Monday, June 11, 2012

at least my whole arm isn't sunburned

 So.  I went to the beach with Matt's family this weekend.  I left after work on Friday, but before I hit the road I made a quick stop at McDonald's because any time I have to drive somewhere that is more than an hour away I like to bring a medium iced coffee for the ride.  I tell myself that it will help keep me alert but let's be honest.  99% of the time I'm not sleepy at all, just in the mood for a little iced coffee treat.

I placed my standard order at the drive-thru on Friday, but when I pulled up to the window, was handed this bad boy.  


 I actually have no idea what this was besides DELICIOUS, so unfortunately I will never be able to order it again.  I will admit that I am a bit sad about that because I am fairly certain that I actually drove better with this fancy thing as my road trip beverage.

However, when I arrived at the beach this frozen strawberry daiquiri was waiting for me. 


The next day we went out for the morning and came home for some lunch and the beach.  Before we set out for the afternoon I diligently applied my suncreen because SAFETY FIRST.  Or something like that.  

I used Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock.  I bought it a few weeks ago for the Memorial Day Pool Weekend That Wasn't, but since I didn't need it then, Saturday was my first chance to give it a try.  
I've been a Banana Boat girl my entire life, but the fact that this sunblock was a spray intrigued me.  And, since I am not one to pass up the opportunity to try a new skincare product, especially one with a fancy misting nozzle, I shelled out the eleven bucks and finally broke it open on Saturday for a pre-beach application.

And then I spent six hours here.
It was a beautiful afternoon.  The sun was warm, there was a great breeze, and the ocean was so calm that I actually swam around in it for a long time and it felt just like a pool.  At one point while we were swimming a huge group of dolphins came so close that I could have gone over and touched them if only I still had the same speedy aquatic skillz that I had back when I was a championship swimmer.

And right now you might be thinking, "Oh Laura Darling, I didn't know you were once a championship swimmer!"

That's because I wasn't.  But wouldn't that have been neat?

After five hours on the beach, I went back to the house and jumped in the shower to rinse off.  The second the water touched my body I turned it right off because OUCH, IT FELT LIKE IT WAS BURNING MY ARMS.

And then I looked down at my arms, and discovered that it was not that water that had burned them.

It was the sun.

In the most unique pattern.

And now, a word to the wise.  If you choose to purchase this Neutrogena spray sunblock, please be advised that if you simply stand on the back porch in your bathing suit and spray this wildly around your body, you too may end up with a very strange sunburn.  I would recommend paying more attention than I obviously did when applying.

I had high hopes that the white and the red would blend together and fade into the perfect suntan, but thirty six hours later that's not looking promising.

Looks like I'll be wearing long sleeve shirts this week.

And buying some Banana Boat.


Erin Heydt said...

Yikes! I get the weirdest lines from spray lotion. I stick to the old rub on yourself kind. LOL.

Courtney said...

I've never liked spray sunscreen because I get funky sunburns like that too!

Sarah said...

Oh dear!! I hope your burn heals quickly! You could always put something blue on your arm and be the most patriotic girl in the office.

Did you really see dolphins?? Where on the east coast were you??

ae said...

I have been using spray-on sunscreen for years now. Mainly because I just can stand the way regular sunscreen feels...yucky! It does take some practice though to get even coverage. Hopefully, your sunburn heals quickly!

Baby Sister said...

That strawberry daiquiri looks amazing!! Your sunblock mishap sounds like something I would totally do. Hilarious!! But I hope your arms recover soon. :)

Amanda said...

Isn't that the worst? I missed certain patches and had a really weird burn line right along my bikini line even though I had rubbed the spray in all over... I guess I wasn't thorough enough

poptartyogini said...

Ouch. That is an interesting burn. I hope it feels better soon. I have to sunscreen stark naked and with lotion to feel like I got everywhere. And sometimes I still burn.

Amy said...

That always happens to me too...I'm the worst sun block applier ever. But you've got some awesome designs going on.

Carlie said...

Ouch!!! That sunburn looks painful! And I like the lotion style more than the spray too!

Michelle said...

Hahaha!! That happens to me EVERY summer! Every time. That stuff needs a warning label.

KyAnn said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and that drink that you accidentally got? It's a caramel frappe from McDonald's. I love them...SO good! :)

Bethany said...

Owww your arm looks painful-- if it makes you feel better I do the same thing very often this time of year. I think it takes another person to sufficiently sunscreen me. I just can't do it well! LOL!