Thursday, April 7, 2011

i'm going to choose to look on the hypothetical bright side

I went to Ikea this weekend with Emily, my mom, grandmother, and aunt.  Despite the fact that the latter three have places of their very own to furnish and decorate, and I only have my little bedroom, I spent the most money.  Go figure.

We wandered around the store and the model rooms and Emily and I talked about how much fun it would be to live in them.  On our way out we made one last stop at the food court for some famous Ikea Swedish cuisine, because as they say, when in Rome!  Or in this case, when in a Swedish based furniture warehouse store!  I chose the traditional Swedish cinnamon bun and Emily got a slice of Swedish pizza.  I'm sure it was all completely authentic.

My biggest purchase of the day was a little lamp for my dresser.  It was love at first sight and I really thought I could see a bright (literally) future with that little lamp, but in the end it proved to be a bit of a disappointment.

When we got home I opened the box and pulled out the instructions.  Or the “destructions” as my dad calls them.  I headed for the light bulb cabinet to retrieve the required 40 watt bulb.  After a few minutes of unsuccessful searching, my dad came in and pulled a 40 watt right out of the exact box that I looked in thirty seconds earlier and found only light bulbs with 120 on them and wondered why in the world we had so many 120 watt bulbs.

Then gave me a valuable refresher course in wattage vs. voltage.

I headed back upstairs to Lamp Assembly Central and immediately found myself in the midst of another dilemma.  There is no rest for the weary lamp assembler.  The problem this time was that the bottom of the light bulb was round, but the place where the light bulb goes (I’m sure there’s a technical term for that part of the lamp, but-here’s a shock-I don’t know what it is) was shaped more like a rectangular slot.


Right here in River City.

Music Man, anyone?

Anyway I knew after a few minutes that this particular light bulb wasn’t meant to fit in this particular lamp, and if you think this is starting to sound like one of those “how many English majors does it take to screw in a light bulb?” jokes, you’re not alone. 

            (Although the answer would be MORE THAN ONE.)

I sat there for a few minutes with my rectangular lamp and my round light bulb and thought about how I’ve never felt more in tune with how Hilary Duff felt in her 2003 SMASH HIT when she sang “Trying to fit a square into a circle was my life.” 

I hear ya, Hilary.

The next day my dad confirmed that apparently this particular lamp requires some sort of Swedish light bulb, which is quite unfortunate because I don’t generally keep a stock of those on hand. 

So, last night I got on ebay and ordered what I needed from a light bulb dealer in Hong Kong .  If there was ever a time I was doubtful about the reliability of an online purchase…now is that time.  Of course I could have easily just driven over to Ikea and picked up the type of bulb I need, but where is the drama in that?

And so, my lamp currently sits on my desk.  I can’t even sing “you light up my life” to it because, well, that would be a lie.

Don't worry about me though...I’m not completely in the dark.  Because do you know what my other Ikea purchase was this weekend?

108 fruit scented votive candles.

It’s like somehow I knew I would be needing them.


Mallory said...

Not only did I not know Ikea comes with its own food court (which, really, how awesome is that?!?!), get this...I'VE NEVER EVEN BEEN IN ONE! Oh the ignorance of small town residents. :)

And Laura, I'm said you bought 76 votive candles, but that picture only has 54. Are there more? And that leads me to my second question: WHY DOES ONE NEED 76 CANDLES????

Heidi said...

I don't think it is possible for me to go to Ikea and not eat a cinnamon bun.

Young and Fabulous said...

Dear Ikea,

I love you and your cheap prices and very "authentic" food, but I hate the day you forced me and my boyfriend to put together a desk and dresser and it took 5 hours. No bueno!


for real..IKEA is awesome but sometimes a pain in the BUTTTTT


AubreyMo said...

I bought a desk lamp from Ikea only to go home and realize that the bulb I need was only sold at Ikea. Lame!

GreenGirl said...

So, not surprisingly, my mom and I were at IKEA on Sunday early afternoon. We ALSO had lunch there (I think my mom bribes me with sweedish meatballs so she can have qt with me). I bought lightbulbs (don't hate me) and a toybox for Sophie's birthday next week.
Were you there on Sunday? In Plymouth Meeting?

aimymichelle said...

thats pretty stupid that they don't take regular light bulbs

Things to Do said...

I'm a big fan of the cinnamon rolls at Ikea. And I seriously would have had no clue about IKEA specific lightbulbs. Well at least you'll be able to read by the light of the votives. :)

Cathrine said...

I think it is no coincidence that we both posted about the music man in 24 hours. I think somehow the stars aligned.

Baby Sister said...

I LOVE their cinnamon rolls!! And I love Ikea...even though you need special light bulbs apparently. Cute lamp though. :)