a post about a duck and a chicken. and also the last time i will talk about poultry for a while

This weekend started off on a good note because I got to spend Friday with Annabelle. Have you ever seen a cuter duck?

On Saturday I thought I'd get my chores done in the morning and then relax all afternoon, but as it turns out, in order to renovate a room you actually have to work on it.  So we spent all day working on the family room because I am determined to have it finished by the time I decorate for Christmas on December 1st.

Our project for Sunday afternoon was to re-paint the back door.  However, once we got the door off the hinges, we decided to just replace it entirely.  The majority of the door was single pane glass, the kind that is dangerous and doesn't meet modern safety codes, and the thought of little hands someday going through the glass made us nervous.

My brother actually ran through a single pane sliding glass door when he was about 10.  He was in the family room, but his shoes were on the back patio, and the door was so clean he didn't even realize it was closed and ran right through it.  He ended up with a lot of stitches and a few scars and now I know firsthand the importance of safety glass.

The decision to replace the door meant Matt had to call his dad for assistance.  His dad is very helpful, but sometimes he makes me nervous because he says things like, "Go ahead and saw off that beam, I'm pretty sure it's not load bearing.  But you do have good homeowner's insurance, right?"  And "We don't stop working for blood.  Just don't get it on the rug."

My mom had stopped over earlier in the afternoon to drop off Julia Child's cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  I asked to borrow it because I feel like it's time to expand my culinary expertise beyond chicken cutlets and shake 'n bake pork chops.

For my own sanity I decided to leave the construction zone for a little bit, and I went to the grocery store.  Purdue roasters were on sale for $9.99, plus I had a coupon, so I decided to buy one and make a nice roasted chicken for dinner.

It was pretty easy, because you roast the chicken in the bag it comes in.  Literally the only direction is "place chicken breast up in shallow baking pan.  Cook for 130 minutes."

When dinner was ready, Matt started carving and remarked on what a strange bird this was.  He kept saying, "Are you sure you got a whole chicken?  I don't even know where the breast meat is."

Despite the confusion with the carving, the chicken was delicious.  I also made biscuits and a caesar salad, and was feeling like maybe I didn't need Julia Child's help after all.

After we finished I asked Matt to carve the rest of the chicken so we could pack it up for leftovers.

It was then that he turned the chicken over, and found the breast meat.

I'd put the bird in the oven upside down.

I literally did not know which way was up.

Julia has her work cut out for her.


Rachel said…
Are you really sure you're not going to blog about poultry for a while? Because it's a bit of a theme on your blog. :P Scary story about your brother and the single-pane glass door! Good call on replacing yours.
Robin said…
Laughing with you, not at you, about the chicken being upside down! I can see myself doing that.
jenn said…
that is the most adorable duck.

and that is damned funny about the chicken. :]
rooth said…
You know what? It still tasted good and that's the important part
Rebecca Jo said…
Look at that cookbook! Cool - looks like the original.
You should do that whole Julie/Julia thing :) (have you read the book/seen the movie?)
Erin LFF said…
First off- your blog post titles are always great. Secondly, that duck is ADORABLE. I can't wait for Tyler to be bigger next year and be able to rock a fun little costume and be toddling around in it hehe. And LOL to the chicken debacle... girl, you are braver than for me even attempting.
Leslie said…
Ahh, that chicken story is hilarious and that is also me in the kitchen! I am beyond even Julia's help! Also love the duck, I dressed my daughter up in a very similar costume!
Hahaha! I have definitely done things like that (cooking the chicken upside down) before! It's all trial and error in the kitchen. :)

I can see why you would need to step away from the construction zone for a bit. Conversations like that would make me nervous too!

And she really is the cutest little duckie!
Oh my goodness, the cutest little duck I ever did see! And when I saw your title I immediately thought of Friends since Joey and Chandler had the chick and the duck. Haha.
Annabelle reminds me of my favorite trick or treater from Monday! We had the cutest little lamb come to our door. I don't know what it is about toddlers dressed as farm animals (can a duck be considered a farm animal? oh well) but they're the cutest.

The comments from Matt's dad cracked me up! Hahaha.
Amy said…
Cooking a bird upside down for the first half of cook time is a legitimate technique to keep it moist! You just took it to the extreme.
Amanda said…
I feel like as much as it must suck for your brother.. on the plus side, props to someone with the window cleaning skills. If it was THAT clean, that's impressive. Also I'm dying at the cooking story. I'd totally do that!
I've never cooked a whole chicken, and I'm pretty sure there's a good possibility that I'd make the same mistake.

What a cute little duckling :)
Lux G. said…
Oh. Julie and Julia is one of my fave comfort movies. :)
That's one cute duckie.
cutest little duck ever!!! I've totally done the same thing with a roasted chicken - meh - it still cooks! lol.
Emily Jane said…
She IS the cutest little duck ever <3. And you'll have to blog more about poultry... it is November ;) .

I probably would've cooked it upside down too... I'm quite honestly a terrible cook. Nor am I one to follow directions well.
Bethie The Boo said…
She is the cutest duckie! And all I can think of with this blog post title is the chick and the duck on Friends!
hahahaha and this is why i don't buy whole chickens because i wouldn't know either. i have never used shake and bake, is it very easy? because i like easy and julia child would laugh and walk away from me, so i feel like i should try shake and bake.
BLovedBoston said…
Oh man - girl I would do the exact same thing!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
Haha! That is hilarious! I love that you guys didn't figure out the chicken breast dilemma until after dinner! Too funny!
Cutest little duck ever! And I am dying over the chicken story. Hilarious! I would have done much worse. A cook I am not.
Hena Tayeb said…
That is the cutest little duck
and lol about the chicken.. it happens to the best of us.
Michelle said…
I've been wanting to cook a whole chicken for awhile, but I've been far too scared I would do something like that!
JKemper said…
You are too cute!
I always have these grand dreams of cooking and making things such as Julia Child. I'll get the hankering during work to cook something that night and pick out a recipe. By the time I'm off my shift I abandon all hope and order a pizza or tacos.
Oh well, adulthood is accomplished in baby steps, I guess.