Saturday, October 29, 2016

a few days in baltimore

Well, the end of vacation is always a sad time.  I've been off for the past week and I wish I could live in a perpetual vacation.  Matt and I both scheduled PTO for last week several months ago, but we didn't make any official plans until last week.  We decided to go to Baltimore for a few days, and it was a great decision.

We stayed at The Inn at Henderson's Wharf.  We left on Sunday morning and arrived around lunchtime.  The inn was on the first floor of an old tobacco factory.  The upper floors were condos, and I decided to search them on because I thought perhaps we should invest in a weekend place, and then I saw they were many, many hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars, and suddenly our reasonable split-level in the Philadelphia suburbs seems totally fine as our year-round residence.

The inn was in a little section of the city called Fell's Point, and it couldn't have been more picturesque.  There were cobblestone streets, tons of restaurants, pubs and cafes, and it was right on the water.  After we checked in, we had delicious burgers for lunch and then decided to head to the Inner Harbor.

The hotel was about a 2 mile walk from the harbor, but we walked there and back every day, because both the weather and the views were gorgeous.

We walked in via Little Italy the first time, since Matt is 50% Italian and unironically calls Italy "the homeland."  In Little Italy we saw lots of pizzerias and a statue of Christopher Columbus.

When we got to the Inner Harbor, we bought tickets for the Historic Ships in Baltimore, saw a life-size cutout of Donald Trump (this is not by any means an endorsement), and then stumbled upon a man in the amphitheater with a unicycle and a pogo stick telling hilarious jokes.

It was the perfect trifecta.
We stopped to watch him for a minute, and then decided he was entertaining enough for us to take a seat.  "Don't sit in the front row," I told Matt.  "People in the front row always get picked for crowd participation at these kinds of things, and I would rather swim home than participate in a comedy acrobatics display."

And then Matt marched right to the front row.  Halfway into his routine, Wacky Chad selected Matt, and two other men, for crowd participation.

I should have bet money on that.

Wacky Chad had the other two guys hold the ends of a rope, and had Matt stand in the middle.  Then he turned on the music and told Matt to jump.



Who knew Matt had been hiding this hidden jump rope talent?  It made my day vacation.

When Matt (finally) got to sit down, he said, "Oh man, are my knees going to hurt tomorrow."  So we wandered slowly back to our hotel, and then sat outside to watch the sun set over the marina.

It was then that I decided I'd like to live on the water and own a yacht.
There are literally hundreds of restaurants and pubs in Fell's Point, so we walked around for quite a while before deciding on a Mexican place, because you can't go wrong with nachos and margaritas.

The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and then walked into the harbor.  When I was growing up, we would go on on two-week vacations to a lake in Maryland every year.  My dad always said that the second Saturday was his very favorite day of vacation, because so many people were leaving, and we still had another week of relaxation ahead of us.

Well this week, I decided that my favorite day was Monday, because I was wandering through this cute city with my coffee and my husband and my camera and no agenda, and everyone else was headed to the office.
The Horse You Came In On Saloon is said to be the oldest saloon in the country, and also where Edgar Allan Poe had his last drink.  It was (allegedly) the last place he was seen before he died.

(It was also apparently trash day.)

When we got to the harbor, we toured an old Coast Guard boat.  Matt likes the technical and mechanical aspects of a ship, and I'm a fan of seeing where the crew lived and ate and slept and had their legs cut off.

That's right.

That bottom right photo is the doctor's office on the ship and they had a whole display on amputations.  I expect more when I'm going in for a sinus infection or a sore elbow, let alone having my entire leg amputated.

After that we headed over to Oriole Park at Camden Yards for a tour.  There was only one other person in our group, so it was like a personal tour.  Matt's a huge baseball fan, so he and our tour guide, Merv, spend a lot of time talking about players and games and world records I've never heard of, and I spent a lot of time trying to read the name plates on the luxury boxes to see who paid the big bucks for a fancy box.

The mayor of Baltimore and PNC Bank, that's who.

After Camden Yards, we headed back to the harbor to tour another boat.  This was an old one.
On this boat, we determined Matt was too tall to be a sailor, because he had to duck his head the whole time.

We also determined I am too high maintenance, because the sailors here slept in hammocks.  I pretty much only want to be in a hammock when I'm in my back yard with a glass of wine or sweet tea and a good novel when it's sunny and 75, not in the belly of a ship on the high seas in the midst of a war.

After we toured the ship, we walked back to the hotel and then decided to return to the same Mexican restaurant for more nachos and margaritas.  

