Wednesday, April 13, 2011

she has the dramatic aspect totally perfected

Last week Emily left a comment telling me “i think you should pretty please write a blog post about how awesome Godspell is and how much you luuurrrvvveee me after you come see it on Friday. love, emily.”

So, pay attention Emily, because here it is.  I luuurrrrvvveeeed Godspell.  I also loved it.

The play was fantastic and I was very impressed with what a group of high schoolers can do because let me tell you, that takes some serious guts.  I can sing my heart out when I’m in my car or living room with no problem at all.  However, on a stage in front of all those people?  I will pass on that terrifying experience thank you very much.  I give these kids a lot of credit.

Also, Emily was not kidding when she told us that she cries a bit at the end.  In fact, it’s more like she basically sobs throughout the entire second half.  These tissues that she tucked ever so neatly into her sock? 
Well, they were necessary.  On the way home from Friday night’s performance we told her she didn’t have to be so sad at the crucifixion because she knows Jesus will rise again in three short days!  But nothing helped.  She just could not hide those emotions.

Sunday night was the cast party and when she got home she reported that while she did have a good time she cried her way through that too.  They all had to say goodbye to each other and will miss each other SO MUCH.  They must have temporarily forgotten that they do all go to school together and will continue to see each other all day, every day.  Although, they are the drama club, so I suppose I would expect nothing less.

The whole weekend wasn’t full of tears though.  After Friday night's performance these little girls asked Emily for her autograph and I’m pretty sure she thought her life couldn’t get much better than that moment.
I’m thrilled she had a great time.  And I know that not all of her tears were sad ones…some were tears of joy.

And while I managed to keep my emotions in check at the play, I do know a thing or two about the occasional tear of joy.  For example, my dad took me to Sonic for dinner on Saturday night.


And great job Em.


Teenage Bride said...

awwwwwwwww they asked her for her autograph!!!! so sweet!

Jamie Lane said...

Good job Emily!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holla yourself.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw!!! I'm glad it was such a hit!!!!

ae said...

Drama clubbers being dramatic . . . makes sense;)

I am glad she did a great job!

Baby Sister said...

Yay!! I'm glad she did a good job, and didn't break her leg. :)

Things to Do said...

This is so great!! Tell her congrats for me!

Mama M. said...

Dang, you crack me up!! "For example, my dad took me to Sonic for dinner..." *tear* I would shed a tear of joy over that too!