Wednesday, April 27, 2011

it was both eggcellent and eggceptional

We went to the Easter Vigil this year, which is late on Saturday night.  And by late I mean 8:00 pm.  Anyway the church is completely dark inside when it starts, except for the light coming through the stained glass windows. Then a big fire is started outside on the front steps of the church, and the church is lit candle by candle, person by person.  I tried to take a picture of the dark church and the bright stained glass window before the Mass started, but unfortunately I had my camera on night vision, which means there was a flash.  Whoops.  As soon as the flash went off I tried to cover it, and that’s how I ended up with this priceless photograph of the palm of my hand.
All I can say is it’s a good thing we were sitting in the last row during my camera faux pas.  Every other Sunday of the year we sit in the same pew, on the side, towards the front.  But on Saturday night we sat in the very last pew because my dad and brother like to get the best view of the fire!

When we got home from church we ate some candy because we had about thirty pounds of chocolate in the house and those malted milk balls weren’t going to eat themselves.  Then Emily and I decided to have a slumber party in my room, complete with sleeping bags, green tea, and The Cosby Show.  In other words, the perfect sleepover trifecta.  We were having the time of our lives until 12:30 when she abruptly announced “Okay, I’m going back to my room now.  See you in the morning.”


Sunday was the first Easter I’ve spent at home since I was in high school, since I wasn’t able to come home for Easter during college.  It was also the first Easter morning that we didn’t search for our Easter baskets.  When we were younger that clever Easter Bunny would fill our baskets and hide them in the house, and we would have to find them in the morning.  It was the same scene, year after year.  Without fail, Phil would greet the morning with BOUNDLESS EASTER ENTHUSIASM and locate his basket, along with mine and Emily’s, in less then sixty seconds.  He was kind enough not to reveal the hiding places though, so Emily and I could have the pleasure of experiencing the thrill of the hunt for ourselves.  Emily would find hers a few minutes later, and then I would spend the first forty five minutes of my Easter wandering around the house completely void of any and all emotion and determination, apparently just waiting for my Easter basket to grow legs and walk out of its hiding place to greet me.  We have many a basket search on home video, and they are PAINFUL to watch.

It was also the first Easter in YEARS that it wasn’t freezing cold and rainy, so that was a nice treat.  We had a lot of family over for Easter dinner and had a wonderful time.

I did my best to capture the day on film/a memory card, however that was tougher than it sounds.  But look!  Here is our candy!

And here I am in a blue shirt!  It's not THE blue shirt, and while I am flattered that some of you asked to see what made the final cut for the Easter wardrobe, the only picture you can see it in is one where I am standing in front of my house and that is something I would like to remain a mystery.  But trust me, it was a darling shirt!  This particular photograph was taken by Phil, and I was unaware that he had commandeered the camera.  When I checked it out later I found about six pictures of me like this, and also one of the bottom of someone's bare foot. 

He has a future in photography.

And here is the silverware in an EASTER BASKET.  This was my brilliant idea, and if you would like to start calling me Martha Stewart, I wouldn't object.  We're like twins.

Except for the age difference.

And also the prison sentence.

And finally, here are two pictures I took of Emily posing outside with a chocolate pound cake.  Looking back I don't know why I felt the need to take these pictures, but it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. 

And someday she might wish she had a picture of herself in her Easter dress posing with a chocolatey baked treat, and she will be totally covered.

All in all, it was an eggtremely sweet day.



Nikki said...

Ya know its funny you say that the Easter Bunny used to hide your baskets around your house when you were younger. Saturday we were at a friends house who happen to have small children and Mike the father said that they had to hide the baskets for Summer and Ryan to find. I found this to be so odd. I had never heard of such a thing. Growing up the Easter Bunny always left the baskets on the table for my brother and I. I told Mike that he was nuts and that the Easter Bunny would never do such a crule thing. Apparently I was wrong lol.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you stick around and follow me!

Dree said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter! My church does the exact same candle light start at our Easter Vigil Masses, and I love it. Except some of the candle wax dripped onto my hand, and I had to try really hard not to scream out. Yeesh. But definitely my favourite part of Mass. :)

Sarah said...

The silverware in the Easter basket is BRILLIANT!

And,in case you're wondering,NO I shouldn't be reading blogs right now because my to-do list is 45 miles long. I wonder how things are going over there in Buckingham Palace.

Teenage Bride said...

Sounds like a lovely celebration. I love going to Easter Vigil, it is such a beautiful service!!!

Robin said...

very cool tradition with hiding the baskets - I wish we could have had that fun game! also.. yumm pound cake!

GreenGirl said...

Your posts always crack me up!

GBR1980 said...

Thanks for stopping in to read my blog. Yours is great too..can't wait to follow you and learn more!

April Rowell said...

Love the post and thank you for the birthday wishes!! :)

Things to Do said...

I love the bunny bowls your easter candy is kept in!

Sarah said...

You are the first person I know to enjoy Easter Vigil! Most people comment on how loooonnnggg it is. :) I am a 7am Easter morning gal! There's something refreshing about putting on a spring colored dressy outfit and heading to Mass!
Your Easter sounds lovely and oddly like mine when I was growing up... I was always the last one to find my basket :( And my brother would totally take pictures of me completely unbeknownst to me.

Jamie Lane said...

I'm loving that first picture and the visual of a little-you wandering absently around the house for a easter basket cracks me up!

Julianna said...

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love your blog posts? Because I do. I look forward to them! :) Glad you had a great Easter. I have had many-a camera fail. Too funny!

ae said...

Sounds like a great Easter!

Baby Sister said...

The silverware in a basket? Perfect idea. :)