i wonder what he would say if he ever got a pedicure

Well, I got back from my work trip tonight, and luckily my mom saved me by picking me up at the rental car office so I didn't have to field questions about my exercise habits from my pal Romeo, like I did on Tuesday.

But that didn't stop me from asking the tough questions when I got home.  Matt made burgers for dinner, and while he cooked I sat at the island and floated out deep, philosophical scenarios, like "We have a pinkie finger and pinkie toe, so why do we have a thumb, but a big toe? Why don't we call our thumb our big finger, or our big toe our thumb toe?"

Can you tell I've essentially spent the last 48 hours all alone with my thoughts?

Of which there are MANY?

Matt responded by saying, "Well, It's actually called your PIGGY toe, not your pinkie toe."


"So, if you hurt your tiniest toe and had to go to the doctor, what would you say?" I asked him.

And he said, "I'd tell him that I hurt my piggy toe."

Let's hope his toes stay injury free for the rest of forever, and that this little piggy goes only to market and not to the emergency room because that would be quite embarrassing.

Anyway, my favorite thing to do when I get home from spending a few days in meetings and hotels is to take a nice, long walk in the woods.  Bring on the weekend and the fresh air and hopefully, a few walks.


I definitely call it the pinky toe, but now I'm wondering if it is the piggy toe?! Hahaha...what is the medically correct term??? Happy Friday!
I actually think I call it a piggy toe as well...I say "think" because I'm having one of those moments where I can't figure out if it's something I actually do or if it's something I "would" do. Ha ha. Just looking at those photos makes me feel at peace! Happy Friday!
Audrey Louise said…
I'm definitely team "pinky toe"... hahaha! I love that this conversation happened :) After 48 hours alone I'd have similar thoughts like that, too!
I looove that picture with the deer. So gorgeous!
Laughing out loud at 'piggy toe'! Your pictures are just gorgeous - I want to live by you so I can take walks like that!!!
Angi said…
I definitely LOLed at "piggy toe." I've had similar thoughts, too...like, why do we have armpits but not legpits (behind the knee)?
Jenny said…
Your walks and photography are gorgeous! And as far as the toes go, I call it my little toe. :)
LOL. I've never heard anyone call it the piggy toe! It's definitely the pinky toe. Does he call his pinky finger his piggy finger, too?? Hahahaha.
Sorry Matt, it's a pinky toe. Pinky? Pinkie? Hmmm. I'm going to start calling my big toe my thumb toe. Beautiful nature photos. That first one is especially beautiful.
Brianne said…
Those photos are gorgeous! I want to be there! OMG I am trying so hard not to bust out laughing in a coffee shop over the piggy toe. It is definitely pinky toe. As much as I don't want Matt to get hurt, I a little bit want him to have to say piggy toe to a Dr. just to settle this & hear the doctor's reaction.
Beautiful photos! I also love taking a nice long walk after being stuck inside for awhile working :) LOL definitely a pinky toe
Piggy toe?! Yeah, I'm with you on that one: pinkie for sure! Lol
Amy Cotton said…
The pictures from your walk are beautiful!!! My goodness!! I need to go on a walk now!!
Nadine Lynn said…
Loving all your pictures!!! Makes me want to spend some time outside. Maybe if the humidity wasn't 39048% I would. I think growing up my grandma called it the piggy toe.
Mary Leigh said…
Great photos! I might call it my "little toe", but now that I'm thinking about it, I can't decide what I really think it is. Funny that he was so confident in it being his piggy toe. Your short stories here are so fun to me!
Hena Tayeb said…
lol.. boys.. men.
it is definitely called a pinkie toe.
great pictures.
Hahaha, I love that Matt calls it a piggy toe... It's definitely a pinkie toe but I guess his parents must have done a lot of the "and this little piggy went to market..." rhymes when he was a kid :P