Thursday, April 28, 2011

i wonder if kate middleton's tiara will light up like mine does

I normally have school two nights a week, but this week I was scheduled for three nights and I was NOT ONE BIT happy about it.  In an unexpected turn of events, I received an email this afternoon from my professor explaining that she had come down with bronchitis and had to cancel class for tonight.  I was relieved because the canceled class meant I could spend all of Royal Wedding Eve adequately preparing to be TV-side at 4:00 am. 

I have been waiting for the wedding day since the moment I found out about the engagement, because there is nothing I love more than a celebration with some pomp and a decent helping of circumstance.  As I always say, “it’s not a party without some some circumstance.”

I’ve never really said that.

But now I’m thinking I should probably start.

My mom and sister are into the wedding too.  In fact, my mom came home from Wal Mart this afternoon with tiaras.  That light up.  And Emily spent the evening making scones.  And I don’t know that I’ve ever had a prouder sisterly moment than when I heard Emily say the other night, “I think I’m going to sleep on the couch on Thursday night.  In my school uniform.  Just so I'm a few steps ahead on Friday morning."

So, I've just been waiting all week for Friday to arrive, and these past few days seemed to drag on and on, heavy with work and school and what some people may call RESPONSIBILITIES.  Although Tuesday shone like a bright beacon of hope and cheerfulness in a week when I otherwise seemed to be floating off shore in choppy waters and a tiny bit of fog.  Tuesday brightened my world. 

Tuesday was my lighthouse.

Oh I am getting carried away with the dramatics.

Emily’s had a school holiday on Tuesday so I went home to eat lunch during my lunch hour.  Emily was in the BEST mood and she made me laugh the entire hour I was home, telling me about her morning and her breakfast and her shoes.  She was ENTHUSIASTIC about the shoes.  She got them last week and when we sat down to eat and she says “I LOVE THESE SHOES.  THEY ARE MY FAVORITE SHOES.  I’VE WORN THEM EVERY SINGLE DAY SINCE EASTER.”

It was Tuesday.

So basically, she wore them on Monday.

After work on Tuesday I went into the city with Stacy and her family to have dinner and watch the Flyers game.  The Flyers won 5-1 and due to a lot of talking I missed every goal except the one scored by the other team.  I just cheered when everyone else did, which is pretty much the route I take whenever I watch any sort of sports event, except for Penn State football, in which case I HAVE SOME OPINIONS. 

There were a lot of young businessmen at the restaurant and at one point we were sitting at the bar and there were two men behind us who had the following conversation.

Guy 1- “Hey man!  I haven’t seen you in a little while!”
Guy 2- “I know!  How have you been?”
Guy 1- “Good good.  Everything’s been great.  Congratulations to you guys!”
Guys 2- “Congratulations on what?”
Guy 1- “…Uhh…didn’t your wife just have a baby?”

Not even kidding. 

I should go to sleep now.  I have a date at 4:00 a.m. with my mom, Em, the tv, some scones, and a tiara.

And plenty of pomp and circumstance.

Cause it's not a party without some circumstance.


Caitlin said...

Hahaha! Hope you enjoyed the Royal Wedding! I did not wake up (it was at 6 a.m. here) but I'm watching the highlights, haha. I understand peoples' interest in the royal wedding but it's not something that I really connect with. Honestly I really wished they would just run off and elope for their own sake...has to be hard to live out not only your wedding, but also your marriage, in front of the entire world.

JG said...

Hope you enjoyed it! I DVRd it and watched it this morning (late this morning :)) with a friend.

Things to Do said...

Just so everyone is aware. Today at 3 AM pacific time I've decided to name my next electronic device (yes I name my computers, phones, etc) and/or animal...Pippa.

Dree said...

Light up tiaras?! Oh my gosh, that's brilliant! I can't wait to hear what you thought about the wedding.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I watched the wedding too and was pretty impressed with the ceremony!

Jamie Lane said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who brought some head bling for the early morning wedding watching! Your stories of Emily make me laugh!

Emily said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog:) I think I'm wierd because I'm the only one not into the royal wedding. Although i was very interested in what her dress and hair looked like. I'll have to catch the highlights online!

Kristin said...

I love that your mom got tiaras!

wilybrunette said...

you guys are too cute! was watching it everything you hoped it might be?! she looked absolutely stunning i thought.

ae said...

You have the best little sister! "Everyday since Easter" . . . too funny!

Baby Sister said...

A light up crown would be totally awesome!!