I'm pretty sure that's also what the sailors and baseball players wanted after a long day. 


StephTheBookworm said...

What a fun time! I especially like that Matt didn't listen to you and had to do jump rope. That's what he gets. Ha!

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

What a fun weekend! I agree, you can never go wrong with margaritas and Mexican food. Touring a ship sounds so neat, I've never thought about that before. I guess other than watching Pirates of the Caribbean, I've never thought about where they all sleep. I think there was a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean where they were in hammocks. Weekend getaways are the best.

Robin said...

Wow, Matt! I think I might have done ten jumps at most. Those nachos look good. I would love to visit that bar where Edgar Allan Poe was supposedly seen. I like several of his works.

Amy @ Getz Girl on Fire said...

Sounds like a great weekend away! Inner Harbor is lovely . . . I used to live in DC and go there to visit and see the games!

Faith said...

This sounds like such a good time! I love that Matt has hidden skills like jumping rope! I haven't done that in years! I love all the information you shared too ... makes me want to visit! I also want to live on the water and own a yacht. I hear that if you speak it out loud it happens. So we're so close! ;)

The Lady Okie said...

I think that's hilarious he got picked to participate AND that he's apparently so good at jump roping! So fun.

rooth said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. Matt has some UPS! We keep meaning to take a trip out to Baltimore since my bf's brother lives there. No luck yet!

Bekah Walsh said...

Oh, you were right down the street from me. I work in Fells Point (across the street from the Horse You Came In On)! Glad you enjoyed your visit.

Emily at 'a little bit of Emily' said...

This sounds like the perfect getaway!!!

Chesson | Magnolia+Main said...

Love this vacation of yours! I bet it was such a great feeling on Monday when you were still wandering about town while everyone else was headed into work :) Baltimore looks like a cool city!

Rebecca Jo said...

You know... a jump rope group made it to the finals of America's Got Talent ;) get your hubby ready for the show. You can turn the rope for him ;)

Kelly said...

Sounds like a really fun trip! I have never been the Baltimore. No - Once I had a layover at the airport. [Doesn't count.]
Haha, Who knew about Matt's jump rope skills!? I remember being a kid and was never able to master the double dutch.

Emily Jane said...

I loved all the pictures ! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. I could go for an expensive condo or a yacht ;)

Hena Tayeb said...

Looks like a wonderful time!

Brianne said...

Go Matt with the jumping rope! Looks like a really fun vacation. I've never been to the NE but I'd love to go.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

oh man i could not sleep in a hammock.
KC totally would have sat up the front and done the jumping as well - and totally would have regretted it afterwards! we were walking around a festival type thing early this year and stopped to watch some marines do pull ups and they called out a few guys up front, one of which was KC of course, and told them all to do as many pull ups as possible. KC had a few beers at this point lol but he takes his pull ups seriously and always has.. and i guess he didn't look like an ex-marine to them because they were shocked when he beat all the other guys. anyway, all he got was a water bottle lol and 5 minutes later he was like yeah i feel sick.

Carolann Chambers said...

My husband and I spent a day in Baltimore a few months ago, because we had to drop off our car there to be shipped to Hawaii before we moved. I wish I had read this post beforehand because it looks like you had a blast! I had to laugh about your comment about your husband being too tall to be a sailor because my husband is a submariner and you really do come into problems if you are too tall. Luckily my husband is pretty average height!

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Your trip looked like so much fun!

I totally agree with you on the hammock business. I can do hammocks in a backyard with a good book - but to sleep in? Nope... especially not when the ship is ALREADY rocking :P

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

What a nice little trip. Spontaneous jump roping and leg amputation stations oh my!! I too wish I could be on perpetual vacation, but I still haven't figured out how!

Rachel said...

THIS IS SO COOL! I love touring boats--I learned that when I went all the way to Japan and one of my best memories was touring the Hikawa Maru, a ship that was in it's prime almost a hundred years ago. Glad you guys got a great vacation that included jump-roping in a show! I always want Angel to be chosen for audience participation because it makes everything funnier to me. He got brought into a magic show on our honeymoon and that's still one of my favorite memories.

Pegster said...

This looks like such a fun mini vacay. Your hubby jumping rope is seriously my favorite. I love the way you guys travel.

MilitaryPugWife said...

So much fun!! We are moving up your way! To Boston. Maybe one day I'll meet you!!

Michelle said...

I definitely need to go to Baltimore someday. I can't even imagine sleeping on a hammock at sea! So much rocking and swaying!