vote for me

I generally try to stay away from politics on this little blog.

Well, that's not completely true.  There was that one time I wrote about being mistaken for my local state representative.

Who is forty years my senior.

But back to present day politics.  If you're feeling discouraged by the current presidential election, feel free to view my platform below.  I wrote it in 1996, but I think with a few tweaks these twenty year old ideas could work pretty well in 2016.

If I were president, I would make everyone live in a mansion.  
I can't see why anyone would argue with this.  Please note how I crossed out "castle" to replace it with the incorrectly spelled mansion.  Wouldn't want to get too fancy.

I would make there be seat belts on the bus.  
Seems safe.  Also, as a child, I used to ask my mom if I could bring a broom with me on the school bus, because I always felt like the floor needed a good sweeping.  I wasn't nerdy at all.

I would make all Catholic schools, but half day.
Seems like I hadn't yet gotten the memo on the whole freedom of religion thing. Although I bet I would get a lot of takers on the half day aspect.

If you feel like you can't make a decision on November 8th, feel free to write me in.  I might not technically meet the age requirement, but I sure look like I do.


Robin said…
You would have my vote!
Bethany Carson said…
Ha! I clicked the link to see your other "political post." Very funny. Your political platform is not half bad! And we need someone in the White House with a good sense of humor.
Faith said…
Ahh, the things we wanted done as children. Life was so simple :)
Leslie said…
Love this! Can I be your campaign manager? I think we have a lot to work with!
Emily Jane said…
This is adorable! My mom has a box of my old 3rd grade journals. If we ever find said box again, I'm going to have to share on my blog too. I have to agree with the mansion... and maybe even the Catholic school thing. My son goes to catholic school (we aren't catholic) but the education is a zillion times better than the public school system where we live.
Rebecca Jo said…
Sweet girl - with the choices we have this year - you'd TOTALLY win this election if we could get your name on the ballot!
Still LOLing at you being mistaken for her.
rooth said…
"You get a mansion! You get a mansion! Everyone gets mansions!" You'd be the Oprah of presidents
Emily said…
seat belts on the seats, and clean aisles in the school buses?! you have my vote :)
Hahaha I can't believe you were mistaken for her! I could get on board with the whole mansion thing...
Haha, I would DEFINITELY vote for you. Mansions for everyone?! Sign me UP!

I love that you wanted to sweep the floor of the bus as a child - that is too cute, haha!
Rachel said…
If kids could vote, you'd definitely have everyone under 18 on the whole half-day school thing!
wait, there is an age requirement? haha. i should know more about this. but seriously what is with the no seat belts on buses. i'm with you on the half day, but no castle or mansion for me unless it comes with someone to clean it.