hello october

As I was getting ready for work last Friday morning, my phone buzzed with a text.  It was an automated message that said, "You're received a Dunkin' Donuts E-Gift from Matt."

Well that DD gift card made me happier than a bouquet of roses.  Evidently I appeared so frazzled on Thursday night that Matt thought I might need an extra boost of caffeine to finish out the week.

The coffee came in handy on Saturday morning, because I babysat my friend's two kids for a few hours.  Her son is three, and her daughter is nine months.  When I got to their house, she said, "You probably won't need them, but I wrote down some directions for you just in case."

These were the directions.

Things sure have changed since a few years ago when she left me these incredibly detailed instructions for one child.

After my babysitting gig, I headed over to Primark, my new retail heaven.  I got a pair of jeans, two sweaters, a blouse, and a pair of black wedge booties for $48.00.

Matt's uncle was in town from Bermuda, so we met him for dinner in the city on Saturday night.

I wore my new black wedge booties for the occasion, and learned that they aren't necessarily built for walking a few city blocks in the rain.  Also, that wedge was misleading.  It looked pretty low but they were so high that I was almost taller than Matt.

My booties and I successfully made it back to the car after a delicious dinner.  Halfway through the drive home, I asked Matt if he could roll his window up a bit because I was chilly.

"Oh man," he said. "I really like to drive with the window down," he said.  "It makes me feel like a cop.  Protect and serve."

Fortunately it started to rain shortly thereafter and Officer Matt rolled the window up because there's nothing worse than a soggy patrol car.

It continued to rain all day Sunday and even half of the day today.  But by dinnertime, the sky looked like this.

And the forecast for the rest of the week is lots of pretty weather.

And lots of coffee.


Robin said…
Beautiful sky. LOL at how those instructions have changed! Haha. I find it funny that mainstream society thinks women want flowers. Most food/treat gifts would make a lot of women happier than flowers.
Leslie said…
Matt is hilarious too...I love his rationale for rolling down the window! Also, those instructions are so true! Glad you made it out unscathed and what great finds on your shopping trip!
Jacie Fella said…
Bahahahaha those instructions sound like something I would leave! You got so much stuff for less than $50. Black wedge booties are such a great wardrobe staple too.
Jacie Fella said…
Bahahahaha those instructions sound like something I would leave! You got so much stuff for less than $50. Black wedge booties are such a great wardrobe staple too.
Julie said…
You're lucky you got a guy who does little stuff like you. Mine expects me to do it for HIM, ha!
Rebecca Jo said…
Those detailed instructions from years past... OH MY GOSH... that is so funny. Reminds me of those commercials from 1st child vs 2nd child :) haha
lol @ the instructions. i babysat my friend's 2 kids earlier this year and i begged her to leave me instructions, and she was like no it's fine, just keep them alive... well, one hit the other in the face with a toy, so she came home and her 1 year old had a black eye lol. but she was like it's okay, you didn't hit him. good job! lol
Haha this is hilarious! Love DD coffee. :)

Alix | www.apintsizedlife.com
Angi said…
Bahaha...well, my husband is a cop, and he does indeed drive with his window down a LOT of the time (on and off duty), so I guess your husband can feel a little justified in that!

All those clothes AND a pair of shoes for $48?? What is this Primark place you speak of??
I'm sorry, what is a Primark and where can I find one?! $48.00 for all that loot?! Holy moly!!
The difference between the instructions cracks me up! First kid parents vs. second kid parents... Ha! I've heard someone talk about Primark before and I'm devastated that we don't have one!
Oh my gosh, I love what he said about driving with the window down - hahaha!!
Dying over Matt's comment - glad the weather saved you!
Love the babysitting story!! I can attest first hand that the babysitting expectations get lower and lower with each child!!
I am off to google Primark!! I need a place like that in my life!
P!nky said…
Those instructions are fabulous!
Marie said…
haha at the instructions. So funny. Isn't Primark the best?? I love that store.
Alexandra S said…
Oh man, a DD gift card is so much better than flowers! That is true love lol
I think I'd rather have a DD gift card too. My daughter is 8 months old and when I went back to work, I left a book basically of instructions for my mother in law and mom when they nannied for her. Fast forward to when we left to go out of town and some basic times are scribbled on a post it. Haha!

Jenn said…
I went digging through Sam's baby box recently and found a similar set of detailed instructions. Horrified at my attention to "necessary" minutiae. Completely horrified. Now it is definitely similar to the recent note you got. Keep everyone alive, sound machine is crucial to keeping everyone alive. ;)
Lux G. said…
Looks like a promising new week/month awaits you. Time flies, doesn't it?
Have a wonderful month!
Kait said…
Oh my goodness I laughed out loud at the directions she left...! Thank you--I needed that!
Jen Mc said…
Matt! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! :D
Wedges are comfortable - until you have to walk in them...
Stephanie said…
Those instructions are hilarious! It is so true, though. I used to be the same way with my first kiddo! Now that I've got 2, I am much more laid back :) Too funny!
Brianne said…
LOL I love the instructions & how much they changed from 1 kid to 2.
Michelle said…
Oh my gosh!! She wrote you a Toddler-English dictionary! I'm cracking up. Also dying over Matt pretending to be a cop. You two are the best.
Torrie said…
BWA HA HA I almost died laughing at those two sets of instructions! Seriously, it could have been on a commercial or something. So funny!
rooth said…
LOL to the instructions!
Where is this Primark? Those prices interest me!