'tis the season for various shopping trips

Many nights during dinner Matt and I talk about work, but tonight we had a little musical challenge, called "scroll through Pandora and see who can name more singers/songs."

Matt guessed Eric Church for every single country song.

When an Eric Church song FINALLY came on, he guessed, completely seriously, Curt Clifton.

If you're wondering why you haven't yet heard of the musical stylings of Curt Clifton, that would be because, to the best of my knowledge, no such singer exists.

Matt left for a hunting trip last Thursday, so I was solo for a few days.  I couldn't wait for Friday night to arrive, because I had big plans,  First I went to Sam's Club, and walked up and down every single aisle, taking it all in.  And then I came home and ate cheese and crackers for dinner and slept with all the lights on.  It was glorious.

On Saturday my mom and I did a little Christmas shopping.  I crossed one last gift off my list, and also bought myself a white fur Christmas tree for our mantel.  Matt got home on Saturday night, with the unfortunate news that the only deer they saw the whole weekend was in the driveway on their way to dinner.  The disappointment didn't last for long though, because finally, Penn State won the Big 10 championship game.  I may have teared up with joy.

Sunday marked one year of owning our house.  Sometimes it feels like we haven't made much progress, because HELLO, WALLPAPER EVERYWHERE, but we've done the office, the master bedroom, and the family room from top to bottom, bought a new couch, built a chicken coop and gotten three chickens, taken down two big old trees, planted 20 new trees, had a successful vegetable garden, converted the fireplace from gas to wood, built a new wall in the family room, replaced the back door, and replaced all of the water pipes in the laundry room.

I guess looking back, we've been busy.

On Sunday we decided that if we stayed home for the afternoon, we would spend money on a house project, so we celebrated our house-iversary by leaving the house and heading downtown to Philadelphia's Christmas Village.

We wandered around the Christmas market, bought a souvenir, and stopped by the ice skating rink.  It may sound lovely and straight out of a Hallmark movie to ice skate in a Christmas Village right next to historic city hall, but we watched the rink for a few minutes and I am here to tell you that not one person on that rink was having fun.  Especially not the dad in this photo literally carrying his child around the rink.  There were so many tears.

Needless to say, Matt and I stayed on solid ground.

After the Christmas market, we wandered through Reading Terminal Market.

I could've eaten every single thing in there.  It was a lot more exciting than how I started the weekend, wandering through Sam's Club.

They also had a musician singing carols.

Maybe it was Curt Clifton.


Hannah Hardy said…
You and your husband's convo about Eric Church has me cracking up. Also, I can totally relate to doing weird/boring/yet such satisfying things when my husband is out of town. Sometimes I think I am way too young to find such meaningless tasks so fun. Ha!
Robin said…
Congratulations on one year of home ownership. I think you have gotten a lot done.
Hilary said…
What a cool little market they have! The extent of our fun Christmas stuff are Christmas parades where you stand there trying not to have a heart attack over the fact that a child might get run over while chasing after candy!
Julie said…
We attempted to go christmas shopping last night and came home with only our christmas cards from Sam's instead. I have to go tomorrow night tomorrow night by myself or it won't happen! I think my biggest issue is we have to buy for the pickiest person on the planet and even though I fell in love with a sweater for her at dressbarn, for some reason I feel like she'd be disappointed if we bought it for her (bc she'll try to return it). Aye!
Kelly said…
That sounds like a quality Friday night!
Once I was in Paris at Christmastime and did go ice skating on a temporary rinks outside the city hall - It actually was super magical and really fun! However I'm sure it would be a different story nowadays with the kiddos.
Rebecca Jo said…
I'm totally going to start guessing Curt Clifton when my husband tries to make me guess songs - usually its hard rock heavy metal songs... I'll tell him to look him up ;) haha
rooth said…
Eating what you want for dinner = one of the best solo activities ever!
Brianne said…
Now you have me wanting cheese & crackers...I might have to go to the store. LOL I love that he guessed Eric Church for everyone except for Eric Church. Maybe Matt could get a music career & HE could become Curt Clifton. Ok so actually I had to look... he should definitely become a musical happy Curt Clifton because the current Curt Clifton is an angry man on Twitter...
Curt Clifton, haha that's hilarious. Yay for wallpaper. How exciting! I love taking me days to just walk through stores and not be rushed. I did that last night when I went to Target at 10pm. I just browsed the store for an hour before they closed, no crowds, no people in my way, it was great.
Sams Club is my jam. We go there JUST to get the hot dog lunch combo and soft pretzel. My husband even brings his own bottle of honey mustard for his pretzel. He makes me carry it in my purse. It's mortifying.

That picture of the dad on the ice rink made me actually laugh out loud. AHAHA!
Hahaha I loveeee that Matt guessed the actual Eric Church song wrong! What made him change tact?! Even better that he made up an artist altogether.

Cheese and crackers for dinner sounds like the perfect way to spend a single lady night. Usually mine are spent netflix bingeing all the shows Jesse doesn't want to watch :P

Corie M said…
The market looks awesome!
That market looks adorable! Christmas just makes shopping so much more fun!
Jessie M said…
I LOVE Reading Terminal Market, but I've never been there during Christmas time, I bet it is even more magical!

I think we're kindred spirits. One of my favorite things to do when I'm on my own for the evening // weekend is cook nothing, AKA eat cheese & crackers or chips & guac & wander around the grocery store checking out all the fun goodies.
Amy said…
Curt Clifton sounds real.
Hena Tayeb said…
That sounds like a funny game my husband would fail miserably at.
I love Reading Terminal..
Haven't been ice skating in what seems like forever.. i too may be more inclined to stay on solid ground
Jen Mc said…
We play that game in the car - who is it and what song. LOVE it!
Thanks for sharing your photos - those are great!