it's tough to be emily, but at least she can spell her name

On Saturday, Matt cleaned the gutters, blew the leaves, put exterior molding up around our new window, fertilized the lawn, replaced the screen doors with storm doors, changed the oil in my car, his truck, and then did a full engine (transmission? radiator? I really have no idea) flush on his truck, all before lunchtime.

Meanwhile, I drank three cups of coffee and leisurely cut coupons and read grocery ads.  In all fairness, I had a lot of chores too, but I got them done on Friday.  I earn my keep around here.

After lunch my mother in law called to say she was going over to the thrift store and wanted to know if I wanted to join her.  I said yes because they were having a 50% off bric-a-brac sale and I'm no fool.

I love to see what people get at thrift stores, so I thought I'd share what I found for a whopping $5.62.

My mother-in-law went over to the picture frame department while I stayed in home decor, and when she came back over she saw the birdhouse decoration in my cart and burst out laughing.

"That was mine!" she said. "I donated it a few weeks ago!"

So now I'm buying my mother-in-law's hand-me-downs from the thrift store.  Life is glamorous.

When I got home and laid out my treasures, Matt just said, "Wow.  Another glittery reindeer?"

He said that because I bought two glittery reindeer from the dollar store on Friday.  A girl can never have too many glittery reindeer.

Actually, she probably can.  And three might be that number.  

On Sunday afternoon my mom and I got an early start on Christmas shopping.  We went to Home Goods, where we saw that peace sign Jesus has returned for yet another holiday season, and I got another glittery reindeer.

Just kidding.

I have my limits.

Last night I decided that after nearly three years of wedded bliss, it was high time to create an email with my married name.  So I did just that, and then I emailed Matt, who was sitting next to me on the couch, from my brand new email account.  The subject line said "Surprise!"  He opened his phone and said, "You spelled our last name wrong."

I didn't believe him so I logged back into Gmail, and lo and behold, I spelled our last name wrong.  I only included two out of the three As.  Whoops.

Tonight I made ranch chicken for dinner and while we were waiting for it to cook, Matt decided to respond to all of Emily's tweets.  She is a prolific tweeter so this was quite a task, but he was cracking up as he typed his replies.

They are pretty funny.

I bet she can't wait to come for Thanksgiving break next week.


Faith said…
I couldn't help but laugh picturing the scenario of you being so excited to share that you finally changed your email address and then being told that you spelled your last name wrong, haha.
Marie said…
That is so funny that you picked up what your MIL had donated. It is also really funny that you spelled your married name wrong. It happens. Heck, sometimes I have spelled my own last name wrong because I was rushing. lol.
Wayyyy too funny about buying your mother-in-law's hand-me-downs!! LOVE IT! I am trying so hard to get my fiance accustomed to my holiday decorations...he fights me on every scented candle and glittery garland strand but I'm slowly succeeding!
Angi said…
That is too funny about your MIL's hand me downs. We live in a SUPER small town with in-laws who (though we love them dearly) do not really know how to give gifts we need/want/actually like...and I live in perpetual fear that one of them will see something we have donated that they gave us.
bahahaha at spelling your name wrong. i've had the same email address for like.. many years, and i originally created it because it was my first name, middle name and first initial of my last name, and i still haven't changed it. it is kristenlees@ and KC is always like.. you should change it to kristenleew but i'm like, S just flows. it's fine. haha.
i want a glittery reindeer! that one you got is super pretty. hilarious that you bought your MILs hand me downs.
Hahahaha those tweets!! You guys are all hilarious! And I agree that a girl cannot have too many decorative reindeer... I may or may not have six. SIX. Four of them are stocking holders, though, so maybe they don't count?
Rebecca Jo said…
So the question - are you keeping the email or creating another one?
You know what's bad - I've bought my OWN stuff at our thrift store. Geez.
I think that silver deer would be perfect in your home ;)
Liz Jo said…
No I would have bought that reindeer. For would be hanging out in the living room like a family member and his name would be Bob. He'd wear Christmas lights around his antlers and a Christmas themed handkerchief. And maybe a blanket for the colder nights.

Also if it makes you feel any better, I sometimes forget my last name. I'll be signing something in the store and I go like uuuhhhh what's my name? :(
Oh my lands!! That is hilarious! I love it. And sounds so much like something I would do!
Michelle said…
I am CRACKING UP that you bought your MILs hand me downs. That's too good. I also stalked a lot of Matt replies last night when you tweeted about it, and they were gold.
Julie said…
My mother in law loves thrift stores and that's the only place she buys anything (including clothes) from. I'm always afraid if I donate there or something it'll be something I own she'll try to give me again or vice versa.
Hahaha! I love that you spelled your last name wrong! That's totally something I would've done. :)

And I also love that you bought something that your mother-in-law had donated! So funny!
Haha! I LOVE that you spelled your own last name wrong - that is too funny! :P

And don't worry, I have donated stuff before and then had Jesse point them out at the thrift store and I'm like "dude.... they were ours"
I freaking love that you bought your MIL's donation to the thrift shop. That's awesome.

Your sister was probably like wow my twitter is blowing up! Wait a minute...
The Lady Okie said…
Cracking up that you spelled your name wrong! Did you make a new email? That is too funny. I've been married 5.5 years and still have my old email with my maiden name that I've had since junior high, and at this point I just think it's too late to change it.
Spelling the last name wrong, Bahahahahaha! But hey, it's the thought that counts!
Rachel said…
Well my personal email address is in my maiden name and we're up to 6 years in two weeks're way ahead of the game, misspelling and all. Also, funny story, Angel's only email address IS a misspelling of his own name, but he did it on purpose, because his actual name was taken, and instead of adding a number like a normal person, he mispelled his own name, and guess what, it wasn't taken! And he's used that address for probably 10 years.

Do you know how confusing it is for every person I've ever had to give his email address to? "But wait, that's not how the name is spelled, right?"
Brianne said…
Haha my name has so many Cs & Ls that even though I've had it for 28 years now sometimes I still have to slow it down to make sure I spell it right.
Kayla MKOY said…
LOL that's too funny that you even spelled your own last name wrong ;) YES for all the Christmas decorations! Haha! I love that you found your in laws hand me downs!!
rooth said…
Send some of your glittery reindeer this way! I just bought my very first Christmas tree last week
Amy said…
I would probably cry right there in the store if I picked out my MIL's hand me downs.
Emily said…
Hahaha!! Spelled the last name wrong, that's hilarious. I guess that means maybe try again for a new email after ten years of wedded bliss? Kidding kidding. I finally got a new email address and it's been three year for us, too.
Hahaha, that is so funny you spelled your last name wrong! That is so something I would do. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Lizzie Simantz said…
That is so funny you bought your MIL donations at the thrift store!! And you're right, you can never have too many glittery reindeer!