i saved a few kit kats for election night

Well, I feel like it's about midnight.  In reality, it's 7:52 but it's been dark for hours.  I had dinner on the table at 5:03 even though we don't usually eat until after 6, and then I texted Matt to see where the heck he was because dinner was going to get cold.  He was still on the train because he still abides by his clock and I'm planning my day around sunlight.

Last week was a little bit of a weird one.

Monday was our first Halloween in our house.  In preparation, I bought several bags of candy early in the month, and not surprisingly, all but one were gone by the time Halloween rolled around.  I restocked with (what I thought was) the good stuff -- Reese's, Kit Kat, Snickers, Milky Way, and Twix.

And then our first costumed customer said, "OH MAN! NO HERSHEY'S?!"

I also made a rookie mistake and held the entire candy bowl out to a group of 12 year old boys who were, apparently, quite hungry.

I learned my lesson after that, and for the next group I just dropped a few pieces of candy in each kid's bag, said Happy Halloween, and closed the door.

And then one of their mothers CAME BACK and said, "Miss?  Miss I'm sorry, but it seems there has been a mistake.  My son doesn't really like Kit Kats.  Could he have something else?"

The next morning the local public transportation workers went on strike. Matt takes the train to and from work each day, and while the railroad workers weren't on strike, the bus and trolley drivers blocked the rail yards so very few trains were running out of the city for the evening rush hour.

I talked to Matt around 4:00 and he said it might be a tough commute home.  Then I looked at my phone a half hour later and saw a text that said, "I got on a bike.  Can you pick me up at 1500 N. Broad Street?"

There were no cabs, no Ubers, traffic was complete gridlock, so instead of getting a hotel which some people (me) might have done, Matt rented a bicycle and rode out of the city.

Things were running smoothly until Friday.  Matt had the day off, and he was working on the family room while I was working in my office.  Mid-afternoon I heard a big bang, and then Matt appeared at the top of the stairs and said, "Slight unexpected fiasco.  I just broke a window."

So that's how we spent Friday night ordering (new!) (safe!) (unbreakable!) glass for the window, and then installing it.

Saturday was the most gorgeous morning, so I went for a long walk and willed winter to stay away.   We went to my sister-in-law's for dinner and were home in time to watch the second half of the Penn State-Iowa game.

Now I'm gearing up for election day tomorrow.  This weekend I bought apples and a big tub of caramel dip, but depending on how the night goes, I might just eat the caramel with  a spoon.


I love that your hubby grabbed a bike and biked home, totally what my husband would have done but I'm like you and would have gotten the hotel.
rooth said…
At least fall looks absolutely gorgeous where you are?
Courtney said…
First, kit kats are the best Halloween candy and should never be traded, especially by one's mother. Second, I also have caramel and apples for tonight (so American, right?) but I'm tempted to just spoon caramel, too.
Bekah Walsh said…
Wow. First thing, Kit Kats are delicious. Second thing, that's not how Halloween works. How will kids develop bartering skills with each other if their mommies are helicoptering when they were given free stuff? Eesh. I only had 4 kids come this Halloween and you've made me a lot less bummed about it.
I can't believe a mom came back to get her kid different candy because "there must have been some mistake". Oh my word! Sadly, we didn't have a lot of trick or treaters this year and we're being forced to eat the leftovers. Just terrible. Haha!
i would have told that mother no. how rude!! i hold the bowl out to kids because i feel so awkward and weird like what if i don't give them enough or the wrong ones? i get the same anxiety when i am tipping, like what is a good amount? lol thankfully we didn't have any teenagers.
Julie said…
They seriously came back? Oh my....just go buy other candy then lady, ha!
A bike! That's so funny. He is very resourceful :)

I am MIND BOGGLED over the mother who came back to exchange the candy... what is happening in this world?! Bah humbug.
Vanessa Best said…
You write so beautifully. This is only a small story of the things going on but it was a good read. Hah, the kit Kat's is such. Weird thing to do. Couldn't the mother eat te candy??
Rebecca Jo said…
I think its TOTALLY going to call for a spoon & a BUCKET of caramel!!
I cant believe the mother came back because her child didnt like Kit Kat... I literally laughed for 5 minutes over that at the STUPIDITY of people. Mercy.
Traci said…
You're a better person than me. We have so many trick or treaters they don't get chocolate. I'd go broke! That mom is what's wrong with the world - people need to teach their kids to be thankful & you don't always get what you want. We had a lot of kids that were just rude this year so I decided it was my last Halloween. Next year we're going out to dinner!!
Kelly said…
Wow, Those fall photos are gorgeous! We have definitely moved past that phase. It's still bright and sunny and not-too-cold but the leaves are down.
CANNOT believe that mom came back to request different candy for her son! What is the world coming to?!?
STOP IT! Somebody for real asked if her son could have something else?! Lol. We had a kid come up and ask if we had any veggie straws... we were like, "WHAT??" It was so weird.
I can't believe that mom did that! What if all you had were Kit Kats? Talk about some weird helicopter parenting. I didn't want to choose candy for the kids, but it was our first Halloween in our house too and when you hold out the bowl some of them are SO greedy. And I don't know how to be like, "Uh, yeah, NO" to them haha. So I'm like, "Take two..." and hope they listen.
He REALLY REALLY wanted to get home to see you!! That is some ride. I love morning walks...and with that view...I would be doing it all the time! Beautiful. I'm really annoyed that it is dark when I get off work now so that post work walks are not going to happen.
Your story telling CRACKS ME UP! I'll be there with ya likely eating the caramel straight. ;)
Brianne said…
I would have just looked at that mom & then shut the door. Tell your kid to suck it up! Those photos are gorgeous. I hate that it gets dark so early. The fact that it's been rainy for days isn't helping either. I absolutely love the way you write btw.
Martha Woods said…
I didn't do anything for Halloween this year. It sounds like you got quite the bunch of characters at your house though!

Your photos are gorgeous! I have been loving the bit of late autumn sunshine we've had lately. I agree with you on eating the caramel dip for election night...I can't wait for this circus to be over!
Mar Ward said…
Those fall photos are beautiful! It's so hard not to take photos of the changing leaves.
Michelle said…
I love your pictures!

I cannot believe that mom!! PEOPLE THESE DAYS.
Betsy said…
I agree with everyone else those fall photos are gorgeous! So far here things are still a bit meh.
I remember years ago handing out sweets at halloween and the kids were really polite and grateful but then in more recent years you get some really cheeky ones who complain when they get something they don't like and don't say thanks! If that kid doesn't eat kitkats then why didn't he just swap with his friends?! We only got a few trick or treaters to our house. It doesn't seem to be such a big thing here in Germany!
Holly Hollyson said…
Wow - you had some very discerning trick or treaters! Mine all just got what they got! It is a shame when people don't seem very grateful. I hope you didn't resort to eating caramel with a spoon last night! That does sound very delicious though!
Jessie M said…
Oh LAWD, I would have lost it when that mother came back. I would have grabbed the Kit Kats, said something snooty, apologizing if my free candy was the wrong kind of free candy and then shut the door. We had lots of rude kiddos, but not any rude parents. This was also our first year passing out candy since we have a house now, and this inspired me to shut the door and turn off the lights next year. RUDE.
Claire said…
Oh Pennsylvania fall how I miss you! Also, I think what that mom was really trying to say was "There's been a mistake - I don't really like KitKat, can I have something else?"