a monday that's dedicated to shopping is the only kind of monday i like

Last year we moved into our house at the beginning of December, and we had big plans of getting a real tree for our first Christmas here.  But as we quickly learned, the first few weeks of home ownership are a little hectic, so our yuletide dreams got pushed to the back burner and we stuck with our fake tree for one more year.

This year we plan to get a real tree for downstairs in the family room, but we will hold off until closer to Christmas so it stays fresh.

In the meantime, we set up our fake tree in the living room this weekend.  Last night I made festive homemade cranberry juice, caught up on This Is Us, and wrapped presents. 

I am in pretty good shape thanks to some Black Friday shopping with Em.  That adventure is a story for another post, but I got almost everything on my list.  I was waiting for today, Cyber Monday, to get those last few presents.

If you're shopping online today, check out Uncommon Goods.  I don't want to give any surprises away, since 99% of my gift recipients read my blog, but this fruit infusion water bottle caught my eye.  So did these fun mismatched socks,   When Emily and I went shopping on Friday, she wore two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT socks.  Different colors, different patterns.  These socks or something from this page would be be perfect for you, or any lady on your list!  I still need a gift or two for Matt, but there are a bunch of things here that I think he, or any man, would like!  My eye is on the kabob grilling baskets, which would really be a gift for me too!

If you need one more reason to shop at Uncommon Goods, they donate $1 from every purchase to the non-profit of your choice.  

And you can shop in your pajamas from your couch.
It's really a win-win.

Happy shopping!


This title.... haha! Amen sister! Speaking of Christmas trees, we are venturing to get our first real tree this year, and I'm pumped!
Faith said…
I have not bought one Christmas gift yet .. ugh. I would love to say that I'll fix that today but I highly doubt it. I need to get organized!

I love "This Is Us". Such a great show!
Julie said…
I got a few gifts done and unfortunately cyber monday isn't going to help with that, that I can see right now. But you never know!

I love love love This is US!
This is Us is hands down my favorite new show this year! And Uncommon Goods is such a fantastic site for gifts, love how unique they are <3
Green Fashionista
Brianne said…
I caught up on This Is Us last night too. Such a good show. I have only 1 person done for Christmas. I always tell myself I'm going to be more prepared the next year but I'm not.
I wrapped all of my Christmas presents yesterday too - and did a bit of Cyber Monday shopping as Australia oddly jumped on board with all the post Thanksgiving sales... even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving.
If only all Mondays meant shopping!
Haha it's my kind of Monday! So many sales going on. I'm almost done shopping so it's a great feeling crossing things off of my list. Good luck with your tree finding, we love having a real one! Just an fyi because we used to think the same way with waiting to get one, but then we realized the same trees are sitting out there for the same amount of time regardless if we bring it home early or later so they aren't necessarily fresher (unless you're cutting down your own) ;) Beautifully Candid
Susannah said…
I haven't bought any Christmas presents yet so I'm totally impressed by everything you've gotten so far!!! <3
Totally love cyber Monday! Real trees are my favorite!
I keep hearing that This Is Us is awesome. I'm going to have to check it out! Way to go on finishing up your shopping!
After a couple of bloggers recommended uncommon goods, I checked it out and found something perfect for that impossible-to-buy-for dad of mine.
I love Uncommon Goods!

Eventually we'll have more than one tree, but we switched to a fake two years ago and I have to say I love the ease of it.