there's no place like home

Well, it's been a long week.

I mean long in the sense that I got home at 7:00 last night, after being away for work since Monday, and I immediately changed into some lounge wear.

And then I came down into the kitchen and Matt said, "Um, I think your sweatpants might be on backwards."


I left for my trip on Monday afternoon.  The rental car pickins were slim at Enterprise, so I went with a Ford Focus because I have a Ford Focus, so I wouldn't have to learn any tricky new radio knobs or windshield wiper controls.  I believe I fall squarely into the category of seasoned Ford Focus expert.

And then I drove the first 1.6 miles in the rental Focus in low gear.  It felt a little sluggish, but it didn't even occur to me to check and make sure the right gear was selected until I went to shift it into "park" at the gas station and realized the gear shift was on L.

The rest of the drive was problem free, and when I settled into my room at the Best Western, I immediately found the room service information.  I had big plans to order room service and watch the debate.  I picked up the phone to order a chicken pot pie, and then the woman asked, "Would you like any sides?"

Well yes, yes I would.  French fries please.

It's just too bad they were stingy with the ketchup.

All I have to say about the debate is that the high point was the fact that I watched it in bed while eating chicken pot pie and french fries.

God bless America.

When I left the hotel the next morning, I saw signs everywhere welcoming visitors to the 2016 PFA Conference.  I see the initials PFA in my line of work all the time, but to me it means Protection From Abuse.  At this hotel, it meant Pennsylvania Farmers' Association.

There were farmers everywhere.

I had to be at another meeting by 7:30 this morning, which meant that Matt and I were getting ready for work at the same time.  I am the type of person who prefers not to talk to anyone for approximately 1.5-2 hours after waking up, whereas Matt is the type of person who gets ready for work at 5:55, just as cheery as can be, and narrates his morning routine in an accent.  Today's was "1935 cowboy voice."

Matt and his accent should have joined me at the hotel yesterday.  He would have fit right in at the PFA Conference.

But it really is good to be home.


Haha! I hear you! I accidentally put my underwear on backwards the other day! So embarrassing! Oh and your comment on the debate...drying laughing! haha! Have a good, relaxing weekend!
Vanessa Best said…
Oh wow what a week! The pants thing is funny as heck!
Faith said…
That debate ... still shaking my head :/
Faith said…
P.S. But you had fries while watching so that means your experience watching was a lot better than mine. I seriously believe that fries make everything better.
I wish I had had fries while I was watching the debate. That's all I have to say about the debate.

Glad you are home - happy Friday!

The Lovely Latte
rooth said…
Fries are always a good idea. I'm about to set off on a week of travel and already can't wait to be home
Julie said…
I agree about the debate watching - if only I could have partook in a drinking game I saw floating online. Maybe next time, especially since STL will be a ruckus as their next debate is here :/
Stephanie said…
I wish I had had pot pie and french fries to numb the pain of that debate! And, don't feel bad, I wore my pants inside-out the ENTIRE day a couple of weeks ago :)
God bless America is right! These two yahoos we have for candidates has to be a joke! It's pretty unbelievable.

And welcome back!
Rebecca Jo said…
& farmers are all early people... you could have potentially been in your living hell ;)
French Fries... yes, God bless America
Robin said…
Chicken pot pie and fries sound sound good together. What large restaurant chain do you think has the best fries?
Something that is great about being home? You can wear your sweatpants backwards or inside out, and it's alllllll good.
Brianne said…
What a week! Glad you're back home. I missed the debate but in bed with pot pie & fries sounds like the way to watch it!
Erin LFF said…
We definitely have snacks for the debate- it was necessary for sure! I can't talk to anyone for a couple hours first thing in the morning... but now I find myself singing ridiculous songs and talking baby talk at 6 a.m. somehow!! ;)
jenn said…
this post made me laugh. TWICE. thanks for that.
LOL - you are hilarious! I agree with you wholeheartedly on the debate. What a fun little online space you have here : )
Lux G. said…
Ah, french fries. Comfort food. Always good to kick them shoes, put your feet up and have some good food after a tiring time.
Lisa said…
Thank heavens you had enough ketchup...😉 (seriously though...who wants to run out of ketchup before you finish all your fries. Not me☺️)
You always crack me up! And I would so be like you picking a car I already drive, because I. Hate. Change.
Whitney Pegram said…
Love your blog, girl!
Melinda Pollard said…
Oh my gosh- I am totally not a morning person either! I don't want to talk at all until I have had at least 2 cups of coffee!

I didn't even watch the debate, however, I did watch the SNL version which was hilarious and probably about how it went anyway LOL
That's my ketchup heaven. I am insane for ketchup and always sad when I don't get enough. I'd hoard those for future use. LOL