i've lost my mind, but found a dish

The weekend started off on a good note, because on Friday night we had a delicious dinner and then Matt announced he was going to bake something.  He made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and the whole house smelled amazing, and if that doesn't put you in a good mood to start the weekend, I don't know what will.

On Saturday morning I had three errands to run- the library, Target, and the food store.

When I got in my car, this chicken plate was sitting on the passenger seat, looking at me.
(Pay no attention to the Cheeto on the bottom right.)

  I'd never seen the dish before in my life and had no idea where it came from, but I tossed it in the back seat, as one does with newly discovered housewares of unknown origin, and made a mental note to ask Matt about it when I got back home.

I arrived at my first stop of the day and as I opened the back door to grab my purse and books to head into the library, I realized that I did not in fact bring my books.  Since I am a terrible library patron, I had a late fee and knew I wouldn't be able to take new books out until I returned the last batch and paid up, so I drove down the street to Target to use the $5 off $10 coupon that was burning a hole in my pocket.

I picked out my items fairly quickly.

(Shampoo, a pumpkin candle, and 8 bars of Ivory soap.)

(Matt planned to hang the Ivory soap from the trees in our backyard to deter deer from eating his fruit trees, which we planted back behind the chicken coop.)

(We might officially be those neighbors.)

Anyway, the line was long so I took the time to stare at my coupon and wonder why it said "Save later!" in big red letters across the top.  I read the fine print and couldn't figure out what it meant, but I had another coupon that said "Save now!" so I figured Target's current marketing scheme must be "Save now, save later, save ALL THE TIME!"

When it was my turn, I handed my coupon to the cashier and he said, "This isn't effective until October 2nd."

Well, I guess that's what save later meant.  My face turned as red as the cart I was pushing and I left the store without buying anything.  Live it up, backyard deer.  We won't be hanging the soap until October 2nd.

My third attempt at an errand was the grocery store, which was a raging success until I got out to my car with my paid for groceries and realized that the housewarming card I'd picked out for my sister-in-law was under my coupon folder and most definitely not paid for.

I walked back into that store so fast, and as I speed walked, I scanned the parking lot for cops.

As if my $2.99 greeting card was the biggest crime in town.

On Sunday afternoon my mom and I went to see Sully.  I loved it, but we both agreed that we didn't expect it to be such a tear-jerker.  I don't often cry at movies, but when Tom Hanks Sully got on the intercom and said, "Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain.  Brace for impact," I'll admit there were a few tears.

When I got home Matt was watching a documentary about the Titanic, so it's safe to say I am never going to travel by air or sea again.

I asked him if he knew where the chicken plate came from and he said, "You know, I saw that in your car and was wondering the same thing."  Normally I can tell if he's messing with me, but this time I couldn't.  I'm going to hope he put it there, because if not someone is breaking into my car and leaving me poultry themed dishware.

And that means I'll have to cross car travel off my list too.

Time to get a bike.


Rachel said…
Seriously...where did the chicken plate come from? You must discover the answer! We'll all die of suspense. I was thinking about going to see Sully pretty soon but I'm not in the mood for crying at the moment so I'm not sure now it's such a good idea...
Faith said…
Haha, it's funny but I actually want to know where the plate came from! Sully ... I must be living under a rock but I have no idea what movie that is ... Gotta do a little research because I do like me some Tom Hanks.
Melissa said…
Oh my goodness, that chicken plate would scare the dickens out of me! And seriously, I really want to see Sully, but I think I'll sob the whole way through. Lord knows I did with United 93. O.o
Uh, too bad about the library and Target. The Mystery of the Chicken plate... I really want to see Sully! It looks really good.
Julie said…
Not going to lie, when you said you didn't recognize the chicken plate, I was expecting you to say that you got into the wrong car!

We loved the movie Sully. We saw it with my cousin, who is a flight attendant with AA and she said all that is true life but luckily its never happened to her.
How random with that chicken plate! Did you ever find out where it came from?! I hate the lines at Target! And don't feel bad I've done things like that with coupons too. Beautifully Candid
Marie said…
Um, so where did the chicken plate come from?? That would drive me crazy. You two are so funny, I think you need your own show. The lines at Target have been so crazy. I think it is because they don't have enough cashiers. With so many people buying things online, it does make staffing stores difficult. I think most stores are trying to make do with less staff which in turn annoys the customer because who wants to wait in line? No one.
Rebecca Jo said…
I swear, I've said it before & I'll say it again - I love the stories of your life. Always so random!!
you'll have to keep us updated on the mystery of the plate!
PS - I HATE those stupid kind of coupons that are only good for a certain period of time. Life is too complicated to schedule in coupon shopping.
Brianne said…
I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. I hope you solve the mystery of the plate, & then obviously share the story. I'm sorry you had such a rough time with your errands.
Angi said…
OK, now I'm dying to know where the heck the chicken plate came from. This also would be a great idea for a practical joke. Find the unlocked cars and leave random plates on their front seats...

Girl, you always crack me up! Never a dull moment with you guys! And that is hilarious about the plate. So do you think he put it in there??

And just for the record, half the time I can't tell if Brian is messing with me or not either. He's always playing jokes on me and I'm always thinking he's dead serious. Haha.
Emily said…
HA, oh my. This was a priceless post. Hope the deer stop eating the fruit! If you ever find out where it came from, you must tell us!
Steph said…
I have to know where the chicken plate came from! Please share if/when you figure it out!!
That is so funny about the chicken plate... did you ever figure out where it come from! I also love the Cheeto on your floor! :)
Sarah said…
I did the SAME EXACT THING with the Target coupon yesterday. I rarely shop there but it was such a good coupon I couldn't pass it up. I picked the package of diapers that would ensure I paid the least amount of money for the most product. I felt so thrifty. Then I saw Oct. 2nd at the top. It was a day.
Haha, oh my gosh, this post cracked me up. Tell the person who's leaving you poultry themed dishes to at least leave you a set lol. The deer soap trick, I've never heard of before. That's a good tip!
So seriously, where did the chicken plate come from? And don't you hate those planned to be productive errand runs that end up sucking more time later. Gah.
Robin said…
I am spooked by the dish. That is quite weird.
OK, I want to know where the chicken plate came from now! Haha. Girl, this was one of the best blog posts I've read in a long time! So funny. :)
lolol, dying to know where it came from! That's so funny!!! What the heck!!!
Bethany Carson said…
Ha! Your post had me laughing. Love it. That is a pretty chicken plate...at least the "stranger" has good tastes! Oh, and I hate later coupons too. I wonder what is the idea behind them! I usually forget about them by "later." Those oatmeal chocolate chip cookies sound delicious! At a race we went to this weekend there were some sort of oatmeal peanut butter cookies, which were really good! I'd never heard of Ivory soap being used to deter deer! After October 2nd sometime you will have to write about your experiment to let us know if the deer are deterred...or if they have a knack for cleanliness!

Great post. You have an awesome sense of humor.
AnneMarie said…
We all have those kinds of days-just last week I made our "big" grocery trip, and one of the main things I had to buy was trash bags. Of course, what was the item I completely forgot about until hours later? Trash bags. Thankfully, the store wasn't far away, and it was kind of thrilling to dash in there with baby in tow again :) Haha! I hope you enjoy that chicken plate! Something a little similar happened when I was studying abroad in Austria about 3 years ago. One day, this small painted image mounted on wood just appeared on my desk. I figured that it belonged to my roommate, and that she put it there for safe keeping and to decorate, so I didn't say anything about it...until we were packing up at the end of the semester, and I was like, "Don't forget your picture!" and she responded with a "No, that must be yours, I never bought that." It was so weird! So I gave it to someone else as a gift later on.
LOL at the random chicken plate! And mind blown at hanging soap from a tree to deter deer from eating the fruit off of them. Good to know!
you should just stay in your house forever and ever and just hang out with deer. i want to see Sully but i am slightly terrified, so i will wait for DVD. and i would never have seen the Cheeto haha so thanks for pointing it out. now i want Cheetos. isn't accidentally stealing something the worst? we did it so often with cat food and diet coke case thingys that i now refuse to put anything at the bottom of the cart, because i'm so embarrassed and scared running back in there to pay for it.
haha, you are so funny. Maybe your neighbors put it there because of your chickens like a warning...you're chickens are going to be on this plate? hehe. And I got that $5 off $10 too and could spend it fast enough! Although I didn't see any save later coupons...
Sully was so good! I definitely cried throughout the movie, too! You had quite the errands day - sounds like it was just one of those days!
Jenny said…
Oh my word! What a day! I love oatmeal cookies, but even those can't fix a day like that! ;)
Nicole F said…
Oh boy what a day! I know I've had days like this! I guess the deer lucked out! LOL
Kimberly Snyder said…
Haha! This is so funny! I love your writing style; this just sounds like real life, and your perspective is so fun to read. :) I'll be back!! <3

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Katie said…
Thank God for you. Seriously. I am cracking up over here. Did you ever figure out where the plate came from?!
Michelle said…
I am cracking up. Yes, that was an egg/poultry-related pun. I can't tell you how many granola bars I've accidentally shoplifted thanks to Gracie hiding them in her lap.
What a cliffhanger! We all want to know about that chicken platter now! Great post!