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Last Friday, we had a man come to take a look at our fireplace. It was originally a wood-burning fireplace, but the previous owners converted it to gas.  We've been talking about converting it back to wood-burning, because there's nothing like hearing the wood crackle, and also we chopped down a big tree last year and need something to do with the wood.

We expected the whole thing to cost a few hundred dollars, but the fireplace man told us all we had to do was cap the gas line and we'd be good to go and it would cost zero dollars.

Well Matt took that bit of info and ran with it.  An hour and a trip to Home Depot later and he was in the garage with a pair of giant pliers wrapped around the gas line.  Anything involving gas lines makes me nervous, so I told Matt I'd be on the opposite end of the house until the situation was resolved.

"Okay," he said, "I know what I'm doing.  But on the off chance you hear me yell, run for the hills."

After half an hour I couldn't stand it anymore and went back to the garage to check on Matt.  

"Everything is fine," he said, "I bet you think I do this for a living."

Ah, yes.  That's just the thought I was having.

A little while later, Matt had successfully plugged the gas line, removed the pipes, and it was time to stoke a fire.

Unfortunately it was also time to go Black Friday shopping with Emily, but Matt had a fire lit when I got home.

We also put up our outdoor Christmas lights on Friday.

Since we moved in a few weeks before Christmas last year, we didn't put up outdoor lights.  But we talked about our plans for outdoor illumination all year and Matt was ready to execute that plan.

When I pictured decorating the house for Christmas, I pictured carols playing and mugs of hot cocoa and both of us wearing Santa hats while snowflakes fell down around us.  What happened was both of us complaining about the quality of cheap lights made in China and a rickety old ladder with a brick shoved under one side to make it somewhat level while Matt gave a safety lecture about three points of contact when climbing a ladder.

I think it's just what Andy Williams had in mind when he sang about the most wonderful time of the year.

Matt cooked dinner this weekend and biscuits were on the menu.  I walked in when he was cooking and I noticed that the biscuits were on a baking sheet kind of shoved next to the coffee machine, but I didn't think much of it.  But when dinner was all ready and I plopped a biscuit on my plate, I saw that Matt had put hearts on each biscuit.

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.


Hearts on a biscuit...that, my friend, is the perfect carb! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Matt is a good homemaker!

Gas lines make me extremely nervous. I pay to have someone else screw with them. LOL
Julie said…
My hubby would attempt it too...and not sure if I'd trust him either
Jillian said…
hearts on the biscuits!? that is too cute. xo jillian - cornflake dreams
Leslie said…
Aww, that is so sweet! I love your description of hanging the lights outside...I think both are equally apt of our fantasy versus reality!
Emily said…
I'm pretty sure that's EXACTLY what Andy Williams meant!

I think Matt and Freddie would get along famously because Freddie thinks he can do all things, no matter if a professional is required or not. And without a doubt anytime we go to a store and find a piece of furniture he insists, "Pfsh, I could make that. We're not buying it." Insert eye roll!! ;)

Big time love for the heart biscuits.
Faith said…
Hearts on a biscuit?! Even I'm not that adorable ;)
Rebecca Jo said…
ahhh... what a romantic.
Did you eat by the fireplace too? ... just too much.

Oh man, I was gritting my teeth. My husband was in a gas explosion due to faulty gas lines in his house so tell your husband I said NO MORE!!! Don't mess with it. It can be so dangerous. Don't make me pull out a PSA lecture on him ;)
Brianne said…
I love that he put hearts on the biscuits. So cute. I would have been nervous about the gas line too but go Matt!
Sarah said…
He's such a romantic!

I always say putting up Christmas lights should be included in premarital counseling! It requires so much patience. lol
JKemper said…
Aw! The biscuits are so sweet!
Confuzzled Bev said…
Real wood fire? I'm so jealous! I would have been worried about the gas line as well, and my boyfriend would have insisted on doing it. Must be a man thing!

Food with hearts on is the best kind of food <3
Michelle said…
Wood burning fires are THE BEST. They scare me to death because they can get a smidge unruly, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love the biscuit hearts!
Robin said…
I feel nervous about anything involving gas lines, too. Glad that the project was easier than you expected. I would like a wood-burning fireplace.
That is the sweetest biscuit!
AnneMarie said…
That biscuit is adorable!! And your comment about "this is what I imagined what Christmas decorating would be like...but this is what it was really like" was so funny-I think about that kind of thing all the time, because life does tend to get unpredictable! I've been learning, since I got married, to try and have no preconceived ideas or expectations about how something will go, because inevitably it won't go according to the plan in my head.
Susie Suzlyfe said…
Get it, hubs! We were planning on putting up decorations this weekend, but we shall see. Alex (my hubs) doesn't seem too motivated!!
emmers712 said…
Matt is awesome!!! What a treat to have a fire going during the holiday season, and to put hearts on your biscuits. Those moments are truly priceless!!! Happy holidays to both of you!!!
A fireplace solution that isn't going to cost you a gazillion dollars?! I feel like I would have hugged that guy :P

Does that mean you could also undo it to revert it back to being a gas fireplace if you wanted?

How cute is Matt with his heart shaped biscuits, ha!
You seriously cannot beat a wood burning stove! I loved it when we had it. Unfortunately, it was our only source of heat for awhile and that just didn't work when the kids came along. So, we now have gas. Love the heart shaped biscuits! That's the sweetest! :))
rooth said…
Awwww, now that really is the sweetest. I'm happy to let the bf light a wood fire anytime as long as I'm not the one who has to clean it up!
When we first moved into our house, I grand plans for us putting up lights outside and it being so magical like you mentioned... we're now on Christmas 3 and I don't even help anymore LOL. My husband has hidden hooks all over the house and he just strings everything up and tells me to come look when he's done.. OH well, at least the tree decorating meets my expectations!
Oh my goodness, stop it! That is so sweet! You've got yourself a keeper! :o)
awww hearts on the biscuits! i'm going to try that next time we make biscuits.
brittany said…
well those are just the sweetest biscuits ever!!!