a little pearl for your wednesday

I have so much that I want to write about Christmas.  I mean, Matt bought me a butter churner so that alone deserves it's very own post.

(This is my, "It's Christmas morning and I can't believe I just opened a butter churner" smile.)

But, I have to go to sleep so I can be up at o-dark-thirty tomorrow because my mom, Emily, and I are headed to NYC for the day to celebrate Em's 21st birthday.  She wants to visit the Museum of Modern Art to see the Vincent Van Gogh exhibit, which is an impressive 21st birthday pursuit.  When I turned 21, I pretty much just wanted to drink long island iced tea.

But first, let me introduce you to Pearl.

When our English Springer Spaniel, Rosie, died in April, I didn't think my parents would get another dog.  But they started talking about it a few months ago, and yesterday, they picked up little Pearl.

She's a Springer Spaniel and she's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Of course, I can just pop in and visit her, and don't have to worry about training/housebreaking/actually caring for her, but still.  You can't get any cuter than this.


Oh me oh my! Pearl is ADORABLE! 😍

And too funny about the butter churner. I feel like that's something jesse would potentially buy - but only because he wanted the butter 😜
Faith said…
Hahaha, about the butter churner. Hilarious :)

She is adorable! Pretty name too.

And seriously about only wanting Long Island iced teas when I turned 21, hahaha! Hope y'all have a great time in NYC!
Lizzie Simantz said…
What an adorable pup!! And a butter churner? Awesome :) Hope you had a great Christmas!
Hilary said…
Oh my goodness - what a sweet puppy!
Rebecca Jo said…
Those puppy eyes!!! Oh my word!

Is it weird that I would love a butter churner?
I hope you guys were able to get some butter out of that thing. :) Pearl is precious...and so nice you can just visit and love on her without all the extras!
She is just perfect! Those eyes are just killing me! I just want to squish her!
Kelly said…
What a sweet puppy!
She's adorable!

Happy birthday to your sister.

I LOL'd at Matt with the butter churner in action on IG. YOU do it.
ahhh! she is so adorable!
that's the best part about other people getting puppies. you get to love on them without all the not fun stuff of getting a puppy.
Brianne said…
She is so cuuuute! That is quite the goal for a 21 year old. Mine was definitely similar to yours.
Julie said…
Enjoy nyc - and the dog is adorable!
Pearl is adorable! And have I mentioned how envious I am of how close you and your family are?! Hope you guys have a blast!!
Love the butter churner I wish I had one! Pearl is adorable...look at that face! Enjoy her!
Erin LFF said…
Oh my goodness, what a sweet little puppy!!!! Have so much fun in NYC! :)
Ashley Lillis said…
Pearl is the cutest! It's always rough when pets pass away because you love them so much, but that's awesome that your parents opened their hearts to another sweet puppy!
Lisa said…
I'm really not a dog person...I love them from afar, but oh those sweet puppy eyes. What a cutie!!!
rooth said…
What a friggin cutie!
Oh my word! She is precious.