we shall (hopefully) overcome

Matt and I decided that as part of the family room face lift, we'd install a few lights in the ceiling.  It's a dark room and the ceilings are low so we thought overhead lighting would be the perfect solution.

Well, easier said than done.

Matt's brother is an electrician, so he came over the other night to work on installing the lights.  I decided the general placement of the lights, and then the boys set out to carefully measure the exact locations so they wouldn't drill a hole and run right into any wires or joists.

And then they drilled their first hole and ran right into a joist.

In their defense, it was an unexpected joist.  They are usually installed every 16 inches, and this particular joist was only 8 inches from its neighbors.  However, I don't think joist are installed for cosmetic reasons so it was probably there to serve a purpose.

I was sitting in the dining room but when I heard Matt say, "I wish I was an engineer, because I'd say just cut through it," I hopped up from that dining room table so fast because do you know what is right above that joist?

Our bed.

I told Matt if I snuggled into bed one night and crashed through the floor I would be LESS THAN HAPPY.

In the end Matt took the conservative route and decided not to cut into the joist.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that we now have a hole in our ceiling and no immediate solution for how to fix it.

But I think I'd rather have a hole in the ceiling as opposed to no wall between the family room and garage, so I'm remaining calm, and remaining in other rooms until the situation is resolved.  I know Matt will come up with something and the room will look great.  To encourage myself I thought I'd share some pictures of our most recent room redo, our master bedroom.

This is what we started with.

And this is how it looked during.

This picture was taken when I was a fool who thought wallpaper removal would take a few hours, max.  That smile was short-lived.

And this is how it looks now.

 (Please excuse the air conditioner.  It's not really aesthetically pleasing, but it's a necessary evil.)

I love it.  It's so relaxing. Which is convenient because I need a room like that at this time.


Haha my husband is an engineer and he is ALWAYS trying to figure out where joists are in people's homes. It is ridiculous. That's unfortunate though because like you said, they are usually a standard distance apart.
Your master bedroom looks great! And totally relaxing! I definitely prefer your version to the previous one!! ;) The wedding photos look amazing hung up like that too.
Curses on things just not being easy . . . am I right?!? Houses suck so much time and money . . . I'm in the midst of trying to decide whether to upgrade our current house or move. Neither seems like much fun!

Your MB looks amazing! Your hard work paid off - it looks very serene and relaxing, just like a bedroom should! Yay you!
Julie said…
Not going to lie, when we were house hunting we purposely didn't look at houses with wall paper. I just knew I wouldn't love it and wouldn't want to deal with it and luckily Keith felt the same way. I love your after results!
Your bedroom looks awesome! Wallpaper is the devil.

LOL @ hole in the ceiling...we have a few of those. Patchy patch patch patch.
rooth said…
It looks wonderful! And yes, wallpaper removal is the WORST
Hilary said…
It looks great!!!

In my first house, all 912 square feet were wallpapered. It was TERRIBLE! Slowly but surely we got it all off, but I swear that stuff is made by Satan!
Kelly said…
That wallpaper... Yikes. It looks really great now, and like a very relaxing soothing place to be & sleep.
Kayla MKOY said…
Oh my goodness!!! It looks amazing! Those blue walls are SO relaxing! I love your canvases on the walls, too.
Angi said…
That bedroom looks SO MUCH BETTER. And seriously, taking off wallpaper is a you-know-what. The house I (mostly) grew up in had wallpaper in literally every single room of the entire downstairs floor and I remember being recruited by my lovely parents to help them strip it. All of it. If I think about it, I can still smell the vinegar water.

When you guys are done installing overhead lighting in your house, want to come do ours? I don't know why nobody in the 1980's believed in overhead lighting but I feel like we live in a cave.
Rebecca Jo said…
Look at that!!! What a difference. Makes all that hard work worth it!
Nooo, you mean you didn't like the green carpet and the flowery wallpaper and those vintage wall lamps?! ;) Hahaha. It looks amazing! While we were putting up a curtain rod (to replace the vertical blinds that we hated) some accidental holes were drilled and we did a REALLY mediocre patch job. Homeownership win/fail.
Erin LFF said…
That little story is one of the many reasons I am scared to try any 'big' home improvement project on our own haha. I LOVE how your master bedroom look though.. so pretty and relaxing. And forreal... wall paper removal is no joke. Been there, done that.
Amie said…
And to think now wallpaper is making a come back!! haha
Leslie said…
Your posts always crack me up! I love the line about joists not being there for aesthetic reasons! Your home has come a long way, and I am sure Matt will figure something out!
Wow. It went from Grandma's bedroom to a modern retreat. You guys did an amazing job. I know that took tons of time and sweat.
Robin said…
I actually like a lot of older decor, but I think your renovation looks great!
Emily said…
Wow the new room looks beautiful! Lots of hard work but you made it happen and such a huge difference. I don't think I'll ever be friends with wall paper. lol
That looks so good!

I'm cracking up about you saying your wallpaper removal smile was short lived. That stuff is evil!
Michelle said…
You did a great job on your room! I love it! My parents made me take down the wallpaper in half their huge house when I was in high school. I'm still traumatized.
Gold star. The photo of the original room actually looks like a staged version of "1970's Country Cute." So bad. And so much better now.

jenn said…
this looks SO good. yall did a fantastic job!
Rachel said…
Whoa. You brought your bedroom into a whole different century! It's like time travel through renovation.
WOW! That looks like a fantastic transformation!
GIRL!! What a transformation!!!! This is incredible! I bet it feels so great to know that you guys did it all yourselves! Although, I'm sure you were thinking twice about that decision while you were doing it. Ha!
Amy said…
I kept scrolling and scrolling, willing that green carpet to disappear. Then it did. And it was even more beautiful than I had imagined.
Melissa said…
Wallpaper is the WORST. But I can't believe that room transformation! It's stunning!
Nicole said…
Eek! All that wallpaper! You are a champ!! The renew looks amazing. I love the color of blue with the dark furniture and silver accents. So classic!
Girl, wallpaper is the actual WORST! I hate it so much. It was in A LOT of my house and UGH. I remember the horrid days of trying to tear that junk down! We still have yet to tackle it in the kitchen and when we do, send.... something. I don't even know what because I don't drink coffee or wine or anything - ha!

That transformation is marvelous though. I love your new room!