Sunday, June 24, 2012

i'm using this post to pretend i'm still at the beach

Last Sunday marked six months of living on my own!  I figured there was no better way to celebrate that milestone than to sleep over at my parents' house!


Oh, I am only semi-serious.  I did sleep at home last Sunday, but it was because I was home to celebrate Father's Day, and was leaving the very next morning for a few days at the beach with my mom and sister. 

For Father's Day we presented my dad with the gift that every father wanted this year, AKA the WILD GAME INNOVATIONS 5 MEGAPIXEL MICRO GAME CAMERA.  
Okay, maybe only fathers who have recently constructed a large body of water in their backyard put that on their wish list.
Either way, I hope that the camera enables my dad to capture covert night vision photographs of any after dark wildlife visitors to our lake-pond!

On Monday morning my mom, Emily and I got ready to go to the shore.  Emily and I made a last minute trip to Dunkin' Donuts because that is the land where all good road trips begin.  

Since it was a Monday morning I had a feeling that the drive-thru line would be busy, so I told Emily that once we got up to the order screen she would have to think fast.  No flip flopping or thinking about her order for several minutes.  I even gave her a little pep talk as we pulled into the parking lot that featured phrases such as "Speak confidently" and "Trust your decision" which were admittedly a little serious for the situation.  A few minutes into my speech Emily looked over at me and said, "I'll try to hurry. Geez.  I can't help it if I'm just used to the Starbucks menu."

My my my.  


Once we had our Dunkin' Donuts we were on our way, and the drive to the beach was uneventful.  We checked into our bed and breakfast, ate lunch, and hit the beach.  It was overcast and windy but that did not stop us from having a grand old time.  

After some reading and some walking and some OH MY GOODNESS THIS WATER IS SO COLD we sat in our beach chairs and I explained to my mom and Em that I read somewhere that pictures actually turn out best when you are laughing, not simply smiling.  In an effort to prove my point, and also because I love to be photographed, I asked Emily to take a few shots of me laughing.

Listen.  I have no explanation for why I rose my arms like I am directing a choir and posed my face in an expression that suggests I'm experiencing a high level of pain.  Rest assured that I do not actually look like that when I laugh.  

Unfortunately these pictures blow the theory of looking better in a picture when you laugh RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER.

It was my mom's turn next and, ladies and gentleman, we have photographic proof that I get my fake laugh arm raising from my mother.  However, I know better than to post that picture here.

Finally, it was Emily's turn.
 She was not really on board.

When evening rolled around we took a carriage ride through the town.

And after that we ate dinner on the patio of a restaurant where we had a Russian waitress, and I came to a realization.  The accent I have invented, named Scirish (Scottish+Irish), and use when I am trying to make Emily laugh and/or roll her eyes already exists.  

And it's called Russian.


 And that was Day 1.


poptartyogini said...

It is so sweet that you're so close with your family. I'd love to take a beach trip with my mom and sister. You'll have those memories forever!

Amanda @ tales from a FAR said...

It looks like you had a blast! Oh I wish I was at the beach! By the way, I nominated you for an award :)

rooth said...

That's a lovely family picture and a really thoughtful Father's Day present too!

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

HEY MOM AND DAD, I'M BAAAACK! - I just smiled so big.. and then laughed..

I would pretend to still be there as well.. but living on your own.. sometimes that's better!

Juliette said...

Looks like a good day out! I like your laughing photos as it happens. I also speak Spinglish, which is a combination of English/ Spanish/ Italian and wine!

Sarah and Stewart said...

The lake pond is so awesome! And I feel your pain re: drive thru ordering... my husband is the WORST, he can never decide and we're always the ones holding everyone else up, it's so embarrassing!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

girl, this was hilarious!!! thanks for all the giggles.

i don't even know your mom, or emily, but i feel like i do. i laughed from beginning to end.

loved it!

The Management said...

hey there,

I just laughed all the way through this- loved it!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your stuff, it's great!

Kristin said...

ohhhhhh love your maxi!!

Baby Sister said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I love the beach. :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i'll use anything as an excuse to pretend like i'm still at the beach. seriously.


Kristin said...

Hi Laura! I've just had such a nice visit around here. It's nice to "meet" you! Loved all your pics from the beach. It looks like it was so relaxing. That's funny you stopped at Dunkin Donuts because my husband and I have a tradition that we stop at a donut shop on our way out of town every road trip we take. Great minds think alike :-). Oh, and I also have a sister named Emily! Hope your day is a good one...

Kell said...

I love the pictures.. and you're so pretty! Sometimes visiting home is much needed. It is for me, anyway.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Your photos are so happy!!! It sounds like an amazing day. And congrats on your milestone!

Jay said...

We got my grandpa one of those kinds of cameras a few years ago to photograph wildlife in the forest by his house. He gets so excited to show us every single picture it ever takes.