburger helper